All the Jobs in Palestine

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  • Jobs in Bethlehem

    Jobs in Bethlehem | Job opportunities in Bethlehem

    Bethlehem is an Arabic sound meaning as the House of Flesh or House of Bread and is one of the most important and foremost municipality situated in the central West Bank and almost 9 kilometers of Jerusalem containing an estimated population size of about 35,000 people in its administration. Bethlehem is the official capital of the Bethlehem Governorate of the Palestinian National Authority and a center of Palestinian culture and tourism. In the biblical passage the township f Bethlehem is also famous as the city of David and the place of David’s Crown as well as the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth. According to Ottoman census there are around 60% Christians inhabited over there in the society of Bethlehem. During 1948 the same ratio of the religious segregations of Bethlehem were 85% Christian, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic denominations with 13% Sunni Muslim.

    Jobs in Al Khalil

    Jobs in Al Khalil | Job opportunities in Al Khalil

    Al Khalil is an elderly Arabic ethnic group living in the villages of Jammain and is a locality of Nablus in the West Bank. Al Zeitawi is the major tribal name that links its present population in the society of Al Khalil. These people were previously migrating from Mecca ad settled in the present settlement of Al Khalil. There are almost less than 10,000 people recorded in the land areas and it’s generally observed that most of the people in Al Khalil are linked with agricultural businesses, cattle farming and distribution and trade of different mercantile products. Present per capita income and overall GDP of the society is in growth stage ad foreign aid and NGOs & NPOs works well for the poverty alleviation, general help and medical facilities of Al Khalil to increase the overall life standards in Al Khalil.

    Jobs in Nablus

    Jobs in Nablus | Job opportunities in Nablus

    Nablus is a city of Palestine in the northern West Bank of the region and 62 kilometers away from the Jerusalem contain an average population size of the city around 160,132 people in its administration as per recent population census. Nablus is the official capital of the Nablus Governorate and a Palestinian commercial and cultural hub. It was found by the Roman Emperor Vespasian during 72 CE and many years he ruled over the region. During 5th century the tribal battles created the situation critical for residential purposes and many were migrated to the safest places of the region. It is an equally important and significant nation and society for Islamic believers and Christians. Financially it is a struggling and striving nation having different projects and industries as a major contributor in its annual income and GDP of Nablus.

    Jobs in Salfit

    Jobs in Salfit | Job opportunities in Salfit

    Salfit is a Palestinian municipality in the central West Bank with an estimated and average altitude of 571 meters high above the Samarian highlands neighboring to the Israeli conclusion of Ariel. As per national population census conducted during 2009 there are less than 10,000 people recorded in the land areas of Salfit. The word of Salfit is a Canaanite pronunciation meaning as basket of grapes due to abundance of grapes and is bales ala round the region and the wine production and juice factories make it a prominent location of the region. There are many tourist attraction historic destinations making it s major tourist city of the country including but not limited to the Canaanite, Israelite, Samaritan, Roman and Islamic heritage. Economy and financial position of the city is based on several commercial activities like production units, trade centers and mercantile features of a growing society of Salfit.

    Jobs in Tulkarm

    Jobs in Tulkarm | Job opportunities in Tulkarm

    Tulkarem is a prominent and famous Palestinian metropolitan in the West belt and positioned in the Samarian mountain series in the Tulkarm administration. The Israeli towns like Netanya and Haifa are in the western side of the Tulkarm and Nablus & Jenin in the eastern containing almost 80,962 people in its administration as per national population census conducted recently. Agriculture industry is major profession and channel of earning in the community where plenty of products and quality of citrus fruits, melons, olives, olive oil, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, sesame, peanut, eggplant, peppers, green beans, guava, and other products are produced and a large quantity of its annual production volume is sold in the western markets against high profits making the national income, GDP and per capital income more high in Tulkarm.

    Jobs in Al Quds

    Jobs in Al Quds | Job opportunities in Al Quds

    Al-Quds is the Arabic pronunciation meaning as Holy or Pure and is one of the metropolises in Jerusalem. Al-Quds Mosque is the historic and most beautiful mosque in the region and a central respective and sacred place for Muslims. By the same name of Al-Quds a famous Palestinian Arabic daily newspaper is also printed that is a major platform to convey the daily news and updates to the society and at the same time plays an important role in provision of different part time and full time jobs to the job seekers in Al Quds. It has got the title and repute of the biggest selling print media tool and highly in circulation in the Palestinian regions. Geographically it is a hill town and has a desert climate all around where most of the people care for cattle farms of sheep and goats.

    Jobs in Ramallah

    Jobs in Ramallah | Job opportunities in Ramallah

    Ramallah is a Palestinian metropolis in the central West reservoir of Jerusalem neighboring to al-Bireh and is presently associated and declared as the official de facto administrative center of the Palestinian National power. There are nearly 35,500 people recorded in its administration as per national population census conducted. Historic data and background of the city revolves around the Christians and Christianity that were occupying the Ramallah but now the situation has been changed and Muslim population is in majority at Ramallah whereas Christianity is graded in minority. Economy and financial position of the Ramallah town is based and reliant of numerous national and international NGOs & NPOs with their respective embassies for better foreign trade policy and other relations with each other. It is one of the strong stable economies of the region where Hundreds of millions of dollars are in its reserve funds.

    Jobs in Deir el-Balah

    Jobs in Deir el-Balah | Job opportunities in Deir el-Balah

    Deir el-Balah is a city of central Gaza Strip and is the official capital town of muhfaza Governorate containing almost 51,000 people according to the national population census conducted during 2006 and the historic importance and role in the religious activities has made it a prominent location in the Arabian belt. There are different attractive and beautiful beaches and date palms making it a really beautiful and pretty nation of the region. There are many signs of the old age, Iron Age & Bronze Age observed from the historic date, sites and cultural traditions of the Deir el-Balah. Financially the town of Deir el-Balah is reliant of trade, fishing service, banking chains, leasing houses and foreign remittance. Present banks and financial institutes are providing different customer benefits and features to provide an easy and relax life in Deir el-Balah.

    Jobs in Beit Lahia

    Jobs in Beit Lahia | Job opportunities in Beit Lahia

    Beit Lahia is a metropolitan positioned in the Jabalia community of close to Beit Hanounaccording to the national population census conducted during 2006 of Beit Lahia, it is calculated that there are around 60,540 people in the administration of Beit Lahia and during 2005 it was administrated and ruled by the Hamas party by the municipal elections. The word Beit Lahia contains the meaning of a desert featuring nation and the community is mostly surrounded by deserts, mountains of sand and and rocks of solid material making the geography as a hill town and old barren deserts. There are various surrounding sand dunes almost 181 ft high above the sea level with numerous sycamore fig trees all around the region. Most of the community in Beit Lahia is linked with different businesses and trades like fishing, sweet water, berries and citrus trees.

    Jobs in Beit Hanoun

    Jobs in Beit Hanoun | Job opportunities in Beit Hanoun

    Beit Hanoun is a metropolis on the north east border of the Gaza Strip and is community based on different financial services, international and national banks, foreign NGO’s and NPOs as well as on mining firms and construction industry. Due to different nearby warship attacks and fighting region Beit Hanoun has been facing several problems in social and genera life as well as commercial and industrial sector of the community. It is geographically hilly region and has extreme climate during all the seasons. There are nearly 62,187 people recorded on its land area and majority of the people love to work in different income oriented projects of the nation. Beit Hanoun has more than dozen primary and high schools in the city offering different subjects and modes of study to accommodate wide range of working students in Beit Hanoun.