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  • Jobs in La Condamine

    Jobs in La Condamine | Job Opportunities in La Condamine

    La Condamine is the second oldest region in Monaco and well known around the globe due to its distinctive port and more classy yachts. It is most civilized and well developed districts of Monaco. Meaning of La Condamine is, foot of a village or castle. Nowadays the port of Monaco and a flourishing commerce districts are situated in La Condamine. It has more than 66 KM square land area and total population of around 14,213 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. Economy of the city is fairly good and mainly dependant of agricultural cultivations, industrial reformation, tourism and mining industry. Road transportation system is pretty good and comprises upon highways and railway carriage system to facilitate thousands of daily travelers in different areas of the country.

    Jobs in Monte Carlo

    Jobs in Monte Carlo | Job Opportunities in Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s directorial areas and is the capital city of Monaco with an estimated population of just 5,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. It covers an average land area of 03 kilo meters square. Monte Carlo is extensively recognized for plenty of its casino and huge Gambling in the night clubs of Monte Carlo. Beach of Larvotto is the beloved spot of foreigners during winter season to enjoy from sunbath on wet sand. It has close boundaries with the French and was established in 1865 after changing its ancient name from “Mount Charles”. Geographically Monte Carlo is surrounded by long and hilly mountains with plenty of lakes and beautiful sceneries around. Monte Carlo fell beneath the dominion of Genoa but attained its independence in 1546.

    Jobs in Monaco

    Jobs in Monaco | Job Opportunities in Monaco

    Monaco is a micro state situated in South Western Europe on northern shore of Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by France, Italy and Mediterranean Sea. It has almost 2.03 km2 land area with an estimated population of more than 34,000 inhabitants in the region of Monaco. Monaco is a legitimate realm had been under administration by the ancient people of Monaco during 1298. Previously it was known for its leather industry and fishing. France is a major leading country beside Monaco that has been caring for its revival and reformation of its domestic industry. Economy of Monaco is reasonably good and mainly reliant of agricultural crops including wheat, gram, sugarcane and cotton. Textile sector of Monaco is earning good from the major exports of knitted garment in its neighboring regions. Tobacco and wireless cables are major earning products in Monaco.