All the Jobs in Niger

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  • Jobs in Tera

    Jobs in Tera | Job opportunities in Tera

    Tera is a settlement in the Tillaberi section Tera division in Niger and is it is located around 174 km west of the Niamey townships and lock to the borders of Burkina Faso. It is largely occupied by Songhai, Fulani, Gourmantche and Buzu ethnic groups and most of the people it he entire population belong to the activities and professions of a famer or peasants. Commerce and entre earning channels widely used in Tera include agricultural activities, cattle farming, poultry farming and dairy businesses of the region. Present per capita income of the general public is on growth stage due to mostly live stock risks and seasonal affects on the production volumes of expensive crops and products of the agricultural fields in Tera. There is a deeper impact of overall economical crises and due to international crises most of the businesses are facing hardships and slump.

    Jobs in Mayahi

    Jobs in Mayahi | Job opportunities in Mayahi

    Mayahi is a tiny and historic community and site of the Maradi district in Niger and at the same time it is graded and declared as the seat of Mayahi sector. There are less than 15,000 people in the region of Mayahi and mostly ravel to other cities and towns on daily bases for different jobs and employment concerns to earn a better life style at Mayahi. Presently there are few small scaled textile firms producing yarn and making grey cloth fabric that is high in demand in the major production units of garments and woven products of Niger. Most of the raw material mainly used in the chemical processing and construction industry is preferably refined and processed in the small units of Mayahi and provide different short term and long terms jobs for the technical and skilled labor force.

    Jobs in Madaoua

    Jobs in Madaoua | Job opportunities in Madaoua

    Madaoua is a township placed in the Tahoua province of Niger and has an effective and authentic control over an estimated population of about 50,000 as per national population census conducted during 2006. It is one of the main and official seats of the Madaoua subdivision and works well for general administration and overall societal uplifting approaches of the society. There are different private and government banks in the city offering various loans and credit facilities in the general public of Madaoua to uplift their daily income and provide most latest and small scaled industrial projects to create a better entrepreneurship at Madaoua. Construction industry, textile manufacturing firms and trading and exchange services engage most of the population in different and high paying employment options at Madaoua whereas highly qualified people of Nigers get high paying jobs at multination firms of the city.

    Jobs in Ayorou

    Jobs in Ayorou | Job opportunities in Ayorou

    Ayourou is a settlement in Tillaberi province of Niger. It is positioned 209 km west of the capital Niamey next to the Malian boundary, eponymous island and the River of Niger. There are different small and major irrigation channels widely used in the city of Ayorou to provide timely and proper water supplies in most demanding water based crops of the city. Apart from agricultural activities most of the people in the villages and cities are linked and pretty found of animals and birds therefore there are many small and major birds and animal market offering great assortment of unique birds and tame animals. Agricultural growth is poultry and cattle farming and from such activities most of the people in Ayorou earn much so produce higher quantity of live stock in Ayorou.

    Jobs in Diffa

    Jobs in Diffa | Job opportunities in Diffa

    Diffa is a metropolis and urban community in the tremendous eastern belt of Niger being bordered by the Nigeria and controls around 80,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Diffa is famous in history due to various small and tribal fights and batted but now there is quite safe and secure atmosphere as compare the old times of Diffa when there was the rule of might is right and the weaker were crushed by the might. It is a struggling and striving nation of Niger that carry different industrial developments and commercial growth in the city and seems that by the end of 2015 the overall situation, looks and financial parameters and annual earning will be noticeably high in Diffa. It is linked with other cities and towns by better and well maintained roads & highways and makes it easy and comfortable for all to travel anywhere in the country in less time span and traveling hurdles.

    Jobs in Dogondoutchi

    Jobs in Dogondoutchi | Job opportunities in Dogondoutchi

    Dogondoutchi is a metropolis situated in the east of the Dosso district of Niger containing around 79,244 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is one of the biggest managerial hubs of the Dogondoutchi department and is famous for having different industrial unit and commercial concerns of the society making a better contribution to remove the ratio of unemployment in the society and provide different new job vacancies and vacant positions to the qualifying personnel of multiple trades and professions in Dogondoutchi. As the population is increasing in the city most of the new construction companies and residential colonies of Dogondoutchi are coming into existence in gradual manners and the entire look of the city is observed pretty well and new. Government of Niger is spending much for the better living and enhancement of living.

    Jobs in Gaya

    Jobs in Gaya | Job opportunities in Gaya

    Gaya is city and community of Niger in the Kano State of Nigeria and is spread over 614 kmĀ² land areas and around 261,016 people in its society as per national population census conducted during 2009. Kano was a very first person that came in the region and settled there that labeled the name of Gaya and later on with the huge influx of external invaders and immigrants the city became increasing and stretching towards its all four corners. Overall financial position and national economy of the Gaya is on growth stage and gradually increasing annually. There is high involvement of different exchange services, trading units and commercial concerns that make a noticeable contribution of its earnings in the common income and strengthened the state. It is needed to walk with the time so government is investing much for the updating of its systems, channels and entire infrastructure related to the present time span.

    Jobs in Tessaoua

    Jobs in Tessaoua | Job opportunities in Tessaoua

    Tessaoua is a municipality positioned in the Maradi county of Niger and has almost 91,667 people in its society as per national population census conducted during 2010. Tessaoua is one of the most historic community and has links with the ancient times many years ago ranging from 08th century. Presently it is practicing a proper political system and democratic modes of administration in the society. Financially it is a struggling cum striving nation of Niger and is mainly reliant of export services, production units and service industries comprising upon national and international banking chains, financial consultancies and leasing concerns of the community offering great credit facilities to the borrowers of Tessaoua. As the time is passing Tessaoua is getting good progress by leaps and bound in its entire industries and production units making noticeable annual revenue from such activities of life in Niger.

    Jobs in Dosso

    Jobs in Dosso | Job opportunities in Dosso

    Dosso is a settlement in the west curve of Niger country and is located around 140 km of the Niamey, Zinder and Benin. In terms of population size it is graded as one of the seventh major and highly crowded location of the country. There are almost 60,000 people recorded residing in the administration s per national population census conducted during last year and most of the people in Dosso are linked with different industrial employment as well as rest of the people are more attracted towards private employment in Dosso or in the state offered employment places due to high in price and loaded with multiple end service benefits offered to the skilled and qualified personnel of different trades and technologies in Dosso. It is also considered as a center of its own Urban Commune.

    Jobs in Tahoua

    Jobs in Tahoua | Job opportunities in Tahoua

    Tahoua is a major city and community of the nation in Niger and one of the leading communities of the Tahoua district. There are around 150,000 people recorded in the society of Tahoua as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is one of the commercial and market nation in the society that has different small and major businesses and activities of the nationality. Major depend of its financial up rise is based on agricultural growth, expensive crops, allied agricultural places and export activities. Government is planning to revise its overall trade policy and make new business relations with the developed communities of west and get benefit from the mutual trade relations. It is observed as growing commercial and trading towns having major deals of industrial equipment and software technologies that has made its overall annual revenue figure pretty good.