All the Jobs in Syria

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  • Jobs in Qatana

    Jobs in Qatana | Job Opportunities in Qatana

    Qatana is a township and community in the country of Syria and is best known for its historic values, foremost cultural involvement and loads of income generating options in the society of Qatana. It is located on an average altitude of 878 meters high above the sea level. Is one of the mildest town that earns average income annually and is graded as most struggling and striving nation in the country reliant of agricultural growth and different other supportive sections and channels of life in Qatana. There are almost 38,465 people recorded in the community as per national population census conducted during 2010. Some of the major problem in the success and steady growth of Economy include large and poor performing community sector, reduced oil production in the city, non oil deficit, corruption, feeble monetary and resources markets and high unemployment ratio of the Qatana but government of Syria plans to overcome all the problems with a proper policy making in Syria.

    Jobs in Masyaf

    Jobs in Masyaf | Job Opportunities in Masyaf

    Masyaf is a metropolis in Syria that has affiliations with the history since 09th century. It is one of the biggest tourist and commercial destination of the country that deals in multiple commercial products, trading markets and neighboring trade enhancement agreements of the society. Masyaf town is famous for the manifestation of different children games, video games and computer programs widely made in the computer arcades and software development houses of the city. Due to rapid increase in the information technology and scientific approaches, there are many developments in process for the students of information technology and multimedia presentations enabling the students for higher education and strong and stable career paths in Syria. Overall financial position and national economy of Masyaf is very good and provides an ideal life style and high buying capacity to the local participants in Masyaf.

    Jobs in Baniyas

    Jobs in Baniyas | Job Opportunities in Baniyas

    Baniyas is a conurbation of Syria situated at the base of hill of Qalaat el-Marqab 54 km of Latakia and 36 km of Tartous. History and links of the city with the ancient times are very old and in the times of Iron Age and Bronze Age different symptoms of that era are observed from the underground excavations by the archeology department of Syria. Baniyas is prominent for its orchards and export of wood in different areas of the world. Mining firms and oil refineries of the state are pretty good and best income generation source of the city in Baniyas that is providing loads of new jobs and hundreds of pretty time part jobs to the students and professionals of different fields that reduce the unemployment rate reasonably good.

    Jobs in Nawa

    Jobs in Nawa | Job Opportunities in Nawa

    Nawa is a Syrian municipality belonging to the Daraa administrate on an altitude of 569 meters with an estimated population size of about 129,170 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. In terms of population size, Nawa is graded as 27th biggest conurbation in Syria. Most of the population is linked with different agricultural businesses in the villages. Farmers and local peasants in Nawa produce dairy products and allied businesses in large scale as it is a bi product with the annual cultivation of other crops like wheat, vegetables or animal or cattle food stuff. Sugarcane and cotton are town major income oriented products in Nawa that provide an instant relief to the farmers after their harvesting in Nawa and provide an easy and relaxed daily doing with pretty buying capacity in the community.

    Jobs in Darayya

    Jobs in Darayya | Job Opportunities in Darayya

    Syria is a country of different small and major cities and towns in its administration and most of the cities and towns in the country are dependent of its agricultural growth and industrial up rise but due to lack of several resources most of the cities and towns in Syria are presently on the right growth track. Darayya is a historic city and cultural vicinity in the country that has a medium sized population but its population size is rapidly increasing during last few years. Darayya is scenery of Damascus province in the region of Syria and it is one of the most important trading and social towns that provide different income generation options and industrial opportunities for the technical and mechanical type job seekers in Darayya. There are more than 100,000 people residing in the community and half of the population is directly linked with the industries and self employed small scaled businesses.

    Jobs in Jableh

    Jobs in Jableh | Job Opportunities in Jableh

    Jableh is a historic city and oldest towns of Mediterranean in Syria containing around 120,000 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Jableh was fraction of the Antioch and historic links of the city are attached with 06th century and oldest time period of the city also reveals its ancient cultural activities, affiliations and moderns trends of living in the city of Jableh. There are more Muslim people residing in the city as compare to any other religion and due to large gatherings of Muslim community there are many Mosques, gathering halls, community centers and related institutes of a perfect Muslim community of the world. Financial trend and dependency of the nation is towards agricultural growth, industrial up rise and tourism places of the society attracting a large number of international travelers in its destinations.

    Jobs in Abu Kamal

    Jobs in Abu Kamal | Job Opportunities in Abu Kamal

    Al-Bukamal or Al-Bu-Kamal is a metropolitan in Syria beside the beautiful River of Euphrates close to the Iraq borders. It is one of the oldest and historic sites in the Syrian territories and Abu Kamal links with the 09th century that indicate a ruling period of Iron aged communities in the community. Financially it is reliant of its agricultural growth and the same sector is further reliant of best irrigation services and channels available in the society. Once the same remained under administration of Mesopotamia that act like a busiest trade port and central commercial market to different Roman and other cities and nations. Abu Kamal has many small and medium sized industries in the society providing an ideal work environment to the employees and at the same time provides attractive and high paid job vacancies to the job seekers in Abu Kamal.

    Jobs in Salamiyah

    Jobs in Salamiyah | Job Opportunities in Salamiyah

    Salamiyah is a municipality and borough in western Syria located in 32 km of Hama, 44 km of Homs and adjacent to different water carriage services and Rivers of Salamiyah. The municipality is an agricultural axis of the region dealing in different commercial, cultural and social gatherings. Financially there are many organizations considered as a back bone of its growing economy. Chemical processing, construction, woodcrafts and services industries of Salamiyah are busiest units and industries of the city. Salamiyah has better and stable economy, national income and GDP indicating a better and highly buying capacity of the individuals in Salamiyah. With the passage of time government of Syria is inviting numerous investors to come and start different income generation projects and supporting businesses in the city to avail numerous state offered benefits like rebates and tax exemptions.

    Jobs in Manbij

    Jobs in Manbij | Job Opportunities in Manbij

    Manbij is a settlement and society in the regions of Aleppo administration of Syria around 32 kilometers of the Euphrates. It is one of the oldest and most historic cities that have merged different hard times and bad stories of numerous warship attacks and rituals incidents in its entire history and different ruined structures and demolished buildings will present a cruel time frame of the society in Manbij. Mabog was without a doubt an antique refuge and many roads and highways were made in the ancient times of the city when it was under the administration of different rulers and administrators of Syria. In history many tribes and religion groups came and settled in the city of Manbij but presently it is large location in Syria. There are different mining firms in the city offering great employment opportunities and services to the job seekers of Syria with better career path.

    Jobs in Tartus

    Jobs in Tartus | Job Opportunities in Tartus

    Tartus is a historic city and old conurbation in the society of Syria beside the Mediterranean shoreline of Syria and is graded as second principal harbor towns in Syria containing around 110,000 in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Geography and weather climate observed in the city of Tartus is mild and with moisture so evening remains really cold instead of day time of the region. Economy and financial position of the society in Tartus is good and dependent of numerous activities and production factories of the society. The city port does tremendous add up in the daily revenue collection from wide range of activities and port services performed in the Tartus. In terms of tourism industry it is blessed region of the country with number of landscapes, resorts and fun time place of the country.