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  • Jobs in Thanyaburi

    Jobs in Thanyaburi | Job Opportunities in Thanyaburi

    Thanyaburi is a borough in Pathum Thani prefecture of Thailand and is closely associated and bordered by the Bangkok Glass. Thanyaburi was established and constructed with the orders of King Rama in 20th century but its ancient link with history is very old when there were stone Aged people and Bronze aged communities residing and practicing their mode of living in Thanyaburi. It is situated in the eastern fraction of Chao Phraya gorge that is titled Thung Luang and is reachable from Bangkok with Outer Ring Road. It is linked with other cities and towns of Thailand with paved highways and pretty roads providing an easy access to all commercial transports and railway network. Financially it is reliant of different agricultural businesses and related crops of high values like sugarcane and wheat.

    Jobs in Lampang

    Jobs in Lampang | Job Opportunities in Lampang

    Lampang is a historic city and oldest conurbation in the country of Thailand and is graded as third principal municipality of Lampang prefecture. It is speedily increasing towards its all four corners and present population size is figuring about 150,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted recently. It is closely positioned in the Valley of Wang River that is so beautiful and provides an ideal stay in sun shine. Economy and financial position of the town is based on farming, pineapple and sugarcane processing and juice making. Large deposit of kaolin in the underground areas of the city provides an excellent income rise and high usage to the same in its different industries like ceramics. Healthcare units and hospitals of the country are working well and providing instant patient care to the ailing and suffering communities in Lampang.

    Jobs in Phra Pradaeng

    Jobs in Phra Pradaeng | Job Opportunities in Phra Pradaeng

    Phra Pradaeng is a famous borough of Samut Prakan prefecture in Thailand that has close interaction and association with different cities and towns of Thailand and reliant in different production units and trade services of garments and oil cum petroleum products. Phra Pradaeng is bordered by the Thung Khru, Rat Burana, Yan Nawa, Khlong Toei, Phra Khanong and Bang Na with the addition of many other small section and region of the township to have an effective control over the society and larger management system for an increasing community in Thailand. Chao Phraya River is an ideal water carriage source of the city. There are many water based business and industries producing different industrial products and a large number of local population is engaged in such major production houses of Phra Pradaeng.

    Jobs in Si Racha

    Jobs in Si Racha | Job Opportunities in Si Racha

    Si Racha is a sub constituency and town in Thailand situated on the Gulf of Thailand and around 121 km of Bangkok. It is one of the most important and biggest producers of sauce Sriracha. Garments, woven products, light industry and FMCG goods having high demand in the nearby towns and markets of Thailand. Historic data and links of the city are derived from the ancient times when it was called as a small fishing town where most of the community was linked with fishing and shipbuilding cum related maintenance and poor communities are living in the small village of Si Racha but with the start of 18th century many western firms and biggest investors came and settled in the Si Racha town. After influx of international people most of the industries and firms started producing different products and with the influx of such names employment ratio was increased in Si Racha.

    Jobs in Nakhon Ratchasima

    Jobs in Nakhon Ratchasima | Job Opportunities in Nakhon Ratchasima

    Nakhon Ratchasima is a town in Thailand and doorway to Isan locations of the nation. At the moment is enjoying the status of a capital town and administrates around 180,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Financially it is a stable and strong nation in the country and contains a great potential for growth opportunities and success of the government. Nakhon Ratchasima is a famous municipal area of the country that has different transportation services available to provide an easy and better traveling mode to the population of the city. Northeastern railway line of the community is also a major transportation service with the addition of airline organizations that provide best job opportunities to the job seekers in Nakhon Ratchasima. Construction industry and mining firms are ideal pay master organizations in Thailand.

    Jobs in Chon Buri

    Jobs in Chon Buri | Job Opportunities in Chon Buri

    Chonburi is a famous city of Thailand that is bordered by the beautiful landscapes of Chachoengsao, Chanthaburi and Rayong regions. Gulf of Thailand is covering the city of Chon Buri in its left wide and provides most of the land area with loads of industries, factories and mill site. There are many heavily industrialized plants working and making different industrial products having high demand in the western markets with high profit margins and these factories and mills are also providing major job positions and vacant vacancies to the talented and qualifying students of Thailand against good pay perks and end service benefits at the same time provide an equal and instant rise in its national income and GDP of Chon Buri. Other major income generation sources of the city are linked with its shipping, transportation, tourism and manufacturing units producing biggest production orders.

    Jobs in Samut Prakan

    Jobs in Samut Prakan | Job Opportunities in Samut Prakan

    Samut Prakan is one of the innermost districts of Thailand that was in 1946 and is an important part of the Bangkok municipal expanse. It is being bordered by the Bangkok and Chachoengsao. Its old history is linked with many centuries ago as in ancient times this region remained in the administration and ruler ship of different tribes and nations but after its existence as a city of Thaliland it is graded an important tourist destinations of Thaliand that earns much from the annual influx of visitors in its land areas. Close interaction with the harbor and seaport location increased its importance for external trade and export concerns that are considered important income collection source of the Samut Prakan town. Chao Phraya River is a perfect irrigation source and better water supply channel of the society.

    Jobs in Khon Kaen

    Jobs in Khon Kaen | Job Opportunities in Khon Kaen

    Khon Kaen is a city in Isan, Thailand. The city is also a capital of Khon Kaen province and the Khon Kaen district. Khon Kaen is situated in the Khorat Plateau, in the central-northwestern area of Isaan. It is geographically location on 16°26′N 102°50′E / 16.433°N 102.833°E . The estimated population of the city is around 140,000 (2006 official census). Khon Kaen is a main center for education, financial institutions, government offices and transportation in the region. It is also an industrial hub in the region, particularly for the region’s silk trade. The city is also an agricultural center of the area. The city has hosted number of regional conferences like Asean Regional Forum and United Nations meetings. The city also contains Rajamangala University and Khon Kaen University which is the biggest university in the Northeast, with a student population of around 20,000.

    Jobs in Surat Thani

    Jobs in Surat Thani | Job Opportunities in Surat Thani

    Surat Thani is a city in Amphoe Mueang Surat Thani, Surat Thani Province in the southern side of Thailand. It is the capital of the province Surat Thani. The estimated population of the city is around 128,179 (2009), and total area of the city is around 68.97 square kilometers. The population density of the city is 1,858.47 inhabitants per km². It is located close to the bank of the river Tapi on the Gulf of Thailand. The city has no significant tourist attractions, and is thus only known to tourists as a transfer to the close by Ko Samui Island. The city is a main regional commercial center, with a seaport dealing in the major products like rubber and coconuts. The city has got its name by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in 1915. The name of the city means City of Good People and name was given to the city due to the high devotion of the locals to Buddhism. Formerly the city was called Bandon, which means Village on higher ground.

    Jobs in Udon Thani

    Jobs in Udon Thani | Job Opportunities in Udon Thani

    Udon Thani is a city in Isan, north-east Thailand, and the capital of Udon Thani Province. The estimated population of the city is around 143,081. The city is located at 17°25′N 102°45′E / 17.417°N 102.75°E and is approximately 560 km from Bangkok. Udon is also a main commercial center in northern Isan and the gateway to Laos, North Vietnam and Southern China. 47 km eastern side of Udon Thani is Thailand’s premier Bronze Age excavation at Ban Chiang, the famous archaeological site. The city has not many attractions to see for most travelers but there are number of interesting Buddhist temples. It was a main support center for the nearby Udon Royal Thai Air Force Base during the Vietnam War and still contains reminders of that time, with bars, coffee shops and hotels. It was a site of a Voice of America relay station alleged to have been a CIA black site.