All the Jobs in Mozambique

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  • Jobs in Xai-Xai

    Jobs in Xai-Xai | Job opportunities in Xai-Xai

    Xai-Xai is a world of Portuguese pronunciation and is one of the main community and county of Mozambique. It is the active and most important city and capital community of the Gaza prefecture administrating and controlling around 216,343 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. Xai-Xai is situated close up to the Indian Ocean beside the Limpopo River. It is surrounded by the Donguene, Macandene, Chiluane and Tavene. Financial position and national economy of the city is gradually increasing and providing an easy and comfortable life style to the general public at Xai-Xai. Government of Mozambique is providing much annual budget for the restructuring and reformation of its various unattended departments and sections of life and making it an ideal community of the country with entire basic needs, utilities and features of a modern society.

    Jobs in Tete

    Jobs in Tete | Job opportunities in Tete

    Tete is the official assets metropolis of Tete prefecture in Mozambique and is situated on the Zambezi River that is graded as a mina irrigation source, best water reservoir channel and ideal water based income oriented spots of the city that has multiple earning capacities for the interested and deserving parties in Tete. Financially it is one of the strong and wealthy nations in the country due to numerous mining firms busy in excavation of multiple projects and intends to explore the new treasures and underground minerals from the land areas of Tete. Due to advanced technology most of the manual working has been shifted into the digital devices and Tete is graded highly income oriented location of the country due to which it is one of the major relocating township o this age in Mozambique.

    Jobs in Quelimane

    Jobs in Quelimane | Job opportunities in Quelimane

    Quelimane is a harbor and dock of the Mozambique that has high impact and importance for the annual income and related traveling and transportation modes for goods and several commodities mainly shipped and received for the industrial concerns of the community in Quelimane. Zambezia Province is graded as the main section of the city and acts as the ruling capital state of the same. Previously it was administrated and governed by the Portugal but after getting its independence from the same Quelimane started a proper comeback of success and launched various mega construction projects and introduced most latest and advanced telecommunication systems in the society to uplift the residential values and provide the community with state of the art latest inventions like computer technology and internet in the entire public places of Quelimane.

    Jobs in Nacala

    Jobs in Nacala | Job opportunities in Nacala

    Nacala is a main city and community of the country in Mozambique and is famous and ranked as genuine natural harbor on the east of Africa and provides better activities for trade of imports and exports by the same channel of Nacala. Nacala Railway and commercial bus services are graded as highly important traveling modes of the city providing an easy approach and access to the all locations. Financial position and economy of the city is on growth stage and it is deemed appropriate to introduce new employment hubs and commercial channels of Nacala to deal various national and international exchange services. There are different construction businesses too working well and making new buildings and residential colonies to meet the growing needs of the rapidly increasing community of the country.

    Jobs in Chimoio

    Jobs in Chimoio | Job opportunities in Chimoio

    Chimoio is the official capital state and community of the Manica region in Mozambique and in terms of population size and larger bench it is graded and ranked as the fifth principal metropolis in Mozambique. It remained a warship community during Portuguese administration that laid a proper foundation for a perfect market system, trading system and introduced loads of societal tasks and civilized administration for better control of the growing community in the country. The major income generation channels and areas of larger annual income include agricultural activities in Chimoio along with the textiles centers and woven manufacturing plants making a large production orders for knitted and woven product having high demand in the western markets and due to easy labor force availability and utilization of raw materials in Chimoio mostly industries and firms love to start their operations from the land areas of Chimoio.

    Jobs in Nampula

    Jobs in Nampula | Job Opportunities in Nampula

    Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in Mozambique having an estimated and total population of more than 671,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is the third major and principal town of Mozambique after Maputo and Beira. It is home to several museums and shopping malls presenting the extraordinary architectural work including Mozambique National Ethnographic Museum, markets, cathedrals and mosques. Majority of the local residents belongs to Christianity whereas there are few other religions on record in Nampula i.e. Muslims, Hindu and Sikhs. It is well established and organized business center of Mozambique with plenty of hotels and restaurants offering delicious cosines and residing facilities in Nampula. Road transportations systems and air routes connecting several international flights add up huge revenue in its national income. Major sports of the town are football and hockey.

    Jobs in Beira

    Jobs in Beira | Job Opportunities in Beira

    Beira is the second major city in Mozambique lying beside the central region in Sofala Province & Pungue River. It is a central point of two waters meeting in the Indian Ocean. Previously its total population was very small but huge influx of the neighboring countries and external students increased its strength and declared 646,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Beira has a busiest seaport of Mozambique acting as a doorway for the central interior as well as landlocked nations of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Portuguese community is recognized in history by the founders of the Beira city during late 18th century. Beira was colonized by the ancient emperors who ruled the Beira city for many decades but it gained its independence from the Portuguese in 1975 and started its way to success. Presently it has reasonably stable economy.

    Jobs in Matola

    Jobs in Matola | Job Opportunities in Matola

    Matola is a city in southern Mozambique lying just 13 kilometers away from the west of country’s capital Maputo. It is the capital of Maputo Province and holds an independent election during its due term. Matola has a huge seaport and the largest industrial area in Mozambique having almost 879,985 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Matola has strong foreign trade policy and very friendly relations with the developed nations of the world that has titled the city as an industrial sector of the country dealing in commercial trade of minerals including chromium and iron in Swaziland and South Africa. It has a rich mining industry and devised petroleum refineries as well as manufacturing concerns of soap, cement and agricultural materials. Agricultural crops of the Matola city include wheat, gram, sugarcane and cotton.

    Jobs in Maputo

    Jobs in Maputo | Job Opportunities in Maputo

    Maputo is the capital and principal city of Mozambique. Geographically it is bordered by the peculiar tree, hilly mountains and acacia trees usually observed along the boulevards and the Pearl of Indian Ocean. Presently it is well known for having excellent port facilities on the Indian Ocean. It has almost 1.8 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Maputo has strong and well stable economy mainly depending upon agricultural crops and industrial products including Coal, cotton, sugar, chromite, sisal, copra, and hardwood. Majority of the local residents is involved in the production and processing of cement, pottery, furniture, shoes and rubber. A huge aluminum smelting plant is contributing a lot in its national income and provides numerous job opportunities to the local occupants in Maputo.

    Jobs in Mozambique

    Jobs in Mozambique | Job Opportunities in Mozambique

    Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa surrounded by Indian Ocean in the east, Tanzania in the north, Malawi and Zambia in the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west and Swaziland and South Africa in the southwest. Vasco da Gama explored this region very first time in 1498 and Portugal established colonial system in the city. Mozambique attained its independence during 1975 and became the People’s Republic of Mozambique. It faced many warships and external war threats during 1976 to 1993. Mozambique is a permanent member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries and spectator of the Francophone. Its national economy had been on top and expanded rapidly in 1989 with a regular annual growth of about 9% but numerous flood disasters caused devastating situation in the area.