All the Jobs in Samoa

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  • Jobs in Gataivai

    Jobs in Gataivai | Job Opportunities in Gataivai

    Gataivai is a conurbation and small village town of the country in Samoa exactly sites in the island of Savai’i of Samoa. It has very small population size residing in its administration and this strength is very low. The adjoining province and geography of Savai is graded as biggest land areas of the country having numerous position and administrative agencies driving the nation in pretty smooth manners and providing most of the educational facilities, income channels and trading opportunities for the community of Gataivai as well. It is home town of about 58,000 people in its administration whilst during peak summer seasons and in the times of annual extravaganzas the same location proves to be a major crowded destination of the Samoa. Gataivai has struggling economy and rising per capita income reliant of numerous nearby factories and manufacturing units of Gataivai.

    Jobs in Safotu

    Jobs in Safotu | Job Opportunities in Safotu

    Safotu is a rural community on the middle shoreline of Savai’i Island at Samoa. It is exactly located in the regions of Safotu borough called Gagaifomauga. It is one of the oldest political townships in the country that is practicing pure form of democracy and political stability. It is closely located in the sea port nearby hospitals and related medical center constructed on the high hills and beside the flowing water points of the society. It is established in a systematic condition and is served by almost all the modern ways of life and utilities to reduce to the manual work in the society of Safotu. Actually it is located in a region that has frequent earth quacks and vibrating rocks that make it a dangerous and risky conurbation of the community.

    Jobs in Falefa

    Jobs in Falefa | Job Opportunities in Falefa

    Falefa is a tiny town and village of the Coast of Upolu Island and it is officially and exactly located in the regions of Samoa. It has very small population and is calculated as 3,987 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. As the time is passing very fast, so most of the places and locations of Falefa are also developing by the efforts and strives of the local authorities and government of Samoa that want to grow its economy and earning capacity in Falefa. The village of Falefa is linked with highways and roads to the other major cities and towns of the country and most of the people in the village travel to other cities and towns of the nation to get maximum job vacancies, admissions in higher education or for different trading pursuits.

    Jobs in Satapuala

    Jobs in Satapuala | Job Opportunities in Satapuala

    Satapuala is a community positioned on west Upolu island of Samoa and is located in the vicinity of borough A’ana. It is shortly distant from the major towns of Samoa named Satapuala from the capital town of Apia. During 1940s the township of the same was shifted from its previous location to its present one destination because of construction projects and airport segregation in Satapuala. It is a landlocked destination of the country that is mainly famous for its agricultural growth, industrial up rise and different ideal benefits offered by the state authorities in Satapuala. Most of the people in the community love to work for private institutes whereas government offered employment carries good wattage. As the time is passing very fast so it is also facing huge developments and reconstruction of its unattended areas in the vicinity.

    Jobs in Leulumoega

    Jobs in Leulumoega | Job Opportunities in Leulumoega

    Leulumoega is a small village town of the nation of Samoa and is being administrated on the pure form of political form of administration is Samoa. It is officially and geographically available at Upolu Island in Samoa and is considered as a striving and struggling nation of the country. Financially it is on growth stage and working areas of the nation are providing different income generation sources and options for the local population of Leulumoega. There are different small scaled industries and craftsmen working in the society that is a major income collection source of the society. With the passage of time Leulumoega is developing in swift manners and it is predicted that in coming few years it will attain a status of fully developed and modern nation in Samoa.

    Jobs in Solosolo

    Jobs in Solosolo | Job Opportunities in Solosolo

    Solosolo is a rural community on the shoreline of Upolu Island of Samoa and it is considered as one of the biggest and largest settlements of Anoama. It is surrounded by the seashore and seaboard providing an ideal evening spot and moisture filled climate. Evening become too cool while day times the weather climate remains pleasant in Solosolo. There are tribal and community system in practice even till now and the societal decisions and grievance handling is conducted in front of a leading heads of the respective tribes in Solosolo. Financial burden of the city is born by its service industry and foreign remittance. Tourism industry plays an important role in its annual income collection due to high influx of foreign skating players and surfing lovers that come in its region frequently and ad up in the national income of Solosolo.

    Jobs in Nofoalii

    Jobs in Nofoalii | Job Opportunities in Nofoalii

    Nofoalii is a historic location and community of Samoa position in the western belt of Upolu Island. It is officially ad exactly flanked by Fasitoo Uta and Leulumoega and graded on 6th distant village from its main air port of the society providing an easy and swift traveling feature. Nofoalii is a busiest location where mining firm and water based activities are on its full swing and providing an ideal life style, better per capita income and increased GDP of Nofoalii. It is surrounded by different beautiful landscapes of eh city that are main source of attraction and recreation of the history lovers of Samoa. Most of the people love to work for private and highly paying government designations whilst self employed businessmen are quite a few. Agricultural enhancement and industrial growth plays an important role and better employment options to the local population of Samoa in Nofoalii.

    Jobs in Afega

    Jobs in Afega | Job Opportunities in Afega

    Afega is a rural community and oldest community of Samoa that was noticed in history by the names of Old Palace and some time famous for the name of Closed Canal Town. It is located in Upolu of Samoa and has very minor population about less than 10,000 people. As it is a small population and vicinity of the country therefore it is a developing town of Samoa. It is associated with the major political province named Tuamasaga. Majority of the population is very fun time lover and sports liking. For sack of better living mostly people work for small scaled self employed business, shop keeping and employment at government offered opportunities in Afega. Government of Samoa is trying to launch several developmental projects and program for the expanding society of Afega.

    Jobs in Vaiusu

    Jobs in Vaiusu | Job Opportunities in Vaiusu

    Vaiusu is a little village island of Upolu in Samoa and is exactly situated in the west of Apia Urban Area administrating around 50,000 people in its society as per national population census conducted during 2008. Economy and financial position of the community is good and based on different factors supporting its financial infrastructure from long time and mostly air line businesses and traveling companies promote its annual share in terms of large influx of foreigners and external visitors in its land areas. Vaiusu is a biggest exporter and earner of foreign capital from the large commodities of fish, cotton goods, motor vehicles, meats and sugar in the demanding markets of the entire world. Vaiusu is quickly increasing the stage of success and providing advanced and highly standard oriented life style to the affording communities in Vaiusu.

    Jobs in Fasitoouta

    Jobs in Fasitoouta | Job Opportunities in Fasitoouta

    Fasitoouta is an outsized city and community of Samoa and is mostly surrounded by waters and related surfaces. As it is a developed community of the country therefore there are many accommodation points available for bachelors and single students. Due to huge influx of external visitors and traders most of the markets and areas of Fasitoouta remain crowded and provide impetuous. Financially it is one of the strong economies in Samoa having numerous production units and trading activities widely performed in the township. Per capita income and GDP of the Fasitoouta inhabitants is reasonably good and provide an ideal and high standards life style. Textile, construction industry and service sector consisting upon national and international banking chains provide several borrower friendly credit facilities on easy terms and conditions to encourage small scaled investors in Fasitoouta.