All the Jobs in Kazakhstan

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  • Jobs in Pavlodar

    Jobs in Pavlodar | Job Opportunities in Pavlodar

    Pavlodar is a province of Kazakhstan and the capital city of Pavlodar districts having almost 380,200 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It borders by Russia and Kazakh provinces including Akmola, East Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan and Karagandy. Huge influx of Ukraine people made it dense populated during last few years who love to attain its permanent residence. Irtysh River is flowing close to the city and provides many restaurants, hotels and natural resorts along the bank and creates huge imports & exports among China & Russia. Russian weapons and textile products are very common in the area of Pavlodar. National economy is relatively poor but government strives to enhance the desired growth parameters. Industrial reformation is a major step towards its benchmark. Pavlodar city is fertile for agricultural growth of several crops but excessive warships and uncertainty among residents did not focus in that sector.

    Jobs in Taraz

    Jobs in Taraz | Job Opportunities in Taraz

    Taraz is a city and a center of the Jambyl Province in Kazakhstan. It is situated in south of Kazakhstan near the borders of Talas River having an estimated population of 530,100 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. Talas are the oldest region of the city along the Silk Road. Taraz faced many warship attacks during its historical background and caused slump in its national income. Continuous efforts by the local government have made it possible to attain the status of stable economic state of the country. Basically Taraz is a hilly region containing several short & tall hill stations around that are blessed by the abundance of underground reserves containing minerals and petroleum products. Apart from mining industry, agricultural crops and industrial products contribute a lot in the development of its entire infrastructure in Taraz.

    Jobs in Shymkent

    Jobs in Shymkent | Job Opportunities in Shymkent

    Shymkent is the capital city of South Kazakhstan and is the thickest populated area of the country with a total population of 697,380 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010 occupying an average land area of 986 KM square. It is just 692 km away from the city of Almaty. Its national economy is reasonably stable and mainly dependant of mining, industrial growth and tourism industry. Apart from industrial growth, there are various manufacturing and processing houses of zinc, karakul pelts, textiles, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Major exports are shipped in the neighboring counties of Kazakhstan and huge revenue is earned in Dollar and Euro currency. People of the Shymkent are very civilized and focus to work for double shifts to earn more and more income. It is predicted that coming few years will be very lucky for the reformation and upgrading of its domestic industry in Shymkent.

    Jobs in Karagandy

    Jobs in Karagandy | Job Opportunities in Karagandy

    Karagandy is a third main city of Kazakhstan located in the eastern stream of Angola River. It has more than 1.1 million population as per national population census conducted during 2008. Karagandy has several industrial sectors serving in the area and making huge amount of export products from electrical to electronic products. Textile and garments manufacturing is very common in small scaled production units. Majority of the local residents is Muslim by belief and various minorities including Christian, Hindu and Sikhs are also on record. Industrial reformation is very important part of its national growth and success in trade & commerce sector during last few years. It has reasonably high GDP of 2010 and indicates good and steady growth in coming few years. It is forecasted by the European researchers that Karagandy will be a major industrial hub on 2015.

    Jobs in Qaraghandy

    Jobs in Qaraghandy | Job Opportunities in Qaraghandy

    Qaraghandy Province is a portion of Kazakhstan and is the capital of Karaganda districts. It has an estimated population of more than 1,476,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Soviet Union ruling period prolonged from the forecasted period that changed the entire structure of the town and developed many building and commercial centers in Qaraghandy. It is predicted that coming few years will be very lucky for the industrial growth and technological enhancement. Presently government of Kazakhstan is spending huge amount of its national budget for promotional policies and reformation of its destroyed culture. National economy of Qaraghandy is mainly dependant of agricultural crops, industrial revival and tourism. It covers an overall estimated land area of 4500, km square and that is mainