All the Jobs in Nigeria

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  • Jobs in Sokoto

    Jobs in Sokoto | Job opportunities in Sokoto

    Sokoto is a municipality situated in the tremendous west of Nigeria beside the flowing Rivers of Sokoto River & the Rima River. It is mainly occupied by a mixed population of different religion affiliations whilst majority of the public at Sokoto is recorded as Muslims and overall estimated population size of the city is almost 472,760 people in the society. Islamic center in Nigeria carries great repute and attraction for religious study students in the community. More than 80 % population of the city is linked with the major businesses of agriculture and allied activities and bi products of agricultural sector in Sokoto plays an important role in terms of better annual income, per capita income and GDP of the Sokoto. Some of the major agricultural products and crops include guinea corn, maize, rice, potatoes, cassava, groundnuts and beans with the addition of wheat, cotton and vegetable.

    Jobs in Abeokuta

    Jobs in Abeokuta | Job opportunities in Abeokuta

    Abeokuta is one of the major and leading metropolis and capital towns of the Ogun circumstances in Nigeria and is located at the Ogun River providing different water shortcomings and deficiencies in its agricultural growth and activities. Abeokuta has nearly 600,140 people recorded in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009 and most of the population is linked with different agricultural businesses like dairy farms, cattle farms, leather industry and main poultry farms that are considered as the swift and urgent cash cows. Abeokuta has a long historic background and its history is liked with the 12th century that contained loads of historic traditions and values in its present and overall structures of the city. Services industry and tourism channel are graded as secondary supporting elements in its administration.

    Jobs in Enugu

    Jobs in Enugu | Job opportunities in Enugu

    Enugu is the official capital towns of Enugu situation in Nigeria. It is situated in the region of Nigeria occupying mostly by the Igbo ethnic population. There are nearly 0.7 million people residing in the community of Enugu as per national population census conducted during 2007. Geographical location of the community is linked with the “hill top” and act as a main tourist attraction and recreational spot of the city. Overall financial position and national economy of Enugu is based on different channels and growth factors of the country. There are various businesses and activities of better income in the community segregated as construction industry that is graded as a major and leading earning channel of the city offering loads of new jobs and vacancies to the job seekers at Enugu and increase the overall life standards, buying capacity and per capita income of the related employees.

    Jobs in Jos

    Jobs in Jos | Job opportunities in Jos

    Jos is a city and community in the country and vicinities of Nigeria and has a long historic background dating back to the 10th century revealing loads of old signs, historic cultures and different income generation channels widely used in Jos. Most of the population in Jos intend to work for private or multination job vacancies due to high in price and rich in lucrative features at Jos. There are almost 900,100 people recorded in its administration as per national population census conducted during recently and it is assumed that the rapidly increasing nation of Jos will require more pretty and latest systems, residential colonies and commercial businesses to accommodate the major population crossing the limit of 1 million. Most of the people in Jos call it by the short form of Jos narrating full meaning as “Jesus Our Saviour”.

    Jobs in Aba

    Jobs in Aba | Job opportunities in Aba

    Aba is a municipality of the Nigerian administration and it is also ranked as an important and foremost active trading center of the country having different industries and linked units in its business markets of the city. It is closely located on the entrance and opening of Aba River that is another major water reservoir point and at the same time acts as better irrigation channel of the city. There are different agricultural allied businesses in the city and most of the villagers produce different water based crops in the fields and care for several cattle farms to meet the shortfall of meat and dairy products in the city. With the help of better traveling modes and railway network most of the villagers and farmers in Aba take advantage of time delivery in the agricultural markets of the country in Aba.

    Jobs in Ibadan

    Jobs in Ibadan | Job Opportunities in Ibadan

    Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State. It is the third biggest city in Nigeria by population, and the biggest in geographical area. At independence, Ibadan was the biggest and the most heavily populated city in Nigeria and the third in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg. It is situated in south-western Nigeria, 128 km inland northeast of Lagos and 530 km southwest of Abuja, the federal capital and is a famous transportation point between the coastal area and the areas to the north. Estimated population of the city is around 2,550,593 (2006), including 11 local government areas. Estimated population of central Ibadan is around 1 338 659 (2006), the total are of the city is around 128 kmĀ². The city is the administrative center of the old Western Region, Nigeria since the days of the British colonial rule, and parts of the city’s ancient protective walls still stand to this day. The principal inhabitants of the city are the Yoruba people.

    Jobs in Ilorin

    Jobs in Ilorin | Job Opportunities in Ilorin

    Ilorin is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria and is the capital of Kwara State. Estimated population of the city is around 847,582 (2007). It was established by the Yoruba, one of the three biggest ethnic groups in Nigeria, in 1450. It became a provincial military headquarters of the ancient Oyo Empire, it soon become a Northern Nigeria protectorate when the Sheu Alimi took control of the city through the spread of Islamic religion. The city is now the capital of Kwara State, one of the 19 Northern States, in Nigeria.

    Jobs in Lagos

    Jobs in Lagos | Job Opportunities in Lagos

    Lagos is a main port and the most heavily populated conurbation in Nigeria. It is presently 2nd most densely inhabited city in Africa, after Cairo, and is currently estimated to be the second fastest developing city in Africa and the 7th fastest in the world. The estimated population of the metropolitan area is around 7,937,932 (2006), the estimated population of the Lagos State is about 17,553,924. It is based on conducted enumeration for social planning. Since the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Lagos constitute 88% of the Lagos State population, the population of metropolitan Lagos is about 15.5 million.

    Jobs in Maiduguri

    Jobs in Maiduguri | Job Opportunities in Maiduguri

    Maiduguri is the capital of Borno State in Nigeria. The city is located on the bank of Ngadda River. The city was established in 1907 as a military outpost by the British. The area was the home to Kanem-Bornu Empire for centuries. The city slowly became one of the biggest cities in Northern Nigeria. The estimated population of the city is around 1,197,497 (2009). Its citizens of the city are mostly Muslim and consist of Kanuri,(Shuwa) Arab, Bura and other smaller ethnic groups.There is also a considerable Christian population.

    Jobs in Port Harcourt

    Jobs in Port Harcourt | Job Opportunities in Port Harcourt

    Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria. It is located along the Bonny River and is situated in the Niger Delta. The estimated population of the city is around 1,620,214 (2007), the estimated population of the metropolitan area is around 2.7 million while the Greater Port Harcourt Area is almost 5.7 million in population. The center city of Port Harcourt is the Port Harcourt town in the Port Harcourt City is the area belonging to the Local Government. This area contains the former European quarters now called old Government reservation area (GRA) and new layout region.