All the Jobs in Yemen

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  • Jobs in Jibla

    Jobs in Jibla | Job opportunities in Jibla

    Jibla is a settlement in western Yemen and situated around 2,210 meters high above the sea level. It is added already in the UNESCO World Heritage List owing to its traditional & cultural values. It is one of the neediest and developing cities in the country of Yemen and contains around 50,000 in its administration. Financially it is not a rich or stable city but government help and other financial aid provide its annual income pretty good in Jibla. Jibla has numerous traveling facilities. It is observed in Jibla that affording personnel for the society keep expensive vehicles in their use due to easy and cheap availability of petrol and other petroleum products and due to inexpensive petrol, majority of the population love to use 6 or 8 cylinder automobiles.

    Jobs in Yarim

    Jobs in Yarim | Job opportunities in Yarim

    Yarim is a settlement in the Ibb Governorate of Yemen and is a main part of its striving government. It is high above the sea level for around 10,000 feet. Its historical background is very old and linked with the first centuries of the residency and old cultural values promotes its culture in pretty effective and introducing manners in the township of Yarim. It is the need of the hour to provide the society with utmost advanced features and facilities. Till 15th century Yarim city was fully unattended but after the discoveries of oil and numerous underground products of minerals and other rich metals the entire situation of the community of Yarim started changing and continuous mining growth is a big sign of its better future having loads of growth opportunitis for the local community as well as the entire affiliates.

    Jobs in Lahij

    Jobs in Lahij | Job opportunities in Lahij

    Lahij is a metropolis in Yemen and occupies around 10,000 KM2and is sandwiched among Ta’izz and Aden in the broader Yemen. It is a major Islamic town of the country having main mosques of large area to facilities thousands of worshiper at the same time with tremendous heating and cooling features. Financially it is reliant of two or three main sector like commercial export of its oil production to the third world and international markets following trading relation with the developed nations and western markets to sale their local production of different textile and FMCG goods but has a small share in this sector. Lahij is a better place for employment in the oil and gas organizations that are major employers of the century and provide handsome job vacancies and related perks to the selected candidates that any other mining sector of the country.

    Jobs in Bajil

    Jobs in Bajil | Job opportunities in Bajil

    Bajil is a borough of the Al Hudaydah administration in the country of Yemen and contains more than 200,000 people in its administration and as ranked as one of the most attractive and highly income generating city of the country. Al Hudaydah is the capital city of the constituency and is being bordered by the Red Sea that is mainly used for port activities and functioning of major ships and water boats used for the bulk commercial export volumes of the Bajil. For better administration and control over the society, Bajil town is directly linked with the sub divisions of Addabi region comprising upon Ad Dahi, Ad Durayhimi, Al Garrahi, Al Hajjaylah, Al Hali, Al Hawak, Al Khawkhah, Al Mansuriyah, Al Marawi’ah and Al Mighlaf ward. Financially it is stable city and borough of the Yemen prefecture and carried good earning options and job availabilities for the skilled professionals of different categories.

    Jobs in Zabid

    Jobs in Zabid | Job opportunities in Zabid

    Zabid is a settlement with a total population of about 39,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is the capital of Yemen prefecture and linked with the historical background of 13th century. Zabid is categorized in the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and is also a Great Mosque in the town of the same name. It is not a stable economy town but trying to increase its financial resources. Major depend of its financial concerns is towards mining industries that excavates for minerals and petroleum products having high demand in the local as well as in the international markets. Due to high production of petroleum products, overall economy of Yeme is pretty good but the same wealth cycle is not distributed equally among other towns and cities of the country.

    Jobs in Sayyan

    Jobs in Sayyan | Job opportunities in Sayyan

    Sayyan is a tiny village of western Yemen and is situated in the Sanaa Governorate of Yemen. Basically Yemen is an oil producing country and has high economy but even then there are many small villages and towns of the country that are unattended and need continuous government interests to develop the same with utmost latest and advanced technologies of life like computer and internet with the addition of telecommunication system. Unfortunately Sayyan is lacking in different areas and it is a pure village of all the cultures and tradition of a rural community in Yemen. It is spread over an area of 13,855 km² and contains more than a million populations from which around 50,000 are recorded on the pages of Sayyan. The main town of San”a” is segregated in different small units and sectors to control the increasing oceity in better and effective manners.

    Jobs in Ibb

    Jobs in Ibb | Job Opportunities in Ibb

    The city of Ibb is constructed on the sloppy rocks of Jabal Ba’adan having 1.6 million inhabitants as per national census conducted in 1994. Historically, Ibb had been used as a convoy route from Aden to Sanaa as a shortcut for pilgrimage as well as main route used for international trade. The ancient city of Ibb has a different style of construction as compare to other cities in Yemen. It seems very difficult to explore the city on cars because the cutting edges of the rock are made for pedestrians only. Most of the buildings are a mixture of stone and woodwork crafted with the historic culture by the Jewish tenants before 1948. Old city of Ibb-Yemen is esteemed with the beautiful mosques that are facilitated with the required essentials to comfort the worshipers.

    Jobs in Al Mukalla

    Jobs in Al Mukalla | Job Opportunities in Al Mukalla

    Al Mukalla is the wealthy city of Yemen surrounded with Arabian Sea, situated 480 km in east of Adan city. Since 1990, the government is striving maximum to strengthen its economy in exuberant manners. Due to fastest rising democracy in Middle East, Al Mukalla-Yemen is trying to boost the living standards of the tenants. Till now Al Mukalla’s population has reached more than 1 million inhabitants. After the irritating war in past, present government has made a contract with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to execute a structural rehabilitation as well as financial reforms in the city. In 1995, Al Mukalla-Yemen commenced an economic, fiscal and managerial transformation program with the collaboration of the World Bank & IMF in addition to the worldwide donors.

    Jobs in Adan

    Jobs in Adan | Job Opportunities in Adan

    Adan is a seaport city in Yemen almost 170 kilometers away from east of Bab-el-Mandeb. It is estimated that Adan has more than 800,000 inhabitants. Adan’s, natural harbor is located exactly in the crater of an extinct volcano which has formed peninsula of this age. Front Bay harbor was first time used by the prehistoric Kingdom of Awsan during the period of 5th ~ 7th centuries BC. The contemporary harbor is situated on the other side of peninsula. Government has been striving to promote the educational culture of the Adan-Yemen city by investing huge budget on restructuring of new schools and universities. Little Adan is a main business unit of the oil refinery and tanker harbor. A local myth in Yemen is, Adan is as old as human history exists.

    Jobs in Ta Izz

    Jobs in Ta Izz | Job Opportunities in Ta Izz

    Ta`izz is a city of Yemen near Mocha port at Red Sea having 460,000 inhabitants as per census conducted in year 2003.Ta’izz is basically a hill station where roads are covered with mountain walls around it. The city of Ta`izz-Yemen has many old and beautiful buildings classically constructed with brown bricks whereas all the mosques are made with white bricks that present an excellent sight. Some of the well famous mosques are the Ashrafiya, the Muctabia and the Mudhaffar. There is a memorable ancient citadel and the palace of governor Ta`izz which is 450 meters high on the top of mountains. Road infrastructure of Ta’izz has many connections with other cities of the country. Overall weather climate of the Ta’izz-Yemen is full of rainfalls.