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  • Jobs in Mazabuka

    Jobs in Mazabuka | Job opportunities in Mazabuka

    Mazabuka is a settlement in the Southern prefecture of Zambia situated in the opposite of Livingstone railway. Basically it is an agricultural town of the country and has large depend on the crops of sugarcane and wheat. Nakambala Estate is a better trading market and best cum largest producer of sugar products and high use of the sugar in the region has created high demand of the sugarcane crops. There are around 65,000 people residing in the city of Mazabuka and overall financial position of the city is graded well due to high involvement of agricultural commercial sale, industrial up rise and foreign exports of large volume. It is a better employment place for the graduates and master degree holders of different fields and high employment remuneration packages are offered to the right candidates therefore a large number of relocating individuals love to apply for the visa.

    Jobs in Chipata

    Jobs in Chipata | Job opportunities in Chipata

    Chipata is town of Zambia containing around 100,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2007. Nyanja and English are main and beloved most common languages of the city whilst some other native languages are also in practice in Chipata but they are not widely encouraged. Fort Jameson town of the Chipata is most attractive and highly tourist attrition point recorded thousands of tourists during last year. South Luangwa National Park is a main category that is equally visited and beloved spot of the entire population. Great East Road connecting to the bordering city and cantonment called as Malawi is pretty good in terms of its service and maintenance providing and ensuring safe and comfortable traveling in less time consuming programs. Financially it is a growing community of Zambia but has better life style and other living standards of the society than other regions.

    Jobs in Kasama

    Jobs in Kasama | Job opportunities in Kasama

    Kasama is the investment center and cantonment of Zambia located on the southern African upland about 1405 meters high above the sea level. It is one of the most populated and highly crowded towns of the country having more than 200,000 people in its administration as per recent national population census conducted in Kasama. TAZARA Railway system provide an easy access to almost all the small and major railways stations of the country and charge very nominal fare in return from the customer. Transportation system of the city is good enough to make a long vacation trip to the hill stations or any other tourist destination of Zambia. Financial position of the Kasama town is on average and it is striving to increase its national income and GDP to provide more and more life standards and facilities to the general public.

    Jobs in Kalulushi

    Jobs in Kalulushi | Job opportunities in Kalulushi

    Kalulushi is a municipality in the Copperbelt prefecture in north Zambia having more than 100,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Historical background of the Kalulushi town is not very old as the same was developed and established during mid of the nineteen century and main purpose of its settlement was to accommodate major working strength of different mines in the community of Kalulushi. Chibuluma copper and cobalt discoveries has made its better financial position owing large underground reserves of the minerals having high demand in the western markets and more than few local refineries of the same process different trials and make the finished products for more high prices in the external markets of Kalulushi. Its geographical elevation from the sea level is about 1,262 meters high that make its environment pleasant and comfortable.

    Jobs in Mazabuka

    Jobs in Mazabuka | Job opportunities in Mazabuka

    Mazabuka is a municipality in the Southern county of Zambia and is situated in the west of Lusaka main road and railway network of Livingstone. It is a major agricultural town of the Zambia that produces sugarcane on large scale to meet the needs of sugar mills and local communities in Mazabuka. Total population of the community is about 65,000 people according to the national and official population census conducted during 2010. Financially it is a growing city of the country and mainly rely towards it agricultural growth, commercial services and large production units of different products like textile, leather, sugar and other related stuff. Mazabuka is home to many private organization and production houses that expand its present employment market in interesting manners to accommodate wide range of job seekers of different categories in the cantonment of Mazabuka.

    Jobs in Chililabombwe

    Jobs in Chililabombwe | Job opportunities in Chililabombwe

    Chililabombwe is a municipality situated in Zambia’s Copperbelt prefecture and has long historic background dating back to the 8th century. Still there are many signs of old slavery concepts and cultural development has tried to remove all the old and unwanted traditions but the long time span has stuck such traditions more strong. Financially it is a developing and growing city of the Zambia carrying about 50,000 people in its administration. Major depend of the entire community in Chililabombwe is towards agricultural growth and allied crops of wheat, rice, sugarcane and gram on large scale. Textile sector of the Chililabombwe is also on growth stage and reliant of its best and quality oriented cotton crops that come to the maturity by fate or destiny as most of the time in Chililabombwe, cotton crops become spoil before its cultivation time due to bacteria or other effects.

    Jobs in Mongu

    Jobs in Mongu | Job opportunities in Mongu

    Mongu is the resources community and towns of Western Zambia and at the same time called and ranked as the official capital town of the Barotseland and contain around 64,310 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2007. Mongu is positioned on the eastern perimeter of the Zambezi River and is around 16 kilometers from the main fractional channels. Overall financial position and national economy of the Mongu town is good in terms of better employment services available or the entire job seekers of the vicinity in Mongu, best per capita income and higher GDP & national income. Mongu is the official home town of the Lozi cantonment in Zambia. Present form of government is following pure democratic trends and after proper formalities of election system and related terms are followed with due care.

    Jobs in Kafue

    Jobs in Kafue | Job opportunities in Kafue

    Kafue is a settlement in the Lusaka prefecture of Zambia beside the flowing rivers of Kafue Belt and is the River. Basically it is one of the most important and famous mining city of the country having loads of mining activities in process and providing hundreds of employment opportunities to the local population of the township with competitive pay perks and career benefits as well. Financial position and national economy of the community is reliant of its agricultural services, industrial concerns, service Industries comprises upon banking chains and leasing houses as well as insurance organization of the country that contribute a lot in its annual national income. Kafue has pretty transportation channels and modes being used in the society and providing comfortable traveling across the country in less time consuming. Railway service is also available in the city to ensure safe and smooth traveling in the community of Kafue.

    Jobs in Livingstone

    Jobs in Livingstone | Job Opportunities in Livingstone

    Livingstone is a capital of Southern Province of Zambia. Presently its population is near about 170,000 inhabitants. In 1855 a missionary David Livingstone first time visited the Livingstone-Zambia vicinity. The railway system is a big source of connecting people with other colonies and was extended for the coal transportation. In 1904 during the construction of Victoria Falls Bridge people started adopting new changes and advancement of technology. After the inauguration of the new Bridge, Livingstone-Zambia was at boom and several well known mining companies started investing in town development. Prosperity of Livingstone remains consistent due to high trade between north and south sides of the Zambezi. Commercial timber business from the forests made it possible to attain well paid options for the local residents. In short such a beautiful place to live or visit in reasonable price is only Livingstone in the entire Zambia.

    Jobs in Luanshya

    Jobs in Luanshya | Job Opportunities in Luanshya

    Launshya town is a town of Zambia’s Copper belt Province and as per national population census conducted in year 2008; its total population is about 117,579 inhabitants occupying the state. In the early phase of 20th century, it was first time explored by a traveler who was interested in discovering copper. His ship was crashed on a rock whose edges were coated with visible dense copper. Initially copper was mined in huge capacity at Luanshya-Zambia but with the passage of time, this industry got decline due to uneconomic circumstances resulted in with stern recession in the town. Presently there are still fewer stocks of copper underground waiting for its turn to be mined out. Luanshya is a home of providing quality education on distance learning modules related to Technical and mechanical trainings.