All the Jobs in San Marino

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  • Jobs in Chiesanuova

    Jobs in Chiesanuova | Job Opportunities in Chiesanuova

    Chiesanuova is a negligible metropolis of San Marino having only three thousand people in its region living on an estimated land area of about 6 km². It is being bordered by the San Marino municipalities and Italian conurbations like Sassofeltrio, Verucchio and San Leo. Historically it is one of the most ancient and oldest conurbations in the region. Economy and financial position of the city is reasonable as most of the people work in different other regions of the country and gets attractive employment opportunities whilst overall international income generation potential so of the city of Chiesanuova is not appreciable. With the passage of time its overall population is gradually increasing and at the same tie local authorities in Chiesanuova tend to produce more and more projects and developmental tasks to increase the working efficacy and potentials of its internal job seekers.

    Jobs in Acquaviva

    Jobs in Acquaviva | Job Opportunities in Acquaviva

    Acquaviva is a city in San Marino district of San Marino having several communes and sub districts. It is considered as the 9th commune of the San Marino that has population of almost 8000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. As per national census conducted during 2010, it is declared that the city of Acquaviva occupies a total land area of 12km². Acquaviva borders the San Marino municipalities of Borgo Maggiore and San Marino. Geographic condition of the city is reliant of Water resources around the city. There is plenty of water in the region that is reserved by rainfalls and of rivers to consume in agricultural lands as well as to produce hydro electrical energy. Economic structure of the city is reasonably good. Major earning sectors of the Acquaviva city are industrial growth and tourism of its natural resorts.

    Jobs in Serravalle

    Jobs in Serravalle | Job Opportunities in Serravalle

    Serravalle is city of San Marino in the European republic of San Marino. It is a small city that has very less population and land area. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008 and total surface area of 11km². It is located on the edge of Apennines Mountains beside Dogana city. Serravalle has geographical borders with Domagnano, Borgo Maggiore, Verucchio, Rimini and Coriano. There are several technical and electronic systems used for weather stations in the city. Serravalle was first time recognized by the name of Castrum Olnani in 9th century. City is esteemed with the elm trees beside the streets presenting a real scenic view from the sky. Present name of the city is derived from Italian language that means range of the mountains.

    Jobs in San Marino

    Jobs in San Marino | Job Opportunities in San Marino

    San Marino is a country located in the eastern side of Apennine Mountains. It is a commune of Italy having a total land area of almost 62 km2 and an estimated population of 31,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. San Marino is a permanent member of the European microstates having the smallest population quantity of the Council of Europe. With the passage of time several rulers came and administrated the country of San Marino but presently its existence is independent. During 16th century, the national constitution of the San Marino was established by the national republic party that is still in practice with its true spirit. Keeping in view the GDP of the country it is concluded that San Marino is very wealthy county among its neighboring states.