All the Jobs in Venezuela

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  • Jobs in Cumana

    Jobs in Cumana | Job opportunities in Cumana

    Cumana is a big town of the country in Venezuela that has nearly 400,000 people in its administration residing since so long and practicing Christian faith on large scale while there are some of the minorities and religions like Islam, Hindu and Sikh communities. It is situated 400 km in the east of Caracas town and its history is linked with the 15th century. Rapid advancements in the society were introduced during the starting time span of 19th century. It remained under supervision of many nations and tribes in history but major rulers of this category are Spanish people that left numerous memories in its culture and laid a proper foundation of democracy, financial systems and civilized society. It is also a major and leading tourism channel of the country that collects a large share of income from its flourishing tourism points in the Cumana.

    Jobs in Santa Teresa

    Jobs in Santa Teresa | Job opportunities in Santa Teresa

    Santa Teresa is a main and major town in the Venezuela country and has long historic background dating back to the 10th century. Previously Santa Teresa was known as a mining cum agricultural town of the country but with the passage of time several new developmental came and changed the infrastructure with more advanced systems and technologies of life. Santa Teresa has strong grip on its financial resources and income generating projects to accommodate wide range of job seekers. It is a better place for investment in different areas as and general public has loads of chances to grow, get employment or start their own businesses with the encouragement of government that love to increase its financial concerns in the country. Present infrastructure of the traveling and medication is on growth stage and government is trying to increase the potential in almost all the working areas of Santa Teresa.

    Jobs in Barinas

    Jobs in Barinas | Job opportunities in Barinas

    Barinas is one of the 23rd states in Venezuela that is mainly divided in different sub sections and other minor towns to have better control over the growing and increasing society in the country. Barinas circumstances is occupying about 35,210 km² land area and carry nearly 800,000 people in its administration that indicate that it is a one of the most major and bulky town in terms of its population size and has loads of financial institutes and economic stability factors in the city of Barinas. Some of The main towns and sections of the community in Barinas include as Alberto Arvelo Torrealba, AndrEs Eloy Blanco, Antonio Jose de Sucre, Barinas, Cruz Paredes and Rojas. Financial position of the city is good and contains loads of income generating projects and manufacturing units of different products to meet the growing needs of the city.

    Jobs in Turmero

    Jobs in Turmero | Job opportunities in Turmero

    Turmero is a municipality in the situation of Aragua in Venezuela and is the official capital town of the Santiago Marino metropolis. It is from one of the 18 municipalities that comprise the main Venezuelan state of Aragua and carries as per national population census of 2009 about a total population around 199,731 people in its administration. It is facing proper political and democratic form of government that is purely based on parliamentary systems and after a predefined time span a proper election systems is available to present a pure, proper and perfect leadership in Turmero. Financially it is a growing city of the country in Venezuela. Majority of the income generating projects is based on agricultural growth, conditional investments and several types of international and commercial exports of different commodities and textile products.

    Jobs in Petare

    Jobs in Petare | Job opportunities in Petare

    Petare is a conurbation in Miranda town of greater Venezuela and is division of the urban Caracas cantonment. It is one of the most attractive, rich, wealthy and stable economy of the country in Venezuela and contains around 389,863 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 209. Petare town has various transportation modes and channels used to accommodate and facilitate daily travelers. There are many industrial comprises manufacturing different export oriented products, textile and petroleum products of top ranking among its export categories in Petare. Construction industry of the city is pretty good and ranked as the secondary main employment of the city offering treat employment situations and offers to the experts and master degree holders of different categories and fields of professional life in Petare.

    Jobs in Maturin

    Jobs in Maturin | Job opportunities in Maturin

    Maturin is a municipality in Venezuela and at the same time considered one of the most wealthy, luxurious and income generating cantonment in the country having loads of petroleum industries, mining firms and automobile manufacturing units in the land areas of Maturin. There are more than 450,000 people residing in the city of Maturin according to the most recent national population census. It is one of the most crowded and busiest transportation nucleuses of the country. Economy and financial position of the city of Maturin is excellent and high per capita income, increased GDP and national income are indicators of a wealthy and stable society in Venezuela. Major developments and employers of the society are its oil & Gas industries employing more than hundreds of thousands personnel against handsome job opportunities of the country.

    Jobs in San Cristobal

    Jobs in San Cristobal | Job Opportunities in San Cristobal

    San Cristobal is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Tachira. The city is situated in a mountainous area of Western Venezuela. The city is located 818 m/2,625 ft above sea level in the northern Andes overlooking the Torbes River, 56 km/35 mi from the Colombian boundary. San Cristobal was established in 1561 by Juan de Maldonado. From its inception, the city evolved rapidly as one of the most progressive and important centers of commerce in the country, due primarily to its rich soil and its proximity to the border with Colombia. The city was severely damaged by the Earthquake of Cucuta (also known as Earthquake of the Andes) in 1875. The city is located on the Pan-American Highway.

    Jobs in Ciudad Bolivar

    Jobs in Ciudad Bolivar | Job Opportunities in Ciudad Bolivar

    Ciudad Bolivar is the capital of Venezuela’s southeastern Bolivar State. It was established with the name Angostura in 1764, renamed in 1846, and, as of 2005. The estimated population of the city was around 338,250. The town is located on the bank of Orinoco River. The actual name of the river is ‘Santo Tomé de Guayana de Angostura del Orinoco’. The city is located at a point where the Orinoco narrows to about 1 mile (1.6 km) in width, and it contains first bridge across the river. The main products o f the city includes gold, iron ore, cattle, hides and rare woods. The town also gave its name to the Angostura tree (Cusparia febrifuga) which grows in the region.

    Jobs in Barcelona

    Jobs in Barcelona | Job Opportunities in Barcelona

    Barcelona is the capital of Anzoategui State, Venezuela. It was established in 1671. it forms one of the most significant metropolitan areas of Venezuela. The estimated population of the metropolitan area is around 950,000. General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport is located in Barcelona. The city mostly developed in the 20th century. It has well-preserved colonial architecture. The city provides attractive options for the tourists visiting the eastern coast of Venezuela. Colonial buildings surround the Plaza Boyaca, the original plaza built when the city was founded. The city’s cathedral, named Iglesia El Carmen, was built between 1748 and 1773. The surroundings there are very quaint and picturesque, contrasting with the modernism found in the center of the city. Museo de Anzoategui is one of the most attractive colonial buildings of the city. It is the oldest building constructed in 1671. Other significant historical areas are Bolivar, Miranda and Boyaca.

    Jobs in Maracay

    Jobs in Maracay | Job Opportunities in Maracay

    Maracay is a city in central Venezuela and is the capital and most significant city of the state of Aragua. The majority of the area of the city lies under the jurisdiction of the Girardot Municipality. The estimated population of the city was around 750.000 in 2001. the estimated population of the city was around 1,767,217 in 2008. The city formally founded in 1701 by Bishop Diego de Baños y Sotomayor in the valleys of Tocopio and Tapatapa in northern part of Venezuela. The city is named after a local native chief, and refers to the “Maracayo” (Felis mitis), a small tiger. The city has gone through a fast development during Juan Vicente Gomez’s dictatorship (1908 – 1935). He found this place as suitable located to make his residence during his rule, and ordered the construction of an Arc of Triumph, a bull plaza (a near replica of the one in Seville, Spain), an Ópera house, a Zoo, and, most particularly, the Hotel Jardin. This hotel is a magnificent tourist attraction with very large gardens. The city contains the Mausoleo de Gómez where the dictator’s remains are stored.