All the Jobs in Turkmenistan

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  • Jobs in Seydi

    Jobs in Seydi | Job Opportunities in Seydi

    Seydi is a city and cantonment of Turkmenistan is closely located on the western borders and touching the sides of Turkish community at one point. Turkmenistan is in fact one of the 6 Turkic districts and Seydi is an important and foremost commercial and cultural town of the country having major attraction for the textile investors and loads of trading opportunities and related funfairs are organized on large scale to accommodate and facilitate wide range of commercial buyers and sellers that are considered an important ingredient of its increasing economy in Seydi. Financial position and present economy of the city is on good track and it is indicated that the entire community of Seydi is living in a peaceful and attractive environment where there is liberty of human rights and ethical standards are observed on highest point.

    Jobs in Sayat

    Jobs in Sayat | Job Opportunities in Sayat

    Sayat is a city and community in the country of Turkmenistan and is graded one of the most historic and civilized nation in this time. It is located on the elevation of 391–819 meters. It is spread over minor land areas of less than 10 KM square but has great impact on its government and political trends as the majority of its population is more caring about the societal values, cultural up rise and numerous homogenous activities. Sayat has a fewer population and is declared as less than 10 thousands but the population of Sayat is more caring and courteous. It is equipped with modern trends, techniques and advanced digital systems of the community and trying to increase its present economy, financial value and overall annual income to provide the social values on highest standards of life.

    Jobs in Kaakha

    Jobs in Kaakha | Job Opportunities in Kaakha

    Kaakha is a name of the community in the wide land areas of Turkmenistan and its name was established as Kaakha due to the major footballer of its territory that made different records and history of the city and to tribute him, the township was established by his name. It is one of the most attractive and wealthy nation having different major industries, automobile assembly plants and multinational companies being operative since so long and makes an annual contribution of large amount in its national income and common wealth. Kaakha is graded as important commercial and income generating town having major depends on its commercial industries, textile sector and mining firms. Petroleum products and service industries are better employers of the society offering excellent vacant jobs for the professionals of different fields in Kaakha.

    Jobs in Gazojak

    Jobs in Gazojak | Job Opportunities in Gazojak

    Gazojak is a city of Turkmenistan and located around 280 km of Gazojak town of the country. It is observed as cold and wet climate town of the country during October ~ February but in spring the climate changes from its trends and become pleasant. Gazojak is one of the oldest cities and metropolitan of the country that links with the 10th century and its inhabitance signs are still a mystery. It is better recognized as an agricultural town having different commercial crops in its farms like wheat, sugarcane and rice on large scale whilst vegetables and pulses are also grown in the green yards of its agricultural areas in Gazoja. Financially it is reliant of different industries and firms like engineering industry, mining firms and construction business as well as the major contribution of its tourism industry made its annual income, GDP and per capita income more attractive and higher.

    Jobs in Gazanjyk

    Jobs in Gazanjyk | Job Opportunities in Gazanjyk

    Gazanjyk is a metropolis of Turkmenistan and is spread over average land areas of the country with a lesser population as compare to other major towns and cities of the country. Gazanjyk has close interaction with the stable societies and nearby communities earning well in terms of exports and imports concerns of their societies therefore Gazanjyk is establishing a better business relations with such nations and countries to improve its present infrastructure, growth opportunities and trading relations for better earnings. Textile, construction and mining firms are better employers of the community offering excellent and high paying job vacancies to the talented personnel of different categories. Majority of the local population in Gazanjyk intend to work for multinational companies whilst rest of the community is more interested to work in government offered employment due to loads of fringe benefits and end service benefits.

    Jobs in Boldumsaz

    Jobs in Boldumsaz | Job Opportunities in Boldumsaz

    Boldumsaz is a city and community in the greater country of Turkmenistan and located at the Dasoguz prefecture of the country. Boldumsaz is a growing town and city where there are many developmental task and ongoing growth projects in process and hopefully the town of Boldumsaz will be a proper civilized nation by the next few years. Overall financial position and national economy of Boldumsaz is on good growing stage and contains load of new jobs, potential to accommodate wide range of job seekers and diverse workforce available to work in the entire industrial units and manufacturing cum assembly plants of automobiles. There are different organizations and mining firms working at the moment and remain buys in excavation of the precious metals, minerals and petroleum products that has changed the situation and entire glimpse of the city.

    Jobs in Baherden

    Jobs in Baherden | Job Opportunities in Baherden

    Baherden is a diminutive conurbation in the region of Ahal Welayaty in Turkmenistan and is situated and located on the average latitude as 38°25’26” in the north side of the equator and 57°24’47” east of the Greenwich major Meridian that are best commercial and cultural towns of the country in Turkmenistan. Baherden is presently a mediocre township in the country and administrates less than 50,000 people in its administration. Overall financial position and economy of the city is not as much appreciable as it should be but there are many chances to grow in the country with trendy business opportunities and loads of new job vacancies arisen after the steady growth and development in its industrial concerns and manufacturing units. Majority of the population is observed peaking different native languages in the city and mostly the public of the city in Baherden belong to Islamic values and religion whilst some other minorities are also recorded in the city including Christianity and non believers.

    Jobs in Gumdag

    Jobs in Gumdag | Job Opportunities in Gumdag

    Gumdag is one of the Welayat territories of Turkmenistan and is declared as an important cultural ad trading town of the country having different sections of industry in its land areas. There are more than 300,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2009. Gumdag is being bordered by the Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea and Iran and has god foreign policy that promotes its internal businesses and makes it a proper investment town for the major investors and businessmen. It is spread over estimated land areas of about 149,270 square kilometers. Gumdag is one of the most wealthiest and pretty income generating town of the country due to many mining firms producing a large quantity of underground petroleum and gas concerns making the destiny more attractive, pretty and ever charming for the nearby markets of eh nation in Turkmenistan.

    Jobs in Annau

    Jobs in Annau | Job Opportunities in Annau

    Anau is the official capital town of the Ahal territory of Turkmenistan and is located around 9 kilometers of Ashgabat and is approachable by road with the help of M37 highway. Historic background of the city is very old and its link is connected around 3000 B.C when the same town was observed having the signs of life and some populations was residing in the conurbation thought that was a small tribe living in caves and hallows of Stone Age signs but now its presented is quite different from its history in Annau. Apart from Turkmen’s there are many other native languages practiced on large scales including but not limited to the Dari, Russian, and Uzbek. Present financial position and economy of the city of Anau is on growth stage and it is concluded that in coming few decades the town of Anau will attain a prominent position to be said as a wealthiest and stable economy of the country.

    Jobs in Kerki

    Jobs in Kerki | Job Opportunities in Kerki

    Kerki is a settlement in eastern Turkmenistan and is officially and geographically cited in Lebap zone of the country in Turkmenistan. It is being bordered by the Atamyrat, Mukry, Amyderya, Surkhi and Kiikchi. Best traveling modes and facilities are available in the community and linked with advanced traveling systems like commercial bus services, railway network and air routes mainly operated by the major airline companies of the country as well as ranked as the top employers of the country offering different jobs to the civil aviations staff, ground staff and air staff including cabin crew, air hostesses and pilots with attractive and excellent pay perks along with numerous fringe benefits depending upon the experience, suitability and candidacy of the job applicants. Kerki has major depend toward its construction industry and mining firms that are expensive and wealthy organizations of the city as well as major employers of the cantonment.