All the Jobs in Tanzania

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  • Jobs in Katumba

    Jobs in Katumba | Job Opportunities in Katumba

    Katumba is an organizational and managerial township of Rungwe borough in Tanzania and controls a very minor population size about 35,965 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Financially it is a week and growing nation of the country in Tanzania. Government of Tanzania is trying to produce more and more income from the sectors and channels of Katumba but it is also needed to establish its unattended sector on first priority. Textile and mining firms are wealthiest sector of the city producing bigger production orders for its export activities and due to excellent foreign trade policy most of the investors and producers are trying to come and settle in the city of Katumba. As time is passing very fast therefore government and local authorities of eh nation is of the view to establish new earning channels and industries in the city to make it an attractive nation for relocating individuals of Tanzania.

    Jobs in Iringa

    Jobs in Iringa | Job Opportunities in Iringa

    Iringa is a municipality in Tanzania and administrate more than 212,900 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Iringa is the managerial assets nation of the constituency. Financially it is a strong and stable nation of the country in Tanzania that has been working very carefully with the established industries including manufacturing and food processing units, chemical processing units, textile concerns, mining firms, telecommunication sector, hotel industry and attractive employment market of the nation. Iringa town is centrally admired and highly reliant of its commercial concerns and international trade opportunities to earn more and more income to bring in its local economy of Tanzania. Ruaha River is very important water carriage source of the society and provides best water based income generation options and fun time activities of the country.

    Jobs in Musoma

    Jobs in Musoma | Job Opportunities in Musoma

    Musoma is a metropolis positioned in northern Tanzania and at the same time it is titled as the capital towns of Mara constituency containing around 263,497 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Musoma is very close and adjacent to the Lake Victoria and Kenyan border that are frequently visited places by the national and international travelers of Musoma. It is a bigger Catholic dioceses offering several religion activities, prayer sessions and Sunday schools services in Musoma to educate the young and kids with the Bible knowledge and makes a learned generation in the city. It is segregate and divided in more than 12 sub towns and section to control and administrated the city in a better way. Financially it is a stable city and enjoying excellent buying capacity of the population.

    Jobs in Songea

    Jobs in Songea | Job Opportunities in Songea

    Songea is the resources towns of Ruvuma district in Tanzania. It is sited along the A19 road that is main highway and major safe travel point for the national and international travelers in the city of Songea. There are more than 140,000 people residing in the city and practicing their religion activities and community programs freely. It is the official administration and the main seat of Roman Catholic Archdiocese where there are many ministries and related convent institutes that provide an ideal life style and helpful program to the local population. Financial position and economy of the city is good and indicate a prosperous future of the population in coming few years as most of the industries and commercial projects are ion process in the city and producing good annual return in Songea.

    Jobs in Tabora

    Jobs in Tabora | Job Opportunities in Tabora

    Tabora is the resources municipality of Tanzania in the Tabora district and as per national population census conducted during recent time frame indicates that there are more than 227,880 people residing in its administration and practicing their religion activities and services freely. It is one of the biggest cities in the country of Tanzania that has major depend on its different income generating sources and options of the growing nation in Tabora. It was established and found during 1850 by the Arab traders who were mainly dealing in slave trade. Later on it was under administration and ruler ship of German and Roman emperors. Financial position of the city is on good scale tht provide best life style and highly per capita income enabling increased buying capacity and tremendous life style to the population of the township.

    Jobs in Moshi

    Jobs in Moshi | Job Opportunities in Moshi

    Moshi is a Tanzanian town with a total population of 344,739 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2009. Geographically Moshi is located on the lower gradient of Mt Kilimanjaro, a notorious volcanic mountain highest in Africa. During ancients time Chagga and Maasai tribes ruled over the city. Several sculptures and artesian crafting provide the glimpse of Stone Age culture. Moshi town of Tanzania is foremost region in the state producing export quality leather products and flat carpets. Handicrafts of the Moshi are high in demand in the international markets. Education sector of the city is reasonably very high and literacy ratio is highest in the vicinity. Elementary schools of the town offer variety of educational and technical courses to enable students become self supporting in this age.

    Jobs in Kigoma

    Jobs in Kigoma | Job Opportunities in Kigoma

    Kigoma is a medium sized town and lake port in western Tanzania close to the edge of Burundi. It is the capital of surrounding Kigoma Region having a population of 150,234 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2007. Kigoma is busiest port on Lake Tanganyika esteemed with the huge trading ships. Maximum trade products of the port are textile, leather, electronics and gaming zones. Tanzanian Government announces advancement in fisheries department. Numerous port facilities are reformed with large cold storage areas. Transportation system of the city is pretty good that comprises upon highways, railway carriage track and air routes. Neighboring villages of the Tanzania districts use the highways to carry agricultural crops in the Kigoma markets in short span of time whereas huge consignments are shipped via railways.

    Jobs in Tanga

    Jobs in Tanga | Job Opportunities in Tanga

    Tanga is a city of Tanzania that has an estimated population of 243,580 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2006. Tanga has corporate culture in its region affecting to the native districts and internal trade. The city of Tanga is situated beside the Indian Ocean having traditional borders with the Kenya. The seaport of the city remains busy in the Major exports of sisal, coffee, tea, and cotton. Road transportation system of the town is well organized providing an easy access to the neighboring cities of the Tanzania. Shipping industry of the town is a major contributor of foreign reserves and strengthening economic growth in Tanzania. Government is striving to upgrade the irrigation system to facilitate the farmers. Tanga is the only city producing best quality of cotton among its native districts.

    Jobs in Morogoro

    Jobs in Morogoro | Job Opportunities in Morogoro

    Morogoro is a city of Tanzania with an estimated urban population of 396,868 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2002. It is the capital of Morogoro Region and lies at the bottom of Uluguru Mountains, a very fertile land area used for agriculture. Morogoro is a city of artists and musicians who loved jazz music. Economic situation of the city is not stable but follow the parameters to grow rapidly. Few industries in the town produce coated fiber, jewelry, handicrafts, flat carpets and leather products that are mainly exported in the local markets. Education standards in the city are reasonably high and it is compulsion for every citizen to attain secondary school certificate. Tourism industry of the city is reasonably earning much due to abundant visiting spots comprising upon hill stations, parks, natural resorts and beautiful landscapes.

    Jobs in Mbeya

    Jobs in Mbeya | Job Opportunities in Mbeya

    Mbeya city is situated in the southwest of Tanzania. During 2005 estimated population of the town was more than 280,000 inhabitants that have increased rapidly reaching the figure of 400,000 till December 2009. It is the capital of rural Mbeya region located in a thin highland valley encircled with high mountains. Swahili and English language is widely adopted in schools. Corrugated iron roofing is commonly used in domestic as well as in industrial construction to avoid heavy cemented roofs. Economic stability of Mbeya is based on agricultural development that produces bulk quantity of maize, rice, bananas and potatoes. Well organized transportation system of the town provides easy access to the neighboring markets of Tanzania. Rural areas of the city strongly believe in the developments of cattle farms to get milk and meat for commercial sale.