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  • Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir

    Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir | Job opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir

    Jammu and Kashmir is the northern province of India located in the Himalayan Mountain and splits a boundary with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab with the addition of China. It is a major Muslim region of Indian provinces and still under warship of freedom fighters. It is a disputed region among China, India and Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir is composed of three main and beautiful valleys of the globe such as Jammu, Kashmir gorge and Ladakh districts. It is further segregated in capitalism like Srinagar is called as the summer capital and Jammu is winter capital. Economic infrastructure of Jammu and Kashmir is mainly reliant of agriculture and allied services like tourism. Kashmiri saffron, silk, handicrafts, bangles and food stuff such as apples, barley water, cherries, corn, oranges, rice, peaches, pears, saffron, sorghum, vegetables, and wheat. Majority of foreign visitors prefer shopping for handicrafts, rugs and shawls as a trip memory for their beloved ones.

    Jobs in Srinagar

    Jobs in Srinagar | Job opportunities in Srinagar

    Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir located in Kashmir gorge beside the banks of Jhelum River. It is one of the principal towns in India where there is no population of Hindu religion. It is a major Muslim city of the country and renowned for lakes and houseboats. Majority of conventional Kashmiri handicrafts are produced on large scale in the cottage industries of Srinagar with the additive bulk production of dry fruits. It is an economic center of the province as well as main tourist destination for last many centuries. Mostly people of India love to visit the city during hot summer climate and love to stay in the hilly resorts and hotels of Srinagar. Presently Srinagar is facing many internal war attacks and freedom movement that has camouflaged the domestic as well as professional life.

    Jobs in Jammu

    Jobs in Jammu | Job opportunities in Jammu

    Jammu is one of the directorial sections within Jammu and Kashmir in India and at the same time a biggest metropolis of Jammu and Kashmir. Mostly people call it by the name of a Temple City of India due to loads of Temples and religion gatherings of Hindu community. There are many temples and shrines as well as impressive sky lights. Jammu is a pilgrimage sightseeing target in India with an estimated population about 4.9 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Some of the most prominent divisions and segregation of India are Doda, Kathua, Poonch, Reasi, Samba and Udhampur. People of Jammu are practicing an emerging and rising economic infrastructure with plenty of industrial concerns and buying houses of textile products, cutlery, leather, varnish and furniture.

    Jobs in Gujranwala

    Jobs in Gujranwala | Job opportunities in Gujranwala

    Gujranwala is a city of Punjab province and declared as 7th leading town of Pakistan containing almost 1.5 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Gujranwala is about 230 meters high above the sea level. Punjabi is a local language whereas English and Urdu are also in practice. It is a good agricultural market of the province dealing in major production of wheat, rice, gram, cotton, sugarcanes, melons and various other fruits. There are many famous industrial sectors in Gujranwala dealing in manufacturing of ceramics, steel, cutlery, crockery, iron safes, metal tool, utensils, textiles, sanitary and tannery. Another famous characteristic of Gujranwala is production of well known international wrestlers and bodybuilders. Gujranwala plays an important role in the mounting financial system of Pakistan. Plentiful textile refines, cutlery industry and huge agricultural processing plants are most important cause of employment in the region.

    Jobs in Hyderabad

    Jobs in Hyderabad | Job opportunities in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is the second leading municipality of Sindh province in Pakistan and fourth major city of the country. Hyderabad came into existence in1768 by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro. In history it was known as a small fishing town but gradually it spread towards its all four corners and attained the status of fourth leading city of the country. Hyderabad contains hot and humid climate whereas its nights always become really cold enough and provides a sense of air conditioning. It is also known as major town of Sufis and saints of the country. Hyderabad is a biggest producer of bangles and serves as a transit passage flanked by the urban Sindh. It is home to numerous medical colleges and educational institutions with the leading name of the University of Sindh.

