All the Jobs in Slovenia

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  • Jobs in Izola

    Jobs in Izola | Job opportunities in Izola

    Izola is an old fishing port conurbation located in the southwestern Slovenia of the Adriatic coast beside the adjoining borders of the Istrian peninsula. Izola is a city of Slovenia that is main commercial and trading city due to loads of bulk agricultural production, cement and construction material preparation and many other developmental and productive modes. Right after the War cease of World War II, Izola was considered as the main and leading fraction of Zone B of the Territory of Trieste. There are almost less than 20,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2009. Mostly community of the city is linked with private offered jobs whilst rest of the community love to work for state offered jobs due to extra benefits and certain facilities like pensions and other end term perks available at the moment by state policies in Izola.

    Jobs in Murska Sobota

    Jobs in Murska Sobota | Job opportunities in Murska Sobota

    Murska Sobota is a leading town and community of Slovenia that has high raking in terms of earnings, national income and GDP as well as supported much with the personal taxes and other related contributions of different sectors. It is situated in the northeastern Slovenia and also borders by the Mura River. Mura River of Murska Sobota is a main point in the city that plays for best irrigation systems. Major depend of its economy is towards agricultural activities, growing of expensive crops and dealing with the diary products. Murska Sobota has excellent investment in live stock products. Textile and other manufacturing units are secondary sector that carries huge manpower in the production channels of Murska Sobota and pay according to the job description and responsibilities of the employees in perfect manners.

    Jobs in Skofja Loka

    Jobs in Skofja Loka | Job opportunities in Skofja Loka

    Skofja Loka is a settlement and a borough in Slovenia that is closely situated and has long affiliations with the Austrian duchy of Carniola. Skofja Loka is also ranked and remembered as the birthplace of the Skofja Loka Passion Play. It is a city of artists and media related community and to is the main reasons that there are loads of multimedia centers, acting schools, film production houses and modeling agencies that provide multiple types of roles and characters to the selected candidates of mega auditions. Skofja Loka was first time mentioned in the 17th century as a community and municipality of the region. First World War left unforgettable loses on the history when almost all the infrastructure, economy and financial resources were fully destroyed but with the steady efforts and strives of the local authorities it got the present growing economy.

    Jobs in Domzale

    Jobs in Domzale | Job opportunities in Domzale

    Domzale is a metropolis and conurbation Slovenia that is prominent and famous due to excellent businesses and employment services offered to the right and skillful candidates of numerous technologies in Domzale. Major earning channels and developmental projects in process at Domzale include agriculture, light industry, Paper Mills and service industries comprising upon banks, financial houses, leasing concerns and insurance companies. Mostly community is linked with several traditional music bands and prepares different type of music instruments on large scales in the land areas of Domzale. Multimedia and telecommunication organizations are providing best possible services to the subscribers for better and cordial business relations that has increase the offered job opportunities in the community. Present financial condition and per capita income standards are very high and majority is living above the poverty line is Slovenia and Domzale town is blessed with the availability of such chances.

    Jobs in Nova Gorica

    Jobs in Nova Gorica | Job opportunities in Nova Gorica

    Nova Gorica is a leading city and town ship of Slovenia that contains and administrates around 51,000 inhabitants in its administration. It is geographically located in the western Slovenia beside the bordering belts of Italy. Nova Gorica has strong ties and affiliations with the developed and neighboring sites of the world like Paris, Yugoslavia and Italy. Economically it is major reliant of commercial services that are mainly performed in the rural areas ns distant places of the city due to space segregated from factories, mills and other production industries of Nova Gorica. Majority belongs to Christianity and is focused towards The Annunciation of Our Lady and Franciscan monastery. Present provisions of the employment agencies are pretty good and a main attraction for the relocating and interested personnel of different areas.

    Jobs in Jesenice

    Jobs in Jesenice | Job opportunities in Jesenice

    Jesenice is a settlement and a borough in Slovenia on the western side of Karavanke peak range surrounded by the famous cities and communities of Austria. It is one of the most stable city and cantonment of Slovenia due to loads of processing units, manufacturing plants, sale points, energy generating projects and numerous high paying job opportunities for the professionals of different trades and technologies. Major steel processing units of the state are operative by their services from the land areas of Jesenice. Overall financial position and national economy of the city is good and a major motivation for relocating individuals that can come from distant areas to settle in the community. The main historic data of the city is based on the development and enrichment of ironworks and metallurgy industries offering hundreds of new jobs to the right candidates of segregated fields.

    Jobs in Kamnik

    Jobs in Kamnik | Job opportunities in Kamnik

    Kamnik is a German word and the name of a metropolis in Slovenia and a main town of the administrative, cultural, economic, and educational centers of the country that strengthen the industrial and commercial comprises of the township. It has long historical background dating back to the 8th century and still there are numerous sings in the social values and cultural growth of the Kamnik. Kamnik was mentioned in the historic books as a municipal town during the ruling periods of 12th century and after the rise of dawn of new years in 15th century, almost all the structure and infrastructure of the community was shifted towards higher values. There are various commercial units dealing in the production of textile items, yarn manufacturing and processing of chemical and fertilizers causing huge accommodation for job seekers in different concerns.

    Jobs in Trbovlje

    Jobs in Trbovlje | Job opportunities in Trbovlje

    Trbovlje is a settlement and borough in innermost Slovenia that is traditionally ranked as an important part of Lower Styria County. Officially and geographically it is located in the Valley of Sava River that is ranked as a main irrigation source and channel for best provisions of water supplies in the entire towns of Trbovlje. Trbovlje is often called by the name of rich deposits of coal. Coal mining was started in the 18th century and now it has got several new and advanced technologies to excavate for Coil in the appropriate places of Trbovlje. As it is an energy source of the city and is less economical that electricity and other resources, therefore has high demand in the western markets and local areas of Slovenia. Austrian Southern Railway has developed and linked with the city for better traveling services.

    Jobs in Ptuj

    Jobs in Ptuj | Job opportunities in Ptuj

    Ptuj is a capital town and conurbation of the society in Slovenia and one of the 11th local municipalities in Slovenia. Historical data indicate that the same town was under administration of the Lower Styria region but right after the independence, it started its way of success by following pre set standards of the financial concerns in Ptuj. Present population of the city is nearly 43,000 inhabitants. It is served by great traveling and transportation modes segregated as commercial buses that cover almost all the small and medium stopover points of Ptuj. Railway line is also available in the city that is a main point for commercial carriage of bulk shipments and other related stuff. Airline companies of the Ptuj are also a good channel to travel from one destination to another but that is an expensive media.

    Jobs in Novo Mesto

    Jobs in Novo Mesto | Job opportunities in Novo Mesto

    Novo Mesto is a conurbation and borough in southeastern Slovenia close up to the boundary of Croatia. The town of Novo Mesto is conventionally measured as the economic and cultural hub of the region providing loads of financial services and trading opportunities to the daily travelers and merchants of Novo Mesto. The city is one of the most imperative archeological sites and is called as “City of Situlas”. Culture of the community is followed by the Chapter Church of St. Nicholas that carries a huge strength of Christians on regular devotions and on Sunday gatherings. Roman Catholic Diocese of Novo Mesto is ranked as main establishment having numerous religion gatherings and multiple projects for the betterment of community in Slovenia. Economy and financial condition of the city is good and mainly depend on the production of different assorted wine.