All the Jobs in Sudan

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  • Jobs in Al Fashir

    Jobs in Al Fashir | Job Opportunities in Al Fashir

    Fashir or Al-Fashir is the capital city of North Darfur, Sudan. It is a large town in the Darfur region of northwestern Sudan, 120 miles (195 km) northeast of Nyala, Sudan. A historical caravan post, Al-Fashir is located at an elevation of about 2,400 feet (700 m). The town serves as an agricultural marketing point for the cereals and fruits grown in the surrounding region. Al-Fashir is linked by road with both Al-Junaynah and Umm Kaddadah. Late in the 18th century, Sultan ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Rashed of the Fur Sultanate of Darfur founded his capital city at Al-Fashir, and the town developed around the sultan’s palace grounds. It was one of the cities Amelia Earhart visited while attempting to cross the world.

    Jobs in Al-Ubayyid

    Jobs in Al-Ubayyid | Job Opportunities in Al-Ubayyid

    Al-Ubayyid is also called El Obeid). It is the capital of the state of North Kurdufan in central Sudan. The estimated population of the city was around 340,940 in 2008. It is a vital transportation center for the area and contains a rail line, the junction of number of roads and camel caravan routes, and the end of a pilgrim route from Nigeria. It was the estimated population of the city was around by the pashas of Ottoman Egypt in 1821 but was badly destroyed by the Mahdists in 1883. It was then re established in 1898 following the fall of the Mahdist empire.

    Jobs in Port Sudan

    Jobs in Port Sudan | Job Opportunities in Port Sudan

    Port Sudan is the capital of Red Sea State, Sudan; the estimated population of the city was around 489,725 residents in 2007. The city is located on the mouth of Red Sea, it is the Republic of Sudan’s major port city. The city is one of the famous tourist destinations for its excellent scuba-diving and beaches. Tourists, as well as a huge numbers of Muslim pilgrims en route to undertake their once-in-a-lifetime Hajj to Mecca, use Port Sudan as a departure point to cross the Red Sea to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The port of the city is located on the mouth of a gulf continuing seaward through a coral-free channel 18–26 meters deep. Imports to the city include machinery, vehicles, fuel oil, and building materials. Major exports of the city are Cotton, gum, oilseeds, hides and skins and senna. Port Sudan has an oil refinery to handle the petroleum from onshore wells, as well as an oil pipeline to Khartoum that was completed in 1977.

    Jobs in Atbarah

    Jobs in Atbarah | Job Opportunities in Atbarah

    Atbarah is a town in sudan. The estimated population of the city was around 111,399 in 2007. the city is situated in northeastern Sudan. It is situated at the junction of the Nile and Atbarah rivers. It is a significant railway junction and railroad manufacturing center and most employment in Atbarah is associated to the rail lines. The city is also called the "Railway City’ and The National Railway Company’s headquarters are actually located here in Atbarah.

    Jobs in Omdurman

    Jobs in Omdurman | Job Opportunities in Omdurman

    Omdurman is the biggest city in Sudan and Khartoum State, located on the western banks of the River Nile, opposite the capital, Khartoum. The estimated population of the city was around 2,395,159 (2008) and is the national hub of commerce. With Khartoum and Khartoum North or Bahri, it forms the cultural and industrial heart of the nation. The city is an icon for nationalism and diversity; it has been featured in several poems and songs. As the informal national capital of Sudan, the word “national” is coupled with many of the city attractions. Some of Omdurman’s famous arts facilities include National Theatre, Al-Arays (Puppets) Theatre, Alwataniya Cinema, Sudan TV and radio station studios, The Higher Institute for Music and Theatre and Qasr Alshabab o Alatfal (Youth & Kids Palace).

    Jobs in Khartoum

    Jobs in Khartoum | Job opportunities in Khartoum

    Khartoum is the capital of Sudan and of Khartoum State. It is situated at the junction of the White Nile flowing north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile flowing west from Ethiopia, on the spot where the two Niles meet is known as “al-Mogran”. The major Nile continues to flow north towards Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Khartoum is a tripartite metropolitan area with an expected overall population of over a million people consisting of Khartoum proper, and connected by bridges to Khartoum North called and Omdurman to the west.

    Jobs in Sudan

    Jobs in Sudan | Job opportunities in Sudan

    Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa. It is the biggest country in Africa and in the Arab World, and tenth biggest in the world by area. The world’s longest river, the Nile, divides the country between east and west sides. After getting freedom from the United Kingdom in 1956, Sudan suffered a civil war, lasting 17 years, consequently followed by ethnic, religious, and financial conflicts among the Northern Sudanese, and the Christian and animist Nilotes of Southern Sudan. as a result led to a second civil war in 1983, and due to ongoing political and military struggles, Sudan was held in a bloodless coup d’état by colonel Omar al-Bashir in 1989, who after that announced himself President of Sudan, attained great financial development by implementing macroeconomic reforms and at last ended the civil war in 2005 by adopting a new constitution with rebel groups in the south. It has the natural resources such as petroleum and crude oil. Sudan’s economy is amongst the fastest growing in the world.