All the Jobs in Tajikistan

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  • Jobs in Moskovski

    Jobs in Moskovski | Job Opportunities in Moskovski

    Moskovskiy or Moskva is a city and conurbation of Tajikistan graded as an important and foremost township. Moskovski is the official organizational assets of Hamadoni constituency in Khatlon. It has very small population size about 42,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Major depend of its economy and income resources is towards agricultural growth and related supporting businesses. As it is one of the small and tiny cities of the country therefore it is very developed and equipped town containing almost all the major utilities and facilities. Moskovski has different villages producing many expensive crops and normal products like cattle foodstuff, gram, cotton and rice. Artificial resources of irrigation are normally used as tube wells and water storage pumps. Linked people with industries and manufacturing plants in the city and other communities in nearby vicinities are better resource generators of the country.

    Jobs in Chkalovsk

    Jobs in Chkalovsk | Job Opportunities in Chkalovsk

    Chkalovsk is a municipality in Tajikistan and is officially located and sited in Ghafurov neighborhood of Sughd territory flanked by Khujand and Ghafurov communities. It is the official capital city and conurbation of Khujand. There are around 300,000 people recorded in the city as per national population census conducted during 2008. Financially it is reliant of different industries and income generating source like domestic trade of FMCG goods, industrial parts sale, automobile making, cellular phone marketing and different other projects are graded most attractive employers in the city of Chkalovsk. It is spread over estimated land areas of about 2,705 kmĀ² and is best in production of finest quality of cotton and wheat. With the passage of time it is developing and almost all the facilities and utilities of a modern life are observed in its locality.

    Jobs in Farkhor

    Jobs in Farkhor | Job Opportunities in Farkhor

    Farkhor borough or Nohiya-i Farkhor is a borough in Khatlon prefecture of Tajikistan and at the same time it is graded as commercial land areas of the country dealing in numerous national and international products. Historically it is unprivileged nation but in the 18th century with the invasion of external forces most of the city was developed in advanced structures that prove an ideal and tourism spot in the country. Farkhor has different small and major sized industries mostly dealing in production of garments, woven products, small scaled handicrafts and flat carpet making at homes. Farkhor is graded as place of Tajikistan where almost all type of jobs and employment opportunities are easily available to the job seekers of the nation. There are more than a million people recorded in the city as per recent population census.

    Jobs in Dangara

    Jobs in Dangara | Job Opportunities in Dangara

    Dangara is a 9th major and foremost city of the country in Tajikistan that is located beside the Danube community and controls about 92,000 people in its administration. Previously the city of Dangara was a small fishing town where mostly shipbuilding and maintenance works remained in process but with the passage of time many developments came in the city and provided the township with modern techniques and trends in Dangara. Information technology, chemical processing mining firms and light industry of Dangara are major employment areas of the nation as well as considered major income contributors in its national annual revenue as well as GDP and per capita income. It is needed in the society to create most of the products that are high in demand in the western markets to earn more and more foreign capital in return and to establish its export volume more attractively.

    Jobs in Boshkengash

    Jobs in Boshkengash | Job Opportunities in Boshkengash

    Boshkengash is and unattended community and city of Tajikistan that is bordered by the Afghanistan and has good relations with its neighboring cities but overall potential and position is not favorable. It is officially located in the districts of Khatlon that is mainly remembered as a service industrial town of the country. there are more than 60,000 people residing in the city as per national population census and the city is expanding towards al its four corners but the progress and success of the economy is not matching with the increased population therefore it is the alarming situation for government authorities to created an design a new industrial channel for income generation in Boshkengash. Most people grow small scaled farming crops like vegetables and pulses to meet the present shortfall of the city.

    Jobs in Hisor

    Jobs in Hisor | Job Opportunities in Hisor

    Hisor is a medium sized oldest city of the country in Tajikistan and located around 14 km of Dushanbe town in the country. It is the official capital landscape of Hisor constituency and sited on the altitude of 798-823. Weather climate and environment of its seasons is extreme in all kinds as in winters there is very cold weather while in summer hottest summers are observed in the city of Hisor. The Khanaka River and the Kofarnihon River are most important irrigation source of the city that provides excellent trade and different water based industries in the city. There are around 52,961 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2009 in Hisor. There are different nationalities residing including Tajiks, Uzbeks, Russians and other communities. Financial position and economy of the city is on good stage due to loads of trading concerns and manufacturing plants of textile and many other commodities of the country.

    Jobs in Panjakent

    Jobs in Panjakent | Job Opportunities in Panjakent

    Panjakent is a municipality in the Sughd region of Tajikistan beside the beautiful flowing river of Zeravshan and has around 80,000 people under its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Historic background of the city in Sogdiana is very old and is linked with the Iron Age times. There are many cultural signs and old memoires in the social life style and general culture of the community in Panjakent. Previously it was a small village town that was mainly dealing in agricultural products, crops and labor force but with the passage of time much latest advancement came in life and provided comfort and swiftness in daily errands in Panjakent. Zarafshan valley has played an important role in its tourism industry as most of the people love to come and explore the natural springs, fountains and related beautiful landscape in Panjakent.

    Jobs in Isfara

    Jobs in Isfara | Job Opportunities in Isfara

    Isfara is a municipality in Sughd prefecture of Tajikistan and is closely located on the borders of Kyrgyzstan containing 64,600 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Isfara is one of the historic city of the Central Asia titled by a historic name of Asbara but was changed to its present name later on. It is accessibly from all cities and town by means of road, railway and via air routes operative in the entire country by major airline companies of the world. Construction industry and industrial concerns is main employment channel of the city offering great employment options and high pay perks offered to the employees in Isfara. Economy and financial position of the city is good and consists upon more than 21 industrial companies in Isfara dealing in multiple fields like electrical, chemical and metallurgical crops, construction equipment, food stuff and many others related production orders.

    Jobs in Tursunzoda

    Jobs in Tursunzoda | Job Opportunities in Tursunzoda

    Tursunzoda is a famous city and growing nation of the Tajikistan country. Its meaning is derived from the Russian language that is pronounciated as a steel dealing nation. There are many mining firms and units dealing in numerous underground products and rich resources of the city that has changed the fate and destiny of the local population. There are many firms producing attractive gemstones, minerals and metallic products that has created a biggest employment market in Tursunzoda. Oil refinery units and metal processing firms produce ideal per capita income, GDP and national income of the city as well as provide attractive life style to the residents of Tursunzoda. Tajik government is very caring for the uplifting and development of its local population therefore huge investments are made annually in this regard to develop the community with advanced infrastructure.

    Jobs in Kofarnihon

    Jobs in Kofarnihon | Job Opportunities in Kofarnihon

    Kofarnihon is a Persian pronunciation ad is a foremost municipality in western Tajikistan 11 km of Dushanbe. In past it was changed by many names and different tittles were awarded to the nation. Once it was called by the name of “a place where unbelievers hide” and also as Yangi-Bazar till 1935. History of the city indicate tht its links are very old. Its association and signs of inhabitancy are linked with BC times. Kofarnihon is a growing city and community of Tajikistan that has main depend on its agricultural growth consisting upon cropping for wheat, rice, cotton and gram whilst in villages most of the people are linked with the farming business and dealing for silk farms, fruit farms, poultry farms and cattle farms to meet all the required shortage in Kofarnihon.