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  • Jobs in Indija

    Jobs in Indija | Job opportunities in Indija

    Indija is a settlement and a borough in Serbia having around 56,247 inhabitants and occupying nearly 386 km² land areas according to the national population census conducted during 2009. Indija in history was mostly occupied by the Serbs but later on the same ratio was changed and now there are major Roman Catholic communities residing and offering religion activities with full liberty. Present employment chances of the town are pretty high and contain enough potential to accommodate wide range of job seekers in its industries, commercial pursuits of Indija or in the tourism sector. Textile industry is the main factor of producing high results and increased export volume. It is the need of the hour in the community to attract more investors that may start their production from the land areas of the community eventually the per capita income and employment ratio will be increased in handsome manners.

    Jobs in Backa Palanka

    Jobs in Backa Palanka | Job opportunities in Backa Palanka

    Backa Palanka is a metropolitan in Serbia situated on the exact banks of the Danube River that is considered as a main irrigation source, water supplying channel and best transportation mode for woods another products from upstream to downstream of Backa Palanka. Total population of the city is nearly 75,000 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. There are numerous archaeological stuff from Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman periods and is preserved for references. Till 11th century it was ranked as major town of Hungarians and Serbs but after the start of 15th century many new changes were observed as the total population expanded with mixed denominations. During ancient time Backa Palanka remained under warship attacks and due to continuous fighting times in Serbia, financially it got downfall and required proper planning to uplift the same.

    Jobs in Ruma

    Jobs in Ruma | Job opportunities in Ruma

    Ruma is a township and metropolis in Vojvodina at Serbia and holds more than 70,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. History of the city is linked with many centuries ago when there were no signs of modern life and civilization. Its historic culture is as old as the Stone Age of Serbia is. Settlement contains the signs and values of social culture in its society by Bronze Age Gomolava. Overall financial system, earning capacity and per capita income of the community is good and provide a good range of facilities and benefits offered by the state authorities. Overall financial stability has increased the life tendency and provided upmost and extra ordinary services to the participants. It is the need of the hour to come and walk with the time so government has tried to bring all the new technology and systems in its culture to combat with upcoming technological challenges ahead.

    Jobs in Jagodina

    Jobs in Jagodina | Job opportunities in Jagodina

    Jagodina is a municipality and town sited in innermost Serbia beside the flowing banks of Belica River. It is one of the most attractive and developed city of the country as well as the major secretarial centre of Serbia. There are less than 100,000 people residing in the community and practicing their religion believes freely. According to the cultural values and history of the pre-dominated nations around 200 hundred years ago, gold and other metals were widely used to decorate the female population in Jagodina and the same neck less and bracelets of gold are discovered from the underground assets of the community. Mostly economy and financial sector of the state is linked with service industries, export activate, import volumes and stock exchange business of the city that invests a large amount in different online businesses and intend to earn more and more from such tasks in Jagodina.

    Jobs in Vrsac

    Jobs in Vrsac | Job opportunities in Vrsac

    Vrsac is a settlement and borough sited in Serbia and has more than 56,623inhabitants according to national population census conducted during 2009. It is one of the moist attractive and rich agricultural land areas of Serbia that is famous for best growing and expensive cropping including rice, cotton, sugarcane and wheat on large scale while some minor products and crops are also cultivated in Vrsac. Majority of the occupants living in the city of Vrsac is Roman Catholic and have strong ties with the denomination and church gatherings. Financially it is a good community having excellent per capita income, GDP and national Income collected from multiple sources of the society in Vrsac. Major depend of the earning channels in Vrsac is always towards mega industries dealing in manufacturing units and energy generating projects of the Serbia.

    Jobs in Bor

    Jobs in Bor | Job opportunities in Bor

    Bor is a settlement and borough sited in eastern Serbia and have loads of mining industries and numerous products and metals in the underground reserves of the society and are a main cause of wealth and prosperity in the society of Bor. French companies started the tasks of mining during 19th century and major copper mines are best economy uplifting factor that has numerous employment concerns and biggest volume of its excavated copper metals having high demands in the industry and allied sectors. Total population of the city in Bor is around 68,155 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Mine of Bor was first time started during 1904 and employed hundreds of employees that worked in double shifts to excavate, fetch out and refines the products from the underground wealthy reserves of the community.

    Jobs in Sremska Mitrovica

    Jobs in Sremska Mitrovica | Job opportunities in Sremska Mitrovica

    Sremska Mitrovica is a metropolitan and town situated in the Vojvodina territory of Serbia on the left reservoir of the Sava River. There are less than 100,000 people in the administration of Sremska Mitrovica as per national population census conducted during 2010. Roman Emperors and major conquers were born in this land areas of Serbia. Financially it is reliant of agricultural advancement, industrial up rise and commercial activities performed on large ground in Sremska Mitrovica. It is one of the most historic and oldest conurbations of the country and has links with the 5000 BC to onwards. Ionian jewellery is of the 500BC times and is revealed from the excavations of the land areas in different times that indicate it historic populations and their using trends. Textile sector is graded as a main commercial and productive center offering great services and employment opportunities to the right candidates.

    Jobs in Pirot

    Jobs in Pirot | Job opportunities in Pirot

    Pirot is a township and metropolis sited in south eastern Serbia and contains around 87,911 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is the official and predominated capital of Pirot regions of the country. Mainly its fame came out and rose to consideration due to large production of traditional woven carpets having high demand in the western markets and other cities and towns that love to use the same products in domestic places or in offices. Pirot town is also producing handmade and flat carpets and for the production of same products, local labor and small units are installed at home and on small places. Mostly community of the Pirot town belongs to Christianity and love to follow the entire teachings and preaching of Christ. Overall national income, GDP and per capita income according to the present statistic of the city indicate a better earning level and proper savings.

    Jobs in Kikinda

    Jobs in Kikinda | Job opportunities in Kikinda

    Kikinda town in Serbia is a historic city and conurbation dating back to the 08th century and has close interaction and affiliations with the strong and developed economies of the world. It is situated in the territory of Vojvodina in Serbia and contains around 62,000 inhabitants in its land areas according to the official and national population census conducted during 2010. The modern city of Kikinda came into existence during 18th century and present age of Kikinda is good in terms of better life style, excellent facilities offered to the local population by state authorities as well as tremendous opportunities to grow a small self employed business or get some other external employment opportunities sin Kikinda. Main depends of its economy and financial set up is based on agriculture sector and its expensive crops.

    Jobs in Pozarevac

    Jobs in Pozarevac | Job opportunities in Pozarevac

    Pozarevac is a conurbation and metropolis in eastern Serbia and is ranked as the official administrative midpoint of the Branicevo constituency in Serbia. According to the official population census conducted during 2011, there are around 94,070 inhabitants residing and practicing mainly Christian faith and following entire teachings and trends of the local Church denominations of Pozarevac. Its name is derived from the Romanian languages meaning as “shallow fire-town”. Its historic background is very old and more than stone age times history is linked with the data of this town in Serbia of around 1st century BC. Financial position and economy of the city is based on its industries and commercial units producing electric items, energy generating plants and textile sector on large scale. Per capita income and residential standards of the town indicate that people of the township earns handsome amount so have higher buying capacity.