All the Jobs in Tonga

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  • Jobs in Vaini

    Jobs in Vaini | Job opportunities in Vaini

    Vaini is a city of Tonga and is further segregated into following subdivisions for better administration and control over the society. There are many sub regions and divisions including Tongatapu, Vaini, Lapaha, Nukunuku, Hihifo and Niua Toputapu. There are almost 200,000 people residing in the overall community and majority of the population in Vaini is affiliated with the Christianity while there is also a noticeable strength of Muslims. Majority of the population has wide interest towards agricultural enhancements and love to care for cattle farming including farming of sheep, goats, poultry or dairy services to meet the required shortfall of meet & milk. Vaini is ranked as a developing city of Tonga that has struggling economic infrastructure and depending a lot towards foreign aids. It is served with basic needs of a modern society but even then lack a lot in certain facilitations.

    Jobs in Tofoa Koloua

    Jobs in Tofoa Koloua | Job opportunities in Tofoa Koloua

    Tofoa Koloua is a medium sized city of Tonga that has old history and long struggling background in Tonga dating back to the 11th century when it was ranked as a small and tiny village. Present expansions of Tofoa Koloua are noticeably high and indicate that Tofoa Koloua is expanding rapidly towards its all four corners. As it is deemed appropriate to introduce new ways of success, growth, education and health sciences, local authorities and government of Tonga is in the formation to launch new developmental projects in the vicinity of Tofoa Koloua. It is linked with modern transportation system that is gifted from the developed cities and nations of the globe. While discussing about the economy and financial background of the city, it is pertinent to mention that there are more than few financial concerns, manufacturing houses, service industrial comprises and many more.

    Jobs in Pangai

    Jobs in Pangai | Job opportunities in Pangai

    Pangai is the managerial capital rural community of the Ha Ľapai Group in Tonga and shares the western shore of Lifuka containg almost 2,100 inhabitants as per current population census. Mostly Catholic Church affiliated community is occupying the township of Pangai and is approachable by Road or by the harbor. There are only quite a few shopping malls, theaters, clubs, and night clubs and only one bank. Financial position of the community is not high but predicted that with the continuous efforts of the local authorities and with the expansions in the industries and manufacturing units in Pangai, per capita income and GDP of the Tonga will increase by the end of 2012. There are quite a few historic sites besides the old churches. It is served by a network of roads, highways and water based passages that connect with the other nearby towns and cities of the globe.

    Jobs in Ohonua

    Jobs in Ohonua | Job opportunities in Ohonua

    Ohonua is a city of Tonga that has almost 41,541 people in its administration and is very remote and unattended area of the Tonga. Overall rely of the community is towards service sector and agricultural advancements. Mostly people are working for cattle farming; sheep farming, goat farming or other related farming activities to care the live stock in Tonga. A large portion of the entire population in Ohonua is curious about their future therefore focus on future based activities and investments. It is the need of the hour to come and serve the society in effective and befitting manners, therefore, skilled personnel and educated people of the region focus to distribute the free and quality oriented education for all. There are only two main banks, one dispensary and no GDP available in the region of Ohonua.

    Jobs in Neiafu

    Jobs in Neiafu | Job opportunities in Neiafu

    Neiafu is the second principal town in Tonga that has almost 10,000 people carrying in its administration. Neiafu is cited beside the Port of Refuge which is a deep water harbor on the south coastline of Vava’u and at the same time plays an important role in the economic developments and hefty commercial water based trade with the different other countries and cities of the globe. Mostly people of the city are linked with sailing or water based earning options like, sailing, fishing, boating or on different cruise ships while rest of the population care for agricultural activates of the Tonga as well as for private or public owned employment is always admired by them. Presently, nearby towns and countries of Tonga are trading with the city while distant areas are not in the process to encourage the commodities prepared by Tonga.

    Jobs in Mua

    Jobs in Mua | Job opportunities in Mua

    Mua is the second major Tongan metropolis, situated in Tongatapu islands in the eastern part of Hahake electorate and ranked as one of the top cultural and industrial sector of the city. It has very old historic background dating back to 12th century. Old comprises of the community are segregated in two major fractions of Lapaha Tatakamotonga. Overall financial position and economy of the community is good and linked with service industries and commercial sale and procurements of different products and allied commercial commodities. Mua was officially called the capital and a main religious center. Majority of the populations in Mua is Christian but there are many other minorities that are performing their life as per their own religious belief and traditions. Per capita income and national income of the region is on growth stage and rising gradually with the increase of annual efforts and spending of the local authorities.

    Jobs in Hihifo

    Jobs in Hihifo | Job opportunities in Hihifo

    Hihifo is the foremost rural community on the island of Niuatoputapu in Tonga and has very long and old historic memories as well as affiliations dating back to 12th century. Hihifo is located on the west side of Niuatoputapu and is the chief centre for public and government facilities offered in the island for the entire local populations as well as for the total occupants. Hihifo is served by a large network of departments and sections that support the daily life span and normal functioning of a civilized society including post offices, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges and quite a few technical colleges to get the maximum and skilled personnel of the automotive sections of Hihifo. Overall financial position and national income of Hihifo is on growth stage and rising gradually with the huge expansions in the industrial comprises and manufacturing units of the region in Hihifo.

    Jobs in Haveluloto

    Jobs in Haveluloto | Job opportunities in Haveluloto

    Haveluloto is a city in Tonga that is a biggest and largest town of the country. It is cited in the Oceania and being bordered by the South Pacific Ocean, Western Samoa and New Zealand. There are more than 177 islands whereas 37 of them are inhabited whilst remaining are not and are covering about 800 kilometers long north south line. Overall financial position ad economy of the Haveluloto is not as much better due to lack of basic departments, facilities and lack of proper infrastructure for the uplifting and reformation of the economic stability. Climate of the Haveluloto is basically subtropical having deviations in the warm and a cooler period. There are many small villages and towns that are purely working for the agricultural activates and cropping in the Tonga.

    Jobs in Tonga

    Jobs in Tonga | Job Opportunities in Tonga

    Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean comprising upon 169 islands. 36 islands out of 169 are occupied with the human being whereas remaining are barren and un-lively. The Kingdom of Tonga is about 800 kilometers in the north-south line situated near New Zealand. In 1773 Captain James Cook visited this place for the first time to attend a local ceremony of harvesting the first fruits of the season. Culturally Tonga city is considered to be a friendly island due to its flexible tradition of adopting new changes and technology. Before Europeans, not much was known about Tonga which got famous after the combat with European military.

    Jobs in Nukualofa

    Jobs in Nukualofa | Job Opportunities in Nukualofa

    Nukualofa is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. It is situated on the north shore of the Tongatapu island. Nukualofa means a venture of love. King George Taufaahau Tupou affirmed the Constitution of Tonga on the 4th November 1875 and amended the article of memorandum association to strengthen the act. Nukualofa has been expanding day by day with the majority of Christian tenants in the area. Numerous island and swamplands are esteemed with the natural resource & sea food that is mainly consumed in the city whereas the remaining stuff is exported. Economic structure of the city is reasonably stable therefore neighboring states of Nukualofa intend to have good business relation with the town. Local residents cares much about the basic education of their kids.