All the Jobs in Paraguay

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  • Jobs in Caaguazu

    Jobs in Caaguazu | Job opportunities in Caaguazu

    Caaguazu is a famous city and community of Paraguay having long lasting and friendly relations with the neighboring countries and cities of the Paraguay. There are nearly 89,000 people residing in the administration of Caaguazu as per national population census conducted during 2010. International Products Corporation is a major production center and oldest company of the Caaguazu established during 1917. It has long history and major depend nits agricultural growth and many cattle farms and animal care centers of Caaguazu produce a large number of live stock for the growing needs of meat and milk. There are many other small and medium sized businesses and income generation channels of the society providing many jobs and vacancies to the students and part time job seekers in. Garments and textile production units are considered as most employment turn over organization that frequently hires new workers.

    Jobs in San Antonio

    Jobs in San Antonio | Job opportunities in San Antonio

    San Antonio is a municipality in Paraguay positioned in the innermost division of the country and is mainly identified and remembered as a growing industrial and agricultural township in the country having different small and major agricultural farms and cattle caring centers that produce major items of dairy businesses and also earn much profit margins from the sale of meat and raw leather products. There are many underground mining products needed for excavation and presently there are numerous reputed firs producing enough state benefits and also providing a better access to the local public towards high facilities and utilities offered by the local government in San Antonio. Education and health care units of the city are best contributors of its gradual up rise and success and it is the need of the hour to walk with time.

    Jobs in Villa Elisa

    Jobs in Villa Elisa | Job opportunities in Villa Elisa

    Villa Elisa is a metropolis in the Central sector of Paraguay on the outer edge of Asuncion city in the country and is the only settlement inhabited by Swedish people in Paraguay and is almost 17 km away from Asuncion. It is being bordered by the Asuncion and Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo and Nemby, Lambare, San Antonio and the Paraguay River. Paraguay River is one of the most important water source and reservoir pint used for different income oriented tasks and activities in the city of Villa Elisa likewise sailing, surfing, shipping and fishing in the beautiful flowing waters. There are many industries, commercial areas and service sectors supporting its biggest agricultural activities and growth. Fruit production is the most attractive subject in the society of Villa Elisa that also collects large annual revenue from its certain export.

    Jobs in Itaugua

    Jobs in Itaugua | Job opportunities in Itaugua

    Itaugua is a historic town and community in the Paraguay that was established during 1728 and is highly recognized and graded as peculiar art of Nanduti and his inspiring music. Its history and old times created many old preserved items for the present and one of the most important San Rafael Museum reminds the Colonial Age. There are entire essentials of a modern city and community and basic offices like hospitals, postal services, banks and securities provide an easy and healthy life style to the population. The National Hospital of Itaugua is fully equipped with the advanced systems and ensures safe and timely services to the suffering patients. It is shortly distant from the Asuncion around half an hour drive. Tourism is better earning sector of the nation contributing noticeably high in the national income and GDP of Itaugua.

    Jobs in Pedro Juan Caballero

    Jobs in Pedro Juan Caballero | Job opportunities in Pedro Juan Caballero

    Pedro Juan Caballero is a conurbation in Paraguay positioned in Amambay subdivision of the country. It is being bordered by the Brazilian city of Ponta Pora. Financially it is a good city and earning capacity and per capita income of the population makes the Pedro Juan Caballero townships more popular and famous among job seekers and investors. Pedro Juan Caballero is identified as a major hub for cheap electronic and consumer commodities whilst a negative part and notorious fact behind the city is drug smuggling. Pedro Juan Caballero is almost 670 meters high above the sea level. Route 5 is mail used to connect different other cities and communities of Paraguay with Pedro Juan Caballero and makes daily travels easy and less hectic. Most of the people in industrial sectors are earning pretty pay perks and fringe benefits whilst small units pay less in Pedro Juan Caballero.

    Jobs in Mariano Roque Alonso

    Jobs in Mariano Roque Alonso | Job opportunities in Mariano Roque Alonso

    Mariano Roque Alonso is a region and metropolis situated in the Central section of Paraguay and controls around 100,000 people in its administration. It was found during 1944 and is officially and geographically placed amid the Paraguay River and the Transchaco Road. Asuncion community of the country is around eighteen kilometers away from the Mariano Roque Alonso. It is highly commercial and industrial community of the country having loads of highly profitable businesses and factories producing loads of FMCG and industrial commodities that are in high demand around the country whilst numerous products made in the industries and processing units of Mariano Roque Alonso are exported in the distant European markets with high takings. The main Expo show of the city is a main activity that crowd major and biggest industrial under one roof and the exhibition opens various new opportunities and job vacancies for the talented people in Paraguay.

    Jobs in Encarnacion

    Jobs in Encarnacion | Job opportunities in Encarnacion

    Encarnacion is the official capital municipality of the Paraguay situated at the south of the section beside the beautiful Parana River. It is one of the most important and commercial water carriage source and supply channel in the irrigation sectors of Encarnacion. It is spread over and occupying almost 589 km² land areas and contains almost 200,700 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Majority of the population in Encarnacion is Spanish and Amerindian descent whilst many other communities and nationalities are also recorded living in the city. During the rise of 16th century the city of Encarnacion was found for very first time in the world. Majority of the Roman Catholic Diocese are established in the city of Encarnacion whereas several other minorities and small religion gathering are also available in the society of Paraguay.

    Jobs in Luque

    Jobs in Luque | Job opportunities in Luque

    Luque is a municipality in Central section of Paraguay and also official section and ingredient in the Gran Asuncion municipal area. Till 1868 Luque was graded as most important and foremost capital township but later on its title was shifted. It is served by different air line services and companies are operative from the land areas of Paraguay for better and easy passenger carriage services. With the addition of air line companies of Paraguay most of the commercial bus services and railway lines are also established in the city of Luque to make an easy approach towards all the near and distant land areas and communities in Paraguay. Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is one of the most important and commercial place of the city providing loads of trading and traveling features at one stop of Paraguay.

    Jobs in Nemby

    Jobs in Nemby | Job Opportunities in Nemby

    Nemby is a small town in the Central Department of Paraguay under the administration of Gran Asuncion metropolitan area. As per official population census 2008, its estimated population is almost 232,756 inhabitants. In 1899, Nemby was found by the Spanish rulers who changed the entire structure of the city and held a meeting of economic management to strengthen its industrial sector. Service and industrial reformation has ranked the city as well stable economy with no agricultural facilities all around. Nemby is famous by the name of “bedroom community” because of working men all around. For sack of agricultural need, it has to seek from the neighboring cities and countries to import the food items. It has a broad bus network connecting neighboring cities for sack of business as well educational purposes.

    Jobs in Limpio

    Jobs in Limpio | Job Opportunities in Limpio

    The city of Limpio is situated in the Central Department of Paraguay that was found in 1784. It is situated on the river banks of three major rivers flowing in the city. Geographic situation of the city is surrounded by hilly mountains and dense forest esteemed with plenty of wild life species and unique birds. Forest area of the Limpio city remains crowded during summer season by the hunters who love to shoot pig and bears for sack of their body parts. Economy of the Limpio city is fairly good and dependant of its industrial revival. Major religion of the city is Christianity whereas other minorities are also on record in the city.