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  • Jobs in San Luis Potosi

    Jobs in San Luis Potosi | Job Opportunities in San Luis Potosi

    San Luis Potosi is a state of Mexico located in the center of the country. It is surrounded by Coahuila in the north, Nuevo Leon in northeast, Tamaulipas to the east, Veracruz in the east, Hidalgo, Queretaro, Guanajuato to the south and Zacatecas to the northwest. A national population census was conducted during 2006 that declared that there are almost 2.5 million inhabitants in the city. San Luis Potosi covers an average land area of 63,068 km2. San Luis Potosi has good share in its national GDP owing to high rate of industrial engines and metallurgical projects. Mining is a biggest earning sector of the city working for zinc, copper, lead, gold, silver, mercury, manganese and arsenic. Apart from mining, other export products of the city include chemicals, foods, beverages, tobacco, and textiles.

    Jobs in Chihuahua

    Jobs in Chihuahua | Job Opportunities in Chihuahua

    Chihuahua is a city and a capital state of Mexican Chihuahua region. It has more than 925,827 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2006. Economy supporting sectors of the city is its industrial growth, heavy transport, consumer goods production and textile. It is 1415 meters high above the sea level and covers an average land area of 30022 KM square. During the colonial age of the city, majority of the Catholic missionaries were main occupants that preached in the entire Mexico. Catholic Church and its followers are in majority around the region and Chihuahua is a main attractive city for Vatican as well. Pope John Paul II has showed great concern in the development of the city by investing huge capital. During free time inhabitant of the town love to play succor and basket ball whereas youngsters are found of ice skating.

    Jobs in Tlalnepantla

    Jobs in Tlalnepantla | Job Opportunities in Tlalnepantla

    Tlalnepantla is a 14th major city of the Mexico. An official population census conducted during 2007 declares that there are almost 98,000 inhabitants in the city. Tlalnepantla city occupies an estimated land area of 560 KM square. Major portion of its land area is uncovered and barren due to lack of irrigation water access. Somehow useable land area is segregated for agricultural reformation, industry development, tourism and residential purposes. Economically Tlalnepantla is considered as stabled city having main rely on agriculture. Wheat and gram are main products of the city. There are small scaled industries comprising upon knitting projects, garments manufacturing, flat carpets, leather jackets and construction. Average income of the local tenants is almost 1200 US and speaks as high living stand of the residents in Tlalnepantla.

    Jobs in Merida

    Jobs in Merida | Job Opportunities in Merida

    Merida is a beautiful city in Mexico having historic background dating back to 16th century. Fantastic Spanish colonial architecture of the city is a memory of its starting period. There are more than a million inhabits in the city extending towards Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Mayapan, Kabah, Labna, Edzna and Sayil. Merida heart was made by big stones during First World War and still considered a main visitors choice. The city is surrounded by dense forest around and has hidden the old architectural. It is situated in the Mexican state of Yucatan just 36 km from the Gulf of Mexico seashore. The metropolitan area includes Uman and Kanasin. Previously all the building in Merida city was of color White that named the city as “The White City”. Variety of food items are mainly attracting majority of the tourists.

    Jobs in Guadalupe

    Jobs in Guadalupe | Job Opportunities in Guadalupe

    Guadalupe is a city and municipality of Mexican state of Guadalupe having an estimated population of more than 1.6 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted in 2007. It is the fourth major city of the state and occupies an average land area of 495 KM square. Guadalupe city is surrounded by hilly mountains and flowing Rives that irrigate the city and its growing agricultural crops. Agricultural and small scaled industry is a major earning sector of the city. Overall economic situation of the city is reasonable and in growing stage. Guadalupe engages most of the inhabitants in manufacturing sector and pays them accordingly. Various electronic products and quite a few cosmetics factories are functioning since 1942. There are several small businesses of the local residents comprising upon farming, poultry, and Paper recycling and auto workshops.

    Jobs in Naucalpan De Juarez

    Jobs in Naucalpan De Juarez | Job Opportunities in Naucalpan De Juarez

    Naucalpan De Juarez is a city and municipality of Mexico bordering many Mexican States. Aztecs inhabitants found the city in 1492 and settled over there for more than three hundred years. During their ruling period, Naucalpan De Juarez covered many stages of its success and attained the present position that is called a well stable economy of Mexico. Presently Naucalpan De Juarez city is considered as major center of industries in Mexico. Un-residential areas of the city are Los Remedios National Park and a number of jidos but it is predicted that these areas will be esteemed with increasing population of town in 2016. As per national population census conducted during 2008, it is assumed that there are almost 900,000 inhabitants in the city and occupies an estimated land area of 498 KM square.

    Jobs in Zapopan

    Jobs in Zapopan | Job Opportunities in Zapopan

    Zapopan is a city and municipality of Mexico situated in Jalisco region. Jalisco is a division of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and best known as the home of the Virgin of Zapopan. Zapopan city is considered as a holy city of Catholics and even frequently visited by Pope John Paul II. It is a myth about the city that there is an image of Virgin Mary credited with a number of miracles. Major agricultural product of the city is corn. During 1541, Zapopan was found by German travelers who accidently came across the city of Zapopan that was unvisited before. Zapopan has 894 km2 land area and 1040 meters high above the sea level. As per national population census conducted during 2007, it is assumed that there are more than 1,555,990 inhabitants in the city.

    Jobs in Leon

    Jobs in Leon | Job Opportunities in Leon

    Leon is a seventh most populous city in Mexico. It is the seat of the municipality of Leon having major rely on leather industry offering shoes, boots, belts, jackets and other leather products sold in national as well as in international markets with high price. Leon was found in 1575 by Spanish people who developed the city in true letters and spirit. Leon has an estimated land area of more than 1300 km2 and 1820 meters high above the sea level. Leon contains well organized road transportation system comprising upon local buses and Metro line of 3000 mile. Several nations remained ruling the area for many years but Spanish people are on top of the list due to longer ruling period. Leon has various notable building in the region that entice majority of the visitors to come and explore the city.

    Jobs in Monterrey

    Jobs in Monterrey | Job Opportunities in Monterrey

    Monterrey is the capital city of northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. After Mexico City, Monterrey has second biggest metropolitan area in the country. According to population size it is considered as the third major populated area of the Mexico. During 1556, state of Nuevo Leon was found. As per national population census conducted during 2007, it is assumed that there are more than 1.3 million inhabitants occupying an average land area of 972 km2 and 540 meters high above the sea level. Till 16th century, Monterrey’s valley was famous but he name of Extremadura Valley. During Spanish administration, Monterrey remained a small town of Mexico having just few hundred populations. Officially the Monterrey city is considered as a main trading hub between San Antonio, Tampico and Saltillo.

    Jobs in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl

    Jobs in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl | Job Opportunities in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl

    Ciudad Netzahualcoyotl is a city and municipality of Mexico State neighboring to the northeast corner of Mexico’s District Metropolitan Area. It is situated beside the bed of Lake Texcoco. Initially the town of Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl was facility less of all the basic needs i.e. potable water, electricity and sewerage but government streamlined the sector and laid a network of irrigation, power plants and sewerage system. Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl is a notorious city due to high crime rate and poor people of the country. Several tribal gangs and road snatchers remain looting the travelers. Till 2000, majority of the local tenants migrated to the well developed nations of the world & in native stable cities of Mexico. By the instance of Mexican War of Independence, flood disaster is a major natural curse causing huge death rate in the area and demolishing numerous buildings annually.