All the Jobs in North Korea

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  • Jobs in Kanggye

    Jobs in Kanggye | Job opportunities in Kanggye

    Kanggye is the regional resources community in Chagang town of North Korea and administrates almost 309,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Kanggye is a better transportation hub of the cantonment providing an easy access to the other distant areas and conurbations of the country in less time consuming options. It is a major military base of the city having numerous camps for defense purposes in the city. Overall financial position and national economy of the city township is good in terms of better per capita income, GDP and national income earned from different economies and pillars of its stable infrastructure including but not limited to the industries, services sectors and foreign remittances. There is a strong involvement of different investors and government officials to control the national economies and scales of earning in the Korean conurbations.

    Jobs in Haeju

    Jobs in Haeju | Job opportunities in Haeju

    Haeju is a metropolitan area sited in South Hwanghae prefecture of Haeju howl in North Korea and is graded as one of the most important and highly crowded city of the country containing around 536,000 people in its administration as per present population census. Till the end of 19th century, it was a minor production and agricultural town of the country but right after the rise of 20th century, many new industries and developmental tasks were started that made the life style of the general public pretty good with loads of new job vacancies in the society of Haeju along with trendy and highly demanding pay perks. Apart from industrial up rise, Haeju is a better recreational town having multiple options for the tourists to explore during their trip to Haeju including Dharani Monument, the Haeju Sokbinggo, and several living monuments.

    Jobs in Sinuiju

    Jobs in Sinuiju | Job opportunities in Sinuiju

    Sinuiju is a metropolis in North Korea adjacent to the Dandong municipality of China. It is accessible by the road traveling from North Pyongan territory. It is one of the top and most important market economies in the country having different types of production units, services industries, NGOs and many other developmental organizations very dedicated and caring about the poverty alleviation and societal uplifting of Sinuiju. Economy and overall financial position of the city of Sinuiju is based on different high tech industries and machineries like textile mills, paper mills and forestation factory with the addition of telecommunication companies and information technology centers producing a dedicated team of skilled and learned personnel. Dismantle the ships for scrap and other metallic tasks carry good income in its activities and the tinniest businesses and dealings produce more income as compare to dedicated or planned businesses of Sinuiju.

    Jobs in Chongjin

    Jobs in Chongjin | Job opportunities in Chongjin

    Chongjin is the official capital town of the North Hamgyong prefecture and is ranked as the third major town in terms of its population size containing nearly 300,000 in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Chongjin is placed in the northeast of North Korea and being bordered by the Hamgyong constituency, Korea Bay, Sea of Japan and Sosongchon River. Water reservoirs of the community are pretty good to support in its best irrigation systems. Rice and wheat are foremost production crops of the city and pulses, vegetables and soybean are major income generating products of the city. Local villagers of Chongjin produce different meet, chicken and animal products. National Economy and financial status of the cantonment is pretty good and provides an excellent life style to the general public of Chongjin due to loads of inform generating projects, developmental tasks and numerous investment and growth opportunities equally available for the entire public of Chongjin.

    Jobs in Wonsan

    Jobs in Wonsan | Job opportunities in Wonsan

    Wonsan is a seaport conurbation and naval pedestal in North Korea. Present formation of the city is segregated as the most important and attractive industrial and capital town in the regions of Kangwon. Around 531,000 people are residing in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. During 1880 Wonsan became a proper and perfect trade port that cause huge influx of international communities in the city of Wonsan for different activities and purposes of life like for trading, sailing, business and study pursuits of the Korean Community. Majority of the population in Wonsan belong to Christians while non believers and having no religion communities are also on great strength. Wonsan is practiced as major Korean speaking community in the entire community whilst some other native languages are also practiced in the city.

    Jobs in Kaesong

    Jobs in Kaesong | Job opportunities in Kaesong

    Kaesong is a conurbation in North Hwanghae prefecture of North Korea and is a capital town of the Koryo family. The Kaesong Industrial province is very attractive for the investors and small scaled producers of the cantonment tht love to produce huge international production orders of different commodities and have high quality oriented trends in the finished goods of its industrial markets in Kaesong. There are around 408,490 people residing in the city of Kaesong as per national population census conducted during 2010. Economy and financial trends of Kaesong are good and mainly reliant of its industrial up rise and steady commercial growth of trading and export orders. Kaesong has been observed as best agricultural land areas of the country and used much for the expensive crops of the nation.

    Jobs in Hungnam

    Jobs in Hungnam | Job opportunities in Hungnam

    Hungnam is an important and social town of the North Korea having major income generating projects, developmental tasks and growth opportunities for the applicants and qualifying personnel of different categories and trades. There are many small and medium sized communities and conurbations in the territory of North Korea but it is famous among all due to its size, population and professional services. There are many industries and income generating channels like textile, cement manufacturing, chemical processing, and metallurgical issues and Glass manufacturing units, computer industry and telecommunication are secondary channels that has covered a bigger subscriber markets of Hungnam and add up in the national income and GDP of the city noticeably high. Hungnam is graded and ranked as one of the most swift and rapid growing towns of the country.

    Jobs in Nampho

    Jobs in Nampho | Job opportunities in Nampho

    Nampho is a conurbation and harbor in South prefecture of North Korea. During 2010 it was titled with the “Special City of Korean Community” due to loads of new developments and growth opportunities available for all the occupants in Nampho. Nampho was initially a diminutive fishing village but during the 18th century it got boom in its industry and many international and trading firs entered into the marketing of same and in this way Nampho got a fully liberty and opportunity to present its products in the international markets and attractive size and quality of the Fisheries of its conurbation got full international attention that encouraged the local authorities of Nampho to concentrate more and more towards its fishing industry to earn much in upcoming times of the country. Nampho has good growth opportunities and chanced to increase the private and self employed business of the country in North Korea.

    Jobs in Hamhung

    Jobs in Hamhung | Job opportunities in Hamhung

    Hamhung is the major and second biggest city of the North Korea and one of the most important prefectures in the country that is historic datacenter of the nation linked with the 10th century. There are numerous signs and memoires of the oldest times when there was one rule only and it was might is right but with the steady social improvement and growth of the Hamhung society, civilization and modern laws were implemented din the growing society of Hamhung that changed the entire situation and now it is called one of the modern and social place of the nation. There are nearly 900,551 people residing in the community of Hamhung as per national population census conducted during 2010 and majority of the population is linked with different private businesses, employment opportunities and self employed businesses of the region in North Korea.

    Jobs in Pyongyang

    Jobs in Pyongyang | Job opportunities in Pyongyang

    Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, situated on the Taedong River. it has a population of 3,255,388.The city was divided from the South P’yŏngan province in 1946. It is not a special city as Seoul is in South Korea. Some sources, mostly older and South Korean, refer to Pyongyang as a special city.

    The capital has been completely redesigned since the Korean War (1950–1953). It is designed with wide boulevards, impressive monuments, and huge buildings. The tallest building in the city is the 330-metre Ryugyŏng Hotel. This hotel has 105 floors, encloses 361,000 square meters (3,885,772 sq ft) of floor space.