All the Jobs in Somalia

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  • Jobs in Merca

    Jobs in Merca | Job Opportunities in Merca

    ┬áMerca is a port city on the shore of southern Somalia, at the mouth of Indian Ocean. It is a major town in the Lower Shabele area, and is situated approximately 70 km (45 miles) southwestern side of the nation’s capital, Mogadishu. The city was founded in the 7th century by the Biyomaal clan. The initial Somalis arrived in the city in the 6th century and got control of the region and the local trade. The Biyomaal and the Ashraaf of Merca fought against the Italian colonialists of Italian Somaliland in a twenty-year war called the Biyomaal and Ashraaf Revolt in which several of their warriors assassinated number of Italian governors. During the Biyomaal and Ashraaf Revolt, several prominent leaders were killed. Monuments erected in their memory can still be found in Merca.

    Jobs in Kismayo

    Jobs in Kismayo | Job Opportunities in Kismayo

    Kismayo is a port city in the Jubbada Hoose area of Somalia, and is the country’s third biggest city. It is located 328 miles southwestern side of Mogadishu, close to the mouth of the Jubba River, where that river flows into the Indian Ocean. The estimated population of the city was around 70,000 inhabitants in 2008. Apart from the Somalis, the district is contains diverse group of people, including Indians, Benadiri, Bantus, Bravanese, Bajunis, and many other minorities. The area is divided in to five degmo, or districts, of which Calanleey is the oldest. These are Farjano, Faanoole, Shaqaalaha, Siinaay and Calanleey

    Jobs in Berbera

    Jobs in Berbera | Job Opportunities in Berbera

    Berbera is a city in Somalia, an Independent Republic with de facto control over its own territory, which is recognized by the international community and the Somali Government as a section of Somalia. For centuries, it was the capital of the Somaliland region and also the administrative center British Somaliland from 1870 to 1941 when it was moved to Hargeisa. Situated on the oil route, Berbera has a deep sea port that was completed in 1969, and which is still the main commercial seaport for Somaliland.

    Jobs in Hargeisa

    Jobs in Hargeisa | Job Opportunities in Hargeisa

    Hargeisa is the biggest city and capital of Somaliland, a de facto independent republic that is internationally recognized as a section of Somalia. The city was the administrative center of British Somaliland from 1941 to 1960 when it gained independence as the State of Somaliland and united with Italian Somaliland to form the Somali Republic. The city is situated in a valley in the western part of the country. The city is in a mountainous area because it is located in an enclosed valley of the Galgodon (Ogo) highlands. The altitude of the city is around 1,334 meters (4,377 ft) above sea level. This altitude provides Hargeisa and the bounding area a comparatively moderate climate than the Gulf of Aden coastal area and the Hargeisa area has a fairly equable weather. The temperature ranges between 13 and 32 degrees Celsius.

    Jobs in Mogadishu

    Jobs in Mogadishu | Job opportunities in Mogadishu

    Mogadishu is the biggest city in Somalia and the nation’s capital. Situated in the coastal Benadir area on the Indian sea, the city has served as a vital port for centuries. With the fall down of the central government in 1991, Mogadishu has been the point for 19 years of fighting among opponent militias. Years of civil conflict and unrestrained insurgencies against Ethiopian occupation have changed Mogadishu into one of the most risky and unruly cities in the world. Estimates of the city’s current populace differ greatly, with figures ranging from 1.5 million to 3 million, as many of its former inhabitants have fled.

    Jobs in Somalia

    Jobs in Somalia | Job opportunities in Somalia

    Somalia formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic, is a country situated in the Horn of Africa. It is surrounded by Djibouti to the northwest, Kenya to the southwest, the Gulf of Aden with Yemen to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Ethiopia to the west.