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  • Jobs in Gikongoro

    Jobs in Gikongoro | Job Opportunities in Gikongoro

    Gikongoro is a metropolis in Nyamagabe constituency of Rwanda and historically it is linked with the prehistoric times as most of the cultural signs and locations are showing the oldest points and places in the region. Gikongoro is famous for different small scaled businesses, local industries and construction sector that is making new and mega construction master pieces in state society for the betterment and easy of humanity in Gikongoro. With the passage of time advancemans and technical up rise is observed in the region that also improved its financial position, employment rate and different support services that are mandatory in any civilized society. Though it is one of the oldest society that were graded as poorest societies but now it is gradually increasing and getting good annual income level in Gikongoro.

    Jobs in Kibungo

    Jobs in Kibungo | Job Opportunities in Kibungo

    Kibungo is a historic city and conurbation in the region of Ngoma and closely associated with the Eastern prefecture of Rwanda. It is about 101 km from Kigali and being bordered by the Tanzanian roads. It is mainly reliant of numerous agricultural activities, farming of different segments like cattle farming, bee farming, silk farming and poultry farming to get the maximum quantity of milk and meat to meet the shortfall in the community. Most of the agricultural crops in the society are income generates but some products are just sowed for sake of food stuff for the animal so does not cast much profit in its returns at Kibungo. There are different technological advancements and systematic process carried out in this time that supports its manual work to digital technology in Kibungo.

    Jobs in Kibuye

    Jobs in Kibuye | Job Opportunities in Kibuye

    Kibuye is a municipality in Karongi borough of the nation and considered as the resource community of the Rwanda. It is officially located in the western banks of the Lake Kivu and sandwiched by Gisenyi and Cyangugu. Due to cultural importance and tourist point of view it is considered as highly visitor oriented community and region of the country that is skimming its resource much from its tourism industry and allied businesses of service sector. Often it is remembered as beach town. Financially it is a growing community having major depend on its income generating options and channels like commercial trade, textile production, yarn and cotton processing and at the same time major exports to the western market. Kibuye is a mixed community of different nationalities and population groups but all of the people live together in friendly relations.

    Jobs in Rwamagana

    Jobs in Rwamagana | Job Opportunities in Rwamagana

    Rwamagana is a conurbation and resources community of the Rwamagana borough in the official premises of Rwanda administration. It is the oldest and historic region in the country that has loads of old memories, historic stories and different myths that are still as a matter of stun for the entire public in its administration at Rwamagana. It is located around 50 km of Kigali and in the west of Tanzania. Financially it is reliant of different small scaled business and agricultural growth on large scale. Mostly cultivation activities and processes of the city are reliant of water based region and mostly irrigation channels are taken from the artificial resource like Pumps and Wells. At the moment government of Rwands is trying to launch several new and advanced systems for the betterment and growth of its agricultural activities and pursuits in Rwamagana.

    Jobs in Nyanza

    Jobs in Nyanza | Job Opportunities in Nyanza

    Nyanza is a prominent location and community in the Southern region of Rwanda. It is one of the oldest community and location in the region. It is one of the official capital cities and communities of Kingdom of Rwanda. Economy and financial position of the community is on growth stage and providing an increasing and uplifting financial growth. There are different products and commodities widely made in the community of Nyanza and are shipped in the entire western markets against high profit margins. Some of the major markets and trading areas of the region in Nyanza include China, Germany and the United States and in exchange services mostly foreign capital is collected in the community of Nyanza. Financial institutes and baking chains of Rwanda are good in customer handling and ensure safe and smooth transaction in all manners.

    Jobs in Cyangugu

    Jobs in Cyangugu | Job Opportunities in Cyangugu

    Cyangugu is main hilly area and biggest city of the Rusizi district in Western Province of Rwanda. It lies at the southern region of Lake Kivu, adjacent with Bukavu and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ruzizi River segregates the city from hilly mountains and river side resorts. Kamembe region of the city is regarded as higher density industrial zone and transport sector of the island. Cyangugu is consisted upon well organized road infrastructure and railroad carriage. Busiest airport of the Kampala connects several air routes with Rwanda and facilitate thousands of the travelers on daily bases. Major income generating sectors of the town are agriculture, industrial sector and tourism. Agricultural products of Cyangugu comprises upon wheat, gram and cotton with addition of sugarcane. Rwanda government cares about the new technological advancements to facilitate its residents.

    Jobs in Byumba

    Jobs in Byumba | Job Opportunities in Byumba

    Byumba is a city of northern Rwanda and capital of Gicumbi district. An estimated population of the city is almost 90,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2010 and occupies a total land area of 110 KM square. Byumba is mixed cultural city having several nationalities in its kingdom. Present form of government is purely democratic and people have full liberty to express or share their views about any one. Byumba lies 69 km in the north of Kigali city and has friendly foreign trade policy to attract foreigner investors. Healthy international relation with the developed nations, Byumba enjoys a stable economic infrastructure. City is mainly reliant of agriculture, industrial growth and petroleum products processed in the town. It is blessed with the dense forest having a large variety of wild species roaming to and from.

    Jobs in Gisenyi

    Jobs in Gisenyi | Job Opportunities in Gisenyi

    Gisenyi is a fourth major city in Rubavu district in Western Province of Rwanda. Gisenyi is adjacent to Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. An estimated population of Gisenyi is over 110,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. The city is surrounded with beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, natural resorts and hill stations. There are quite a few hotels in Gisenyi that features natural resort on the banks of Lake Kivu and provide all the tourist facilities in affordable price. Honey moon couples can avail several discounted packages for dine & stay. It is famous by the name of water sports due to scuba diving lovers and sailing in the deep lakes. Natural lakes of the city are a major source of mining pearls and beads.

    Jobs in Ruhengeri

    Jobs in Ruhengeri | Job Opportunities in Ruhengeri

    Ruhengeri is the third major city of Rwanda called by capital of Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda. Ruhengeri is geographically very beautiful city surrounded by deep lakes and including Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo. It is also a gateway to Volcanoes National Park and renowned Mountain Gorillas. Natural sceneries and High Mountains rank the city as a major tourist point. Natural lakes in Ruhengeri are esteemed with wild life and unique species. As per official population census conducted during 2008, it was declared that there are more than 85,000 inhabitants. Total land area of the city is almost 100 KM square and bordering with the dense forests of Africa. Economy of the city is considered as stable and mainly relies on agriculture, mining of silver, construction industry and tourism.

    Jobs in Gitarama

    Jobs in Gitarama | Job Opportunities in Gitarama

    Gitarama is the second major city in Rwanda containing an average population of 100,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2010. Gitarama is situated in the Southern Province of the country and borders with Kigali. Administratively it is governed by several municipal towns and political system of the town is bases on basic democracy in the municipality. There are several architectural monuments of ancient age. Armenians and Egyptian rulers had been ruling over the city for many years but Gitarama attained its independence from Dutch government during 1556. Economic structure of the city is not good as the city has disturbed economic structure. World War II and numerous external battles engaged the city for permanent Warship. Most of the local tenants are uneducated in Gitarama but are in the phase to improve their mindset and qualifications.