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  • Jobs in Vung Tau

    Jobs in Vung Tau | Job opportunities in Vung Tau

    Vung Tau is a municipality in southern Vietnam and carries around 340,000 people in its administration as per national population census conduced during 2009. It is one of the historic site in the country of Vietnam and during the international recession and Warship period, the entire town was fully demolished but with the continuous efforts of the local authorities, government of Vietnam and true dedication of the local population, Vung Tau is achieving its ways of success gradually and annually increase in its financial concerns and per capita income indicate a better and prosperous future of the city in upcoming decades. Agricultural advancements, international and commercial trade of different FMCG goods are main channels of better income generation and high social values. Vung Tau is always proffered for best construction material, attractive traveling features and loads of vacant jobs for the professionals and sector experts of numerous technologies.

    Jobs in Hong Gai

    Jobs in Hong Gai | Job opportunities in Hong Gai

    Hong Gai is the official capital metropolis of Quang Ninh territory in Vietnam and is situated on the Bai Tu Long Bay about 160 km in the Hanoi and contains almost 285,228 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Previously it was famous for being a coal mining major sector as well as with the major depends on its tourism industry. It is segregated into main two segments of the society and overall financial position of the city indicate that there are high per capita income stats and increased national income of the Hong Gai town has empowered the civilians with most advanced and essential earning channels of the modern society. Agricultural concerns and commercial units dealing in textile cement preparation and construction materials are the major employers of Hong Gai.

    Jobs in Long Xuyen

    Jobs in Long Xuyen | Job opportunities in Long Xuyen

    Long Xuyen is the official capital conurbation of Giang prefecture in Mekong Delta of Vietnam and is situated around 1,955 km of Hanoi town, 188 km Ho Chi Minh and 44 km from the Cambodia. As per national population census conducted during 2010, estimated population size is around 390,000 people belonging to different faiths and religion beliefs whilst Muslim population is mainly dominating. It is one of the most rich, wealthiest and most stable economies of the country in Long Xuyen mainly based on merchandising and fish industry dealing in sales, purchase and further processing for different savors. Long Xuyen is ranked as an advanced city and most suitable town for starting a self employed business or small scaled investment in the refinery units. There are many income generating projects in process at Long Xuyen that has developed its economy more stable and strengthened.

    Jobs in Phan Thiet

    Jobs in Phan Thiet | Job opportunities in Phan Thiet

    Phan Thiet is the official capital town in the Binh Thuan prefecture of Vietnam and carries nearly 395,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Phan Thiet is subdivided in more than eight sub districts including Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Thuan Nam, Duc Linh, Tanh Linh, Ham Tan, Bac Bình and Phu Quy. Financially it is one of the growing city and cantonment of the country having major depend on it agricultural growth. There are many farmers that grow expensive crops in the farms like wheat, sugarcane, vegetables and pulses with the addition of cotton and few others. It is served by a better transportation modes and channels as highways and super ways ensure safe & secure travelling with the help of private vehicle, commercial buses and railway network of the town.

    Jobs in Nam Dinh

    Jobs in Nam Dinh | Job opportunities in Nam Dinh

    Nam Dinh is a gigantic municipality in the Red River Delta of Vietnam and is graded as one of the oldest and historic city having old background dating back to the fourth century and its cultural values are linked with the stone aged time. The city of Nam Dinh is about 95 km of Vietnam’s main city called as Hanoi. Economy and financial position of the city is purely based on numerous activities and features of a growing society in Nam Dinh like agriculture forestry, fishing services, industrial units and major construction industry that are ranked as foremost employment concerns and mega employers of the region offering great employment services to the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with attractive pay perks and career growth of Nam Dinh.

    Jobs in Qui Nhon

    Jobs in Qui Nhon | Job opportunities in Qui Nhon

    Qui Nhon is a beach line town in the country of coastal municipality in Binh Dinh prefecture of Vietnam. It is consisted upon 15 ward and four communities occupying around 285 km² land area. There are around 300,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is one of the oldest, historical, commercial and industrial cities of the country and contains excellent financial stability and loads of vacant job for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with good pay perks and career growth in the society of Qui Nhon. Service industries and tourism channels of the township are main income generating sections and contribute a lot in the national income and GDP for the better growth of the region.

    Jobs in Rach Gia

    Jobs in Rach Gia | Job opportunities in Rach Gia

    Rach Gia is the capital municipality of Kien Giang prefecture in Vietnam and is situated on the Gulf of Thailand and about 255 kilometers of Ho Chi Minh City. It is being bordered by the Tan Hiep and Chau Thanh settlement, Thailand and Chau Thanh and An Bien. Major depend of its economy is towards agricultural growth, cattle farming, vegetable farming, live stock production, commercial units, manufacturing places and numerous export commodities of the Rach Gia. It is served by a major and successful cum excellent transportation modes being used in the society including commercial buses, private vehicles, railway stations and numerous air routes operated by the high tech air line companies of the world. Transportation sector of the city is ranked as a main and major employment market to accommodate wide range of fresh graduates and experts of different technologies.

    Jobs in Can Tho

    Jobs in Can Tho | Job opportunities in Can Tho

    Can Tho is a municipality in Vietnam and is ranked as the important and foremost capital town of the country containing nearly 11 million population as per national population census conducted during 2006. Can Tho is graded as the leading and biggest city of the entire Mekong Delta. Hau River runs very close to the city and provides plenty of water resources to the demanding areas of Can Tho like irrigation sector, power generation plants and many more related to commercial purposes. It faces tropical climate in the city and financially it is graded as one of the most important and stable economy in the country of Vietnam. Can Tho municipality is alienated into nine regions for better administration over the growing society like Ninh Kieu, Binh Thuy, Cai Rang, Thot Not and Thoi Lai.

    Jobs in Vietnam

    Jobs in Vietnam | Job Opportunities in Vietnam

    Vietnam is 13th most populated country in the world having over 86 million inhabitants. After the victory of Bach Dang River Battle in 938, Vietnam got independence from china. Geographic and political expansions in Southeast Asia were in process until it was colonized by the French. Long lasting effect of Vietnam War has made the country politically isolated. In 1986, it was planned by the government to focus on economic and political growth that resulted in; Vietnam had diplomatic relations by the end of year 2000. In the past decade, Vietnam is the only country enjoying a stable and prosperous economy. Present geographical observations are a proof that Vietnam is inhabited since several thousand years ago and getting progress day by day.

    Jobs in Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh City

    Jobs in Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh City | Job Opportunities in Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh City

    Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh is the major city in Vietnam. Before 17th century Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh was called Prey Nokor. After having mergers in 1976 with its neighboring states, its name got changed from Nokor to Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh. The city center is located on the banks of Saigon River, the capital of Vietnam. National census declares that around 9 million people are living in Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam. A number of people declare that “Nokor” name was derived from the cotton plants that were planted around Prey Nokor and even now can be seen at Cay Mai temple and in its surrounding regions. Many years ago this town of Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh was a small fishing village generally known as Prey Nokor.