All the Jobs in Oman

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  • Jobs in Ibra

    Jobs in Ibra | Job opportunities in Ibra

    Ibra is the subsequent principal metropolis in the Ash Sharqiyah section of Oman and is geographically located in the 144 km of Muscat containing less than 40,000 people in its administration. Historically it is one of the oldest and ancient nations in the country as well graded as foremost trade center, religion spot, educational hub and art center of the country. There are loads of historic sites, destinations and castles & old mosques having high importance for the Muslim population. During 1970 under the administration of Sultan Qaboos, Ibra got steady and rapid developments in it overall structure that made it most updated and advanced community of the country by offering different state offered benefits, advanced societal features and different income oriented projects to make the life style more easy, provide different jobs to the population and increase the life style in Ibra.

    Jobs in Qurayyat

    Jobs in Qurayyat | Job opportunities in Qurayyat

    Qurayyat is a minute fishing rural community near Muscat Oman that is known for its different village services, fishing features and traded of water based products and mega hydro projects making the life of the community more comfortable by providing state of the art requested essentials of a modern township in Qurayyat. There are nearly 15,000 people recorded in the community and most of the people in Qurayyat are linked with different private business, government employment in different government offices and numerous commercial services in the society. Presently the financial position and economy of Qurayyat is on good stage and it is reliant of different allied business and multination companies making the buying capacity and per capita income pretty good and high ever before. With the passage of time it is getting good progress in terms of better annual income, overall infrastructure and increased life style in the community.

    Jobs in Sur, Oman

    Jobs in Sur, Oman | Job opportunities in Sur, Oman

    Sur is a resources municipality of Ash Sharqiyah district of Oman and geographically it is located on the 152 km of the Muscat. Previously in history it was called and famous as the important place for sailors and most of water based activates and allied ventures with the seawaters are ideal source of income collection from different programs and activities of Sur. The Sur College of Applied Sciences is a main study center of the community where around 4400 students are studying at the moment and completing their degrees & diplomas in Business, Communication, Information Technology, software engineering, medical sciences and art Design. There are many international and national banking chains of the city offering great financial services, leasing activities and businesses purposes of the Sur. As the sea level is very close to the city therefore it is observed always humid and moisture in the overall weather climate in Sur.

    Jobs in Ruwi

    Jobs in Ruwi | Job opportunities in Ruwi

    Ruwi is an important city and community of Oman having different income generation channels and several transportation modes making its overall community very good in terms of better services and increased standards of general life in Ruwi. It is close to the Muscat and considered as an important commercial center of Oman. Ruwi is being bordered by the Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Shati Al-Qurm and Al-Qurm. There are many jewelry shops, electrical shops, gift shops and trading unit’s etc. Financial position and economy of the city is good and increasing gradually. It is a major community of mixed population containing churches and Hindu temples for the both population. Minerals, gemstones, petroleum products and mining preserved items create high national income, GDP and per capita income of the population and provide an easy and increased buying capacity of the general public.

    Jobs in Nizwa

    Jobs in Nizwa | Job opportunities in Nizwa

    Nizwa is the principal municipality in the Ad Dakhiliyah section in Oman and is graded as the official capital towns of Oman spread over an estimated land areas of about 141 km from Muscat and administrating almost 70,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Nizwa is the oldest and most historic site in the country and has different financial reliance and income oriented projects making the general revenue collection very high and providing different attractive employment opportunities to the job seekers in Nizwa. Some of the major activities of Nizwa include commercial trade, religion studies and educational up rise. There are numerous production units making finest quality of cotton and textile production having high demand in the western markets whereas underground petroleum products and several other expensive underground products male the life more charming and pretty of the general public in Nizwa.

    Jobs in Bawshar

    Jobs in Bawshar | Job Opportunities in Bawshar

    Bawshar is medium sized city of Oman and considered as the fourth thick populated region of the country. It is estimated that there are more than 150,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. Bawshar has well stable economy and considered as the richest city of Oman. There are huge underground oil reserves that earn sufficient foreign returns. Apart from petroleum product of the city, quite a few manufacturing concerns of different export products are in operation. Fuel is very low priced in the city therefore it is a common trend in Bawshar to keep 08 cylinders’ vehicles. Living standard of the tenants is very admiring. Gold and mining industry of the Oman is quite busy to produce more and finest products. Oman has very friendly relations with the Islamic states of the world therefore huge foreign remittance is also a big factor behind its strong economy.

    Jobs in Salalah

    Jobs in Salalah | Job Opportunities in Salalah

    Salalah is the capital city and seat of governor of Dhofar in Oman. As per official population census conducted during 2009, it is observed that there are more than 200,000 inhabitants in the town. An estimated land area of Salalah is more than 300 KM square. Salalah is second biggest and thick populated area in Sultanate of Oman. Salalah is an economically stable city having huge return from mining industry and major trade via its seaport. The Port of Salalah connects together Africa, Middle East and Asia. Beside the seaport of city there is a large free zone area segregated for the industrial reformation. With the passage of time free zone is expanding rapidly and emerging as a new center in the Middle East. Government owned College of Technology and College of Applied Sciences are playing a vital role in its generation development.

    Jobs in As Sib

    Jobs in As Sib | Job Opportunities in As Sib

    As Sib is a coastal municipality in the region of Masqat in northeastern side of Oman. An estimated population of the city is almost 800,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. As Sib occupies an estimated land area of 800 square kilo meters. Overall economic structure of the city is reasonably good but predicted that coming years will carry frustration for the town. A major slump occurred after the issue of oil prices in 1999; therefore Oman is planning to diversify its economic structure. Reformation of Tourism industry is on top priority of the government. Major underground reserves of oil & gas are major earning sector of the city. Petroleum products are major export items of the country to earn more and more foreign capital.

    Jobs in Muscat

    Jobs in Muscat | Job Opportunities in Muscat

    Muscat is the capital and biggest city of Oman. In 2008, the total population of Muscat metropolitan was recorded as 1,190,997 inhabitants. Muscat has traditional history dating back to 1st century and an important trading hub between the west and the east. Historic culture of the city shows that there were many nations ruling on the country from time to time. Persians and the Portuguese Empires are on top ranking in history that dominated the region for so long and stepped in the technological advancement. Muscat economy is reasonably good and high per capital income shows that people of the city enjoy a lavish life. Few hill stations and desert areas of the city make it prominent for the annual fairs of Arabian people. Safari races and desert hunting remain on peek in winter seasons.

    Jobs in Oman

    Jobs in Oman | Job Opportunities in Oman

    Kingdom of Oman is an Arab country situated in the southeast shore of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman borders with the United Arab Emirates in northwest, Saudi Arabia in west and Yemen on southwest. The coast is twisted by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. The Madha and Musandam cooperation are bordered by UAE. During November 2010, UNDP conducted a survey of 136 countries and declared Oman as the most improved nation in last 50 years. Muscat is the capital city of Oman having an estimated population of more than 2,800,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2009. Oman occupies a total land area of 310,550 km2. Geographically it is surrounded with water resource around in form of deep sea, a rich resource of underground petroleum reserves.