All the Jobs in Zimbabwe

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  • Jobs in Victoria Falls

    Jobs in Victoria Falls | Job opportunities in Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls is a settlement in the prefecture of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe and is situated close to the Zambezi River connected with the other cities and towns of the country and provide them best irrigation services, good carriage service along the water flow and sailing and fishing camp facilities. Victoria Falls is a very small and tiny town of the country having population nearly less than 10,000 but graded as a major tourism point of the country having loads of natural points, locations and waterfalls in the surroundings making the Ariel view more attractive and charming of the Victoria Falls town. It is one of the main Christian populated towns of the country and Roman Catholics are in major strength whilst Protestant and other denominations are residing as a minority of the community.

    Jobs in Redcliff

    Jobs in Redcliff | Job opportunities in Redcliff

    Redcliff is a settlement placed in the Midlands prefecture of Zimbabwe and contains nearly 65,000 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is located around 221 km of the capital city Harare and is pretty good in terms of its financial concerns and economy. There are various steel processing and molding units dealing in the industry and producing a large and huge quantity of its finished goods having high demand in the western markets. Redcliff settlement has best metallic processing units that are quite in size and carry hundred of employees working in three shifts as the same industries runs round the clock and produces according to the production orders. It is the need of the hour to remain focused for the development and uplifting of its financial concerns and to earn more and more national income.

    Jobs in Hwange

    Jobs in Hwange | Job opportunities in Hwange

    Hwange is a settlement in Zimbabwe and exactly situated and cited in the Matabeleland prefecture of the country. There are around 62,581 people residing in the community as per national population census conducted during 2010. Mining firms and related companies of the international repute are working in the society since so long and has uplifted the social values, residential standards and overall life style of the general public because they are earning much and high per capita income of the individuals has provided them with feature facilities in Hwange. Major preserved underground coal is a big blessing for the better earning and financial position of the community. It is a substitute of energy and petroleum products in less expensive form. Hwange Thermal Power Station is the officially leading power and energy generating plant of the country functioning in the society of Hwange around three decades ago.

    Jobs in Chegutu

    Jobs in Chegutu | Job opportunities in Chegutu

    Chegutu is a settlement in the Mashonaland prefecture of Zimbabwe and is 118km in the Harare close to the adjoining major highways and super ways of Bulawayo. There are nearly 63,191. People residing in the community of Chegutu as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is one of the oldest conurbation and society of the country that is linked with the 10th century. Overall success and growth of the society was observed in the 18th century when almost all the new concepts were introduced in the society to make it a role model for other cities and colonies of Zimbabwe. Financially it is a growing city and cantonment of the country but has swift increasing speed of its financial annual earnings so it is not so far to attain the stabilized economy in coming few years or so on.

    Jobs in Marondera

    Jobs in Marondera | Job opportunities in Marondera

    Marondera is a settlement in Mashonaland East of Zimbabwe and is situated 70 km of Harare containing around 49,384 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Harare Government of Zimbabwe is in the focus and point of view that coming time of the city is more challenging in terms of increased population, competitive markets of international arena and several other crucial tasks therefore, it is the need of the hour to design and establish its nation in perfect and pretty manners. The town of Marondera is a main and famous city of the country due to major production and involvement of outsized forestry and farming activities as well as a large number farmers grow timber stuff, tobacco, corn & maize, beef production and dairy commodities due to high in demand in the local as well as in the international markets and are considered less time consuming crops and products of the country.

    Jobs in Zvishavane

    Jobs in Zvishavane | Job opportunities in Zvishavane

    Zvishavane is a mining settlement in Midlands territory of Zimbabwe and is located around 98 km of Masvingo beside the main highways connecting Bulawayo ~ Masvingo and is surrounded by different sized mountains and hills that make the town more attractive and beautiful for visitors and fun time lovers of the region. Transportation facilities of the city are segregated as bus services, railway line and a main airport of the cantonment functioning of entire international flights. There are around 66,758 inhabitants residing in the community as per national population census conducted during 2010. During 1916 as proper residential colony was established in the city to accommodate major strength of its mining firms and workers. Zvishavane is the prevalent creator of the minerals in Zvishavane like platinum, gold, beryl, chromite iron and present discoveries of diamond reserves in its land areas.

    Jobs in Kadoma

    Jobs in Kadoma | Job opportunities in Kadoma

    Kadoma is a conurbation in Zimbabwe in the Mashonaland prefecture and is around 145 km of Harare on Bulawayo highway. Previously it was called by the name of Gatooma that was changed and is existed in the country for quite long time and was established during 1891 featuring major mining services and excavation for excellent metallic products of the society. During the early phases of 19th century, Kadoma started proper growth in its all departments and sectors and several banking chains were established in such time as well as numerous developmental of education, industry and commercial trading was also established for excellent functioning of the financial services in Kadoma. Present financial position of the city is good and is excellent for small investors that love to grow their businesses in Kadoma.

    Jobs in Masvingo

    Jobs in Masvingo | Job opportunities in Masvingo

    Masvingo was called as a Fort Victoriabefore 1980s and is a city of western Zimbabwe and at the same time attains the status of a capital town of Masvingo prefecture. Nyanda was also a changed name of the city and is the oldest majestic conclusion in Zimbabwe. It is a beautiful and most attractig4 city of Zimbabwe due to loads of oldest signs, historic background and tremendous growth opportunities available in the society for the general public as well as for the tiny investors and self employed businessman of the Masvingo. Masvingo is graded as a main industrial, commercial, mining and cattle ranching constituency of the country. Its overall agricultural sector has fully flopped and is facing several hardships. Financially it is facing good stage and enjoying the continuous up rise and gradual growth.

    Jobs in Chinhoyi

    Jobs in Chinhoyi | Job opportunities in Chinhoyi

    Chinhoyi is a huge regional town and is the official capital state of the Mashonaland territory in Zimbabwe. It is situated and located in the 122 km west of Harare town and is connected by a main highway among them. Hunyani River is the most important water carriage cum reservoir source of the country as well as supplies sufficient water quantity to the required water supplying channels of the society in timely manners. Chinhoyi is basically a farming area and contains around 70,000 people in its administrative land areas as per national population census conducted during 2010. Financially it is a stable city of the country and has loads of new opportunities for the ragtag communities and general population of Zimbabwe. Chinhoyi is a perfect place for recreation, tourism and commercial services that earns much and adds in the national income of the region.

    Jobs in Kwekwe

    Jobs in Kwekwe | Job Opportunities in Kwekwe

    KweKwe formerly pronounced as Que Que, is a city in central Zimbabwe situated in the center of the country approximately equidistant from Harare to the northeast and Bulawayo to the southwest. Its population is almost 88,000 and has its main trade of steel and fertilizer production. Kwekwe and adjacent Redcliff are the command centers of Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company have strong influence in steelworks. Kwekwe was established in 1898 as a gold mining town and belongs to the National Mining Museum of Zimbabwe, an emerging business hub of industrial center in the country. The average annual temperature of the town remains around 19OC. The environment is hot and wet during the summer. Winters are exemplified principally by their cold nights ranging from 6-8OC making sunny afternoons to have fun and relax.