All the Jobs in Liberia

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  • Jobs in Monrovia

    Jobs in Monrovia | Job Opportunities in Monrovia

    Monrovia is the capital city of West African Liberia situated on the Atlantic coastline beside Cape Mesurado. It is placed within Montserrado County that is recognized as most crowded county in Liberia. Its total municipal area contains an estimated population of 1.3 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Monrovia is the cultural, political, commercial, technical and financial center for the entire country. Monrovia came into existence in 1820 but gained its independence officially in 1822. After thirty five years of the independence of Freetown, Sierra Leone and Black American settlement, Monrovia started its way of success. Harbor of Monrovia contribute huge amount of foreign revenue in the national income. During World War II, this harbor was mainly used for the transportation of weapons and battle equipment for the backup of American forces. National economy of Monrovia is reliant of its harbor, the Freeport of Monrovia and Central Bank of Liberia.

    Jobs in Bensonville

    Jobs in Bensonville | Job Opportunities in Bensonville

    Bensonville is the capital of Montserrado County in Liberia. It is situated just 22 miles away from Monrovia city and recognized as a major commercial & agriculture center of the region. Before civil War of Liberia, it was Bensonville’s industrial center of processing milled rice, sawn wood, soap, plastics, paints, furniture and fixtures, cement blocks, oil, processed fish and confections. Liberian economy is closely reliant of iron and rubber exports, foreign investment, exports of natural resources, Agricultural products including livestock and staple food. Warship period faced by the country was very frustrating and caused bad affects on its economy. Road transportations system of Liberia is quite good and facilitate majority of daily travelers as well as entice foreigner visitors to come and explore its natural beauty.

    Jobs in Gbarnga

    Jobs in Gbarnga | Job Opportunities in Gbarnga

    Gbarnga is the capital of Bong County in Liberia regions lying beside Monrovia. Bong County is a sub division of Liberia consisting upon more than 13 districts administrated by separate political infrastructure. Pure form of democracy is in practice in Gbarnga city and government of Liberia is spending huge annual budget for its industrial growth. It has an estimated population of more than 39,046 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. National economy of the Gbarnga town is reasonably good and earning huge foreign capital by its major exports in the European markets. Bulk production of electronics and electrical products ranks the Gbarnga city on top among its neighboring countries. Libees are the local language spoken commonly in the area with prediction that Gbarnga will become a true industrial giant in coming decade.

    Jobs in Liberia

    Jobs in Liberia | Job Opportunities in Liberia

    Liberia is a country of Africa bordering by Sierra Leone, Guinea in the north, Cote dIvoire in east and Atlantic Ocean in the south. As per national population census conducted during 2009, Liberia has more than 3,676,608 inhabitants covering almost 111,359 square kilometers land area. National ranking, growth and GDP are not appreciable as Transparency International declared Liberia as the most corrupt country of the globe. Bribery is very common in Liberia and people are use to of taking & giving bribes against legal matters as well. Life anticipation during birth time is 46% &, fertility rate 6.8 births per woman, and death rate of 7.9 % as per statistic data provided by government of Liberia in year 2007. HIV/AIDS affected ratio of the town is very less close to 1.7 % and people are well aware about the outcomes and miserable death due to such infections.