All the Jobs in Ukraine

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  • Jobs in Luton

    Jobs in Luton | Job opportunities in Luton

    Luton is a great settlement and confederation of Bedfordshire in England. Luton is being bordered by the Dunstable and Houghton Regis. Most community of Luton is a big fan of sports and football as well. Keeping in view the great interest of the population towards football, majority of play ground and related sports complexes is easily observed in different residential colonies. It is served by different traveling modes and features of a growing society like bus services of the town is pretty good and ensure safe and smooth traveling across the borders as well where as local train service contribute a lot in terms of safe and smooth traveling in short span of time from one destination of UK to another. Financial position of the city in Luton is pretty good and better life style of the general public with higher buying capacity is a big sign of high earning & saving level of the occupants.

    Jobs in Odessa

    Jobs in Odessa | Job Opportunities in Odessa

    Odessa is the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast (province) situated in southern part of Ukraine. The city is a main seaport situated on the coast of the Black Sea and the fourth biggest city in Ukraine. The estimated population of the city was around 1,029,000 in 2001. The predecessor of Odessa, a small Tatar settlement, was established by Hacı I Giray, the Khan of Crimea, in 1240 and originally named after him as "Hacıbey".

    Jobs in Donetsk

    Jobs in Donetsk | Job Opportunities in Donetsk

    Donetsk is a big city in eastern side of Ukraine on the Kalmius River. Administratively, it is a center of Donetsk Oblast, while historically; it is the informal capital and biggest city of the economic and cultural Donets Basin (Donbass) region. The city was established in 1869 by a Welsh businessman, John Hughes, who developed a steel plant and number of coal mines in the area; so consequently the city is named as Yuzovka. Throughout the Soviet times, the city’s steel industry was expanded and since 1924 it was renamed Stalino (Staline), because "steel" is known as "stal" in Russian. The city was again renamed after 1961 to its modern name after the Seversky Donets River.

    Jobs in Dnipropetrovsk

    Jobs in Dnipropetrovsk | Job Opportunities in Dnipropetrovsk

    Dnipropetrovsk is Ukraine’s third biggest city. The estimated population of the city was around 1.1 million inhabitants. The city is situated in southeastern side of Ukraine’s capital Kiev on the Dnieper River, in the south-central region of the country. It is the administrative center of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The estimated population of the metropolitan area was around 1,860,000 people (2001).

    Jobs in Kharkiv

    Jobs in Kharkiv | Job Opportunities in Kharkiv

    Kharkiv is the second biggest city in Ukraine. It was established in 1654, and became the first capital of Soviet Ukraine; presently the city is the administrative center of the Kharkiv oblast (province). It is also the administrative center of the surrounding Kharkivskyi Raion (district) within the oblast. The city is situated in the northeastern side of the country. The estimated population of the city was around 1,461,300 in 2006. it is a main cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial center of Ukraine, with 60 scientific Institutes, 30 establishments of higher education, 6 museums, 7 theatres and 80 libraries. Its industry specializes typically in machinery. There are number of industrial companies in the city. Among them are world renowned giants like the Morozov Design Bureau and the Malyshev Tank Factory, best in tank production since the 1930s;

    Jobs in Kyiv

    Jobs in Kyiv | Job Opportunities in Kyiv

    Kyiv is the capital and the biggest city of Ukraine, situated in the north central portion of the country on the bank of Dnieper River. The estimated population of the city was around 2,611,300 in 2001. Kyiv is a vital industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Eastern Europe. It contains number of high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world renowned historical landmarks. The city has a widespread infrastructure and extremely developed system of public transport, including the Kyiv Metro. The city was classified as a Beta world city- as of 2004.

    Jobs in Ukraine

    Jobs in Ukraine | Job opportunities in Ukraine

    Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It is bounded by Russia to the eastern side; Belarus to the northern side; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the western side; Romania and Moldova to the southwestern side; and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the southern side. The city of Kiev is both the capital and the biggest city of Ukraine.