All the Jobs in Liechtenstein

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  • Jobs in Vaduz

    Jobs in Vaduz | Job Opportunities in Vaduz

    Vaduz is the capital of the Liechtenstein and attains the seat of national parliament in the neighboring districts. It is situated beside the Rhine River flowing in the city of Vaduz having almost 7,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Majority of the local resident belongs to Roman Catholic denomination and is affiliated with the Church of Italy. Apart from Catholic denomination in Vaduz, there are various other minorities including Protestant, Jew and Pentecostals. Vaduz Castle is a beautiful tourist spot in Vaduz catching foreigner’s attention and making a crowd during evening. The castle is noticeable from heighted areas in Vaduz. Other landmarks of the Vaduz include Cathedral of St. Florin, Government House and City Hall presenting a true sample of ancient architecture and wood work.

    Jobs in Schaan

    Jobs in Schaan | Job Opportunities in Schaan

    Schaan is the major metropolis area of Liechtenstein situated to the north of Vaduz having more than 16,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is spread on a total land area of 30 KM square and considered as a reasonably wealthy state of Liechtenstein. It has very long historical background dating back to 850 BC, famous in past and present owing to a financial institute and commercial hub for neighboring cities and countries. Schaan is the world headquarters of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, false teeth, and Hilti power tools. Schaan is bordered by Buchs in Switzerland and have huge economical depend on its industrial growth and tourism industry. Government of the town is much concerned about upgrading its domestic infrastructure from oral change to actual change.

    Jobs in Liechtenstein

    Jobs in Liechtenstein | Job Opportunities in Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein is a landlocked alpine country in Europe bordering by Switzerland and Austria having an average land area of 162 km² with an estimated population of more than 39,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Vaduz is the biggest and capital city of the Liechtenstein. It has strong national economy and highest per capita income declared by international survey 2008. Though Liechtenstein is the smallest city but considered as the richest city of the state in German arena. Majority loves to speak German language as official & public language. It is the only German speaking state that has no borders connectivity with the Germany. Conventional monarchy of Liechtenstein is separated in 11 metropolis areas of the town. There are various farm houses and agricultural crops in the Liechtenstein growing wheat, sugarcane and cotton.