    Jobs in Sakhar

    Jobs in Sakhar | Job opportunities in Sakhar

    Sukkur is the third leading municipality of Sindh province in Pakistan. It is situated beside the bank of Indus River in Sukkur District. During the ancient involvement of Arabs in the community they named the city as Saqar due to its hot & cold extreme climate. Sindhi is a local language practiced in the township and in Sindhi Sakhar means “superior”. Sakhar is a mixed culture city of Sindh having many communities such as Sindhi, Urdu speaking, Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi and many more. Economy of Sukkur is reliant of large scale industries of cotton textiles, cement, timber, leather, Iron processing, tobacco, Rice, paint and varnish, pharmaceuticals, agriculture equipment, hand pumps, lock production, rice husking and sugar mills. Cottage industries of the township comprises upon hosiery, boat making, fishing, thread ball reeling, cutlery and ceramics.

    Jobs in Mardan

    Jobs in Mardan | Job opportunities in Mardan

    Mardan is a hospitality conurbation of Mardan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Majority of Yousafzai tribe resides in its land area and it is the second biggest city of the Khyber province after Peshawar. Mardan remained as an imperative part of Gandhara civilization having major agricultural land area. It is served with worlds best irrigation system and channels laid by British government. Economically it is facing several challenges because of huge influx of Talban. Historically it has important position among other cities of the countries. Nearby mountains and hilly areas are major production center of weapons. Most of the community is involved in manufacturing domestic handicrafts. Road network of Mardan is paved but some places are rough requiring due maintenance connecting with numerous major towns of the country.

    Jobs in Sargodha

    Jobs in Sargodha | Job opportunities in Sargodha

    Sargodha is a city of Punjab Province in Pakistan situated in the west of the country. It is eleventh leading town of Pakistan producing best quality of Citrus fruits and exported in the western markets against high price. Sargodha is a really planned city like Gwadar, Jauharabad, Faisalabad and Islamabad. Largest air base of Pakistan is positioned in its land area and hosts the head office of Central Air Command. Sargodha is the capital town of Sargodha Tehsil and administrating Sargodha District, Mianwali District, Khushab District and Bhakkar District as well as with more than 23 union councils. Kinnows are the basic agricultural products of the city and its oranges are best in quality than any other city of Pakistan. Economically it has major depend on its agricultural and industrial growth. Some of the major agricultural crops of Sargodha include citrus, wheat, rice, gram, cabbage and sugar cane exported internationally.

    Jobs in Sahiwal

    Jobs in Sahiwal | Job opportunities in Sahiwal

    Sahiwal is a city of Punjab, Pakistan that was a very small village in ancient times and was famous for having quality of Buffalos of “Ravi”. It is situated beside the KLP road connecting Lahore with Karachi and is about 1,042 KM long. Sahiwal is a division of Punjab having leading districts such as Pakpattan and Okara and often declared as a biggest municipality between Lahore and Multan. It has more than 400,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2009. Geographically it is encircled by Sutlej and Ravi rivers and very supportive for irrigation and good growing. Major agricultural products and crops of Sahiwal include wheat, cotton, tobacco, legumes, potato and oilseeds. Harappa is a most significant ancient town of Sahiwal. In history its name was called as Montgomery but later on changed as Sahiwal.

    Jobs in Gujrat

    Jobs in Gujrat | Job opportunities in Gujrat

    Gujrat is a city of Pakistan and capital of Gujrat District in the Punjab Province. People of Gujrat love to be called as Gujratis. Nearby country of India has a same city name and always got confusion that about whom city we are talking. It has tropical climate and its average temperature remains between 45~48 °C and in winters temperature down falls till 2 °C. Gujrat is recognized for its clay for making quality of pottery. Other major industrial product of Gujrat are electric fans, washing machines, sports manufacturing (But on small scale), Textile and biggest shoe manufacturing companies of Pakistan. There are more than 1,000 domestic and small- to large-scale manufacturing components working in the region. Rice production and export is another major merchandise of Gujrat that earns huge amount of foreign revenue by exporting in the western markets.