All the Jobs in Namibia

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  • Jobs in Tsumeb

    Jobs in Tsumeb | Job opportunities in Tsumeb

    Tsumeb is a metropolis in the country of Namibia and is controlling around 55,900 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during last year and is pretty famous for Tsumeb mine and the gateway to Namibia. Etosha National Park is one of the idea tourist destinations among other cities and communities and has a major role in gathering a large crowd around to get different other allied businesses boosts. It is served by a better network of roads, highways and major transportation channels that provide an easy access to the entire cities and communities of the country with affordable service charges in return and linked railway network and air routes of the Tsumeb are other major but expensive channels of journey in the country. Otavi Mining and Railway Company are major employers of the region offering pretty employment vacancies to the job seekers of the region.

    Jobs in Mariental

    Jobs in Mariental | Job opportunities in Mariental

    Mariental is a settlement of 10,300 inhabitants in Namibia beside the running active road of B1 highway and 150 miles away from the Keetmanshoop and 175 miles of Windhoek with an average elevation of 3,578 feet high above the sea level. Mariental is linked to the TransNamib railway line that is a main traveling source for the daily travelers, traders and students from one destinations of Mariental to another in less time consuming options and in swift traveling features of the community. It was found during 1912 as a railway stop flanked by Windhoek and Keetmanshoop but later on due to huge influx of national people and local increase of population made it a small community of the country that is presently ranked as an increasing community and striving nation of Namibia.

    Jobs in Luderitz

    Jobs in Luderitz | Job opportunities in Luderitz

    Luderitz is a medium sized city and community of the Namibia that is highly struggling and striving community of the country darting back to the 14th century. There are many cultural and ancient buildings of the old age rimes and still reminds the culture and times of slavery and hardship faced by the general local public of Luderitz. Financially the population is based towards agricultural growth and financial assistance provided by the international donor agencies, industrial annual income contributions and the entire foreign remittances for the betterment of Luderitz. There are various presently growing production units and construction industries working for the construction projects of mega units, highways and bridges and at the same time accommodate wide range of job seekers and employment finders around the city. Present age is totally reliant of information technology and IT services therefore majority of such places is commonly observed in Luderitz.

    Jobs in Gobabis

    Jobs in Gobabis | Job opportunities in Gobabis

    There are many ancient and historic cities of Namibia having old culture and norms in the daily life still in this age and like such cities Gobabis is also graded as one of the historic city and community dating back to the 12th century. Mostly developments were observed during 18th century and in the start of 19th century when numerous industries and developmental agencies like construction firms and mining companies started their operation to explore the wealth resources and underground preserved treasures in Gobabis. Overall financial position and economy of the city is on growth stage and many years still require to declare the economy of Gobabis as a wealthy as stable one and to achieve this title people of the region are following. Most of the public in Gobabis love to work for government offered employment whereas fewer community wish to go in private sector though private sector is rewarding high salaries than government agencies in the region of Namibia.

    Jobs in Okahandja

    Jobs in Okahandja | Job opportunities in Okahandja

    Namibia has different small and major cities and communities in its land areas and one of the commercial and agricultural townships that are ranked main employment hubs of the country include Okahandja. There are almost 86,000 people recorded in the community of Okahandja as per national population census conducted during 2009 and most of the public is linked and working for numerous production houses and commercial trade of different import and export commodities in Okahandja. Due to high rate of commercial trade many small and major investors are linked with the international dealing and rebate concerns that created a diverse job market and competitive productive sector of the business world around Namibia. It is highly preferred to have a relaxed trade policy so the parliament and political formations of the city are focusing on international relations.

    Jobs in Otjiwarongo

    Jobs in Otjiwarongo | Job opportunities in Otjiwarongo

    Otjiwarongo township of Namibia is famous in history due to different ways like trading of leather products and textile raw material. It is a fertile land area of the country that is suitable for bulk and major production of cotton and jute therefore many development processes and chemical processing units of Otjiwarongo are functioning in the land area and increase the production and earning capacity of the city as well as of the individuals of the region. As the time is passing any new concerns and production houses re step by step launching their products and due to high trade zones of the country many new employment vacancies are arisen for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences. Construction firms and trading units earns much and eventually serve their employees pretty well in Otjiwarongo.

    Jobs in Rehoboth

    Jobs in Rehoboth | Job opportunities in Rehoboth

    Rehoboth is one of the historic and most under developed communities of Namibia and has links with the 08th century and even there are many signs and traditions still common in the general life style and public regions of the nation. Rehoboth is graded as one of the historic city when the Iron Age and Bronze Age were quite common and considered necessary ways of living. There are nearly 70,000 people residing in the community and spending a mediocre life whereas the rich community of the city is working for the self employment options or sometime in the multinational companies dealing in the betterment of society and for the humanity tasks. As the time is passing Rehoboth is getting good success in the present income level and annual earnings and with the help of foreign aid and donor agencies many developments are observed indicating a better future of the city in Rehoboth.

    Jobs in Grootfontein

    Jobs in Grootfontein | Job opportunities in Grootfontein

    Grootfontein is a medium sized community and city in the region of Namibia and is famous for numerous reasons in history. It is highly reliant most agricultural developments. Most of the public in Grootfontein is linked with growing expensive agricultural crops and food stuff to meet the local needs of the society whereas rest of the production is shipped in the nearest and demanding countries against high price that is a pretty source of additional income of Grootfontein. Financially it is dependent of several supporting industries and related areas of Grootfontein dealing for the good trading relations of Grootfontein. With the growth in industrial sector and in the production units of the city many new jobs and vacancies are arisen in the city community and overall employment rate of the society is increased in pretty manners.

    Jobs in Katima Mulilo

    Jobs in Katima Mulilo | Job opportunities in Katima Mulilo

    Katima Mulilo is the official capital state of the Caprivi band of Namibia’s east extension. It is a place where two main electoral constituencies of Katima Mulilo Rural and Katima Mulilo Urban are available and providing an active leadership for the growth of democracy in the country. Often it called and spoken as Katima that is a place and society of about 42,134 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2011. It is linked with the other cities and community of the country in Namibia by means of paved roads and highways as well as railway network and air routes. Basically it is a striving and struggling community of the country that is intact with the industries and commercial activities of the region and mostly textile firms and FMCG goods are largely produced in the city of Katima Mulilo.

    Jobs in Oshakati

    Jobs in Oshakati | Job opportunities in Oshakati

    Oshakati is a growing community and increasing society of Namibia controlling almost 50,000 citizens in its administration and land areas in the country. It is practicing a proper form of elections for the success and growth of democracy and elections and political campaigns prove to be an enhancing societal up rise. Government of the country is trying to provide the entire basic and essential Development and infrastructure in Oshakati to provide an ease and comfort in the overall life and residential form. During 1990 Namibia got independence and started the way of success and within a short sovereign period many developments and modifications are observed and some are still in process that will uplift the social values in Oshakati and eventually increase the buying capacity and employment rate by means of new jobs and vacancies of the job seekers.