All the Jobs in Uzbekistan

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  • Jobs in Beruni

    Jobs in Beruni | Job opportunities in Beruni

    Beruni is a city of Beruniy constituency in Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan and is very old town and city of the country having historic background dating back to the 09th centuries and many signs of Stone Age and cultural values are still obvious from its entire culture. It is spread over estimated land areas of about 10,000 KM2 and about 100,000 people are residing in the community according to the national population census conducted during 2009. There are many construction companies dealing in different mega construction projects at the moment and on the other hand acts as leading employment markets of the city in Beruni. Apart from its construction industry, chemical processing textile manufacturing units and services industries also play an important role in the economy development and huge annual share of its national income is also geared from such institutes and places of the society.

    Jobs in Guliston

    Jobs in Guliston | Job opportunities in Guliston

    Guliston is a city and town of the Uzbekistan and was previously called and remembered as Mirzachul that is an official capital town of the Sirdarya territory in Uzbekistan. It is situated 76 miles of Tashkent and carries around 100,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Overall financial position of the city is on growth stage and many private companies and different international firms are interested to start their operations from the land areas of Guliston to get numerous benefits in terms of easy and cheap labor force, easy availability of raw material and numerous rebates and tax exemptions by the state authorities of Uzbekistan. As it is already mentioned that Guliston is growing rapidly so it is also predicted that its employment market and related opportunities are more than any other region of the country in Uzbekistan.

    Jobs in Asaka

    Jobs in Asaka | Job opportunities in Asaka

    Asaka is a metropolitan in Andijan territory of Uzbekistan in Ferghana Valley and previously it was labeled as Leninsk. It is one of the oldest and advanced centers of telecommunication innovations of the region. Its historic background links with the 10th century and still there are many signs of oldest times and ruling cultures from the entire construction styles housing decoration point of view in the entire Asaka. Uzbekistani-South Korean joint venture presented a beautiful and mega income generating projects in its land area and provided hundreds of job vacancies. There are numerous beautiful traveling modes being used in the society to ensure safe and smooth traveling across the country in less time consuming options. It is well said the growth rate of national income and GDP of the city is rising gradually but the entire ideal situation may be attained in next decade.

    Jobs in Koson

    Jobs in Koson | Job opportunities in Koson

    Koson is a city of viloyat region in Uzbekistan and is situated in the southern division of the country. Qashqadaryo River is the major water reservoir point of the cantonment and provides sufficient water sully in the demanding areas and sectors of Koson. It is being bordered by the Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Samarqand prefecture and Buxoro territory. An estimated land area of the community is about 28,500 kmĀ² and most of the population is from Muslim community whereas Christians, Hindu and other minorities are also recorded this time. Total population of the Koson is around 2.1 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Overall financial position and national economy of the Koson town is on growth stage and increasing gradually with loads of new job vacancies and opportunity for the growing population of Koson.

    Jobs in Kogon

    Jobs in Kogon | Job opportunities in Kogon

    Kogon is a metropolis in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan and is a main traveling and transportation town of the country having many highways, byways, super ways and paved roads to facilitate daily running vehicles in safe and secure manners. It was established during 18th century and carries old and historic cultural values in its daily presentation. Economy of the Kogon town is based in industrial comprises dealing in trade, exchange business and bulk export of different manufacturing items in its domestic markets. Kogon has large depend on its service industries, agriculture growth, forestry services and fisheries sections that contribute a lot in its national income an GDP of the city. Overall it is a Muslim inhabitant town whilst some of the minorities are also recorded on ground in Kogon like Christians, Hindus or Sikh communities.

    Jobs in Denau

    Jobs in Denau | Job opportunities in Denau

    Denau is a municipality in Surxondaryo prefecture of Uzbekistan and contains around 100,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Majority of the population in Denau is uneducated but presently it is highly appreciated by the schools and colleges of the society to enroll more and more students in academic institutes to gain higher education to serve the society in better and befitting manners. It is an economical town of the country and focus on large production of agricultural products like wheat, cotton and sugarcane on hefty scales. There are many underground natural resources of petroleum products and attractive and high priced metals that have changed the destiny of the country and mostly reputed organizations remain functioning in the mining section of the country in Denau.

    Jobs in Bekobod

    Jobs in Bekobod | Job opportunities in Bekobod

    Bekabad is a municipality in Toshkent prefecture of Eastern Uzbekistan and was established during the start of the 19th century. There are around 150,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2007. Bekobod town is mainly reliant of its flourishing industry dealing in different service sectors and manufacturing of numerous electronic products. A large portion of its annual returns is collected from the taxes and liabilities f the government channels. Bekobod is served with attractive railway systems considered a safe and secure travelling mode of the present age. Textile market of the city is graded as main exporter of different garments and woven objects. A major share of its revenue is collected from the international export of its textile products. It is the need of the hour to design and develop such a system of tracking a proper revenue collection from the entire sources of the Bekobod.

    Jobs in Angren

    Jobs in Angren | Job opportunities in Angren

    Angren is a conurbation in eastern Uzbekistan in the eastern side of the Tashkent and was established during 1946 as a middle of the Uzbek SSR’s coal industry. Angren River runs very close to the beautiful city and provides a lot of trading and travelling benefits as well as with the addition of irrigation channel. It is also a main industrial and commercial town of the country where there are loads of organizations dealing with the chemical processing, textile manufacturing, handmade carpets manufacturing, steel processing and many more alike functions of a growing society. Angren city has better financial position and national economy based on different high tech units and income generating projects of the society. Construction organizations, material manufacturing units and rubber plants cum electricity power stations are leading employers of the society offering great employment services to the employees.

    Jobs in Navoi

    Jobs in Navoi | Job opportunities in Navoi

    Navoi is a leading city in the Uzbekistan region and carries nearly 200,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Economy of the Navoi town is based on different commercial concerns as well as on tourism and industrial growth. Oil and gas section of the city in Navoi is good and provide numerous vacant job offers to the qualifying personnel of different categories and trades. Mining and construction industry of the city is also good in terms of better employment opportunities and definite attractive pay perks and general incentives for ht skilled personnel. Mining section of the city is graded as most active and income generating channel of the society and remain busy in the excavation of refined and quality oriented metals and other products have high demand in the western markets.

    Jobs in Termez

    Jobs in Termez | Job opportunities in Termez

    Termez is a conurbation in Uzbekistan close to the borders of Afghanistan and is a hilly country by its geographic landscapes. In Greek wording it is pronounciated as “hot” due to its elevation. There are around 194,804 people residing according to the national population census conducted during 2008. Financially it is a growing town of the country in Uzbekistan and mainly the general community is reliant of agricultural growth, manufacturing of electronic products, handmade flat carpets and commercial export of various high in demand commodities of international markets. Termez is known as a striving town of the country where almost entire population is observed as working for different channels and sector of professional life to earn more and more income for their family needs. Transportation facilities of the Termez town are also good and ensure safe, smooth and comfortable traveling across the city by means of commercial buses, private vehicles and some air routes.