All the Jobs in Kosovo

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  • Jobs in Urosevac

    Jobs in Urosevac | Job opportunities in Urosevac

    Urosevac is a conurbation and borough in southern Kosovo and is situated around 39 kilometers in the capital of Pristina. It is spread over an estimated land area of Kosovo about 348 km2 containing more than 40 villages and sub division for better administration of the community. Urosevac is mainly an agricultural region and have more than 100,000 people in its administration that indicate that it is a major city and cantonment of Kosovo having hundreds and thousands of population at the moment. Due to higher population, government and local authorities of the city love to arrange new and advanced setup to meet the growing needs of the population in Urosevac in terms of better employment opportunities, better living standards and residential status of the local population. Financially it is good in terms of better per capita income, GDP and national income of the state.

    Jobs in Strpce

    Jobs in Strpce | Job opportunities in Strpce

    Strpce is a settlement and borough in the constituency of Urosevac, Kosovo and Metohija and is known as a main place and point of commercial as well as industrial up rise and providing numerous feedbacks. There are around 40,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2010 and mostly community of the Strpce is lined with agricultural activities, industrial comprises and rest of the population is linked and fixed with import and export businesses of the Strpce society in Kosovo to get the maximum income and related earning channels of the city. Majority of the Serbian population is recorded in the city whilst Albanians and other minorities are also living and working in the different employment channels and sectors of the city. It is a better place to live or work for due to loads of available opportunities and chances offered to the local population of Strpce.

    Jobs in Stimlje

    Jobs in Stimlje | Job opportunities in Stimlje

    Stimlje is a settlement in the Urosevac constituency of southern Kosovo and is the seat of the Stimlje municipality. The province of the borough is spread over an estimated land area of about 134 square kilometers and contains around 37,288 inhabitants in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is one of the most historic city and cantonment of Kosovo that was available during Stone Age period and there are many signs and memories of that time in its cultural values. Overall financial position of the city is not graded as a stable economy and the same town of Kosovo is continuously trying to increase its financial position and to bring new changes in the entire infrastructure of the society for better and positive end results.

    Jobs in Kacanik

    Jobs in Kacanik | Job opportunities in Kacanik

    Kacanik is a settlement and borough in southern Kosovo in the Urosevac constituency and is spared over areas of about 211 km2 with the total population of about 43,454 people in its administration as per national population census conducted ring 2010. Its historic background links with oldest times and of Stone Age era. There are main activities and interests of the general population in Kacanik towards growing of expensive agricultural crops as well as on dairy businesses to get maximum quantity of milk and meat and the major left over supplies are stored accordingly in Kacanik and are shipped in the other countries as export commodities of Kacanik. Its departmental hierarchy is segregated according to the needs and situation whilst the major developmental tasks of the society are also in practices and under construction to increase its employment market in Kacanik.

    Jobs in Suva Reka

    Jobs in Suva Reka | Job opportunities in Suva Reka

    Suva Reka is a settlement and borough in the Prizren constituency of southern Kosovo and is situated around 19 km away from the town of Prizren and 58 km from Prishtina regions in Kosovo and is carrying about 38,000 people in its society according to the national population census conducted during 2010. Its name is derived from the Albanian language meaning as the “dry river” and is called due to the close existence of dry water reservoirs of the society. Overall financial opposition and national economy is on growth stage and needs much in terms of government aid and external support of International and foreign donor organizations. The antique fortress of Theranda is also situated near Prizren and contains much attraction for the visitors and travelers as well as major attraction for the research students that love to come in the community of Suva Reka and spend time in study and research work of the same.

    Jobs in Malisevo

    Jobs in Malisevo | Job opportunities in Malisevo

    Malisevo is a township and metropolis in the Prizren locality of central Kosovo and contains nearly 60,000 people in its administrative land areas of Kosovo according to the national population census conducted during 2010. It remained under administration of Bajrakut of Ostrozubit. The Albanian Kosovo majority if residents of the society since last many centuries and apart from Albanians there are many other minorities belonging to the Christianity or Hindu population. Overall financial position of the city is somehow manageable and good but still needs much strive of the local authorities to increase the earning channels and developmental projects to increase its employment market and to accommodate wide range of job seekers in its different employment concerns of Kosovo. Agricultural advancements and technological expansions are main sector that has employed hundreds of fresh graduates in different and handsome employment opportunities of Malisevo.

    Jobs in Dragas

    Jobs in Dragas | Job opportunities in Dragas

    Dragas is a settlement and borough in the Prizren constituency of southern Kosovo that contains nearly 43,584 inhabitants in its community as per national population census conducted during 2011. It was mainly developed and established by the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo and it were they who laid a proper foundation of a civilized society in Kosovo, introduced modern living trends and general behavioral approaches. Present financial system and economy of the city is on growth stage and is not considered as stable one as compare to the other cities and towns of Kosovo. Dragas general population is earning average income that is not sufficient to support their families so majority of the population in Dragas love to work in double shifts just to increase the buying capacity of their family heads.

    Jobs in Podujevo

    Jobs in Podujevo | Job opportunities in Podujevo

    Podujevo is a settlement and borough sited in the district of Pristina in eastern Kosovo and is administrated by the government in effective and productive ways and has provided upmost essentials of an advanced society and modern life in the community of Podujevo. It is situated and located in the provincial motorway and railroad transient of the country. It is the official capital city and cantonment of Kosovo having approximate population of about 35,000 inhabitants according to the national population census conducted during 2009. Albanian language is mostly spoken and written in the entire cultural aspects of Kosovo and 6th century is remembered as when the first time record of the city was written in the historic books of the society in Kosovo. Financially it is a stable cum struggling city of the country having major depend on its agricultural growth and related sectors.

    Jobs in Obilic

    Jobs in Obilic | Job opportunities in Obilic

    Obilic is a settlement and borough in central Kosovo and have several subdivision and sub areas of Kosovo for better administration over the growing society. There are around 20 villages, few wards, few constituencies and related segregated communities of Obilic. There are around 30,000 people residing in the community of Obilic and are linked with multiple tasks for sake of better earning and related employment. Mining firms of the region are graded as main employers of Kosovo that works different underground wealthy products of the city and provide best employment opportunities to the local population in different areas of life. Albanian is the most common and frequently spoken languages of the city and English and other native languages are secondary demanding linguistic approaches. Kosovo Albanian, Kosovo Serbs, Roma, Ashkali and Bosnian Serbs are the main inhabitants of the city that are residing in the community since so long practicing their religion activities according to their faith.

    Jobs in Novo Brdo

    Jobs in Novo Brdo | Job opportunities in Novo Brdo

    Novo Brdo is a settlement and borough in the Pristina locality of eastern Kosovo that contain nearly or about less than 10,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2011. First time its name was written on the history books during 13th century and that was a starting age of the city. Albanian is the most and widely spoken language of the society. Major depend of its earning sector is towards production of agricultural and FMCG goods on large scale due to high demand in the nearby markets and cities of the Kosovo. Novo Brdo is a best place of mining firms as there are huge underground mining reserves of the society that are a main source of wealth and rise in Novo Brdo. It is needed to have a strong grip over the crucial aspects of the society to get the good and positive need results in terms of production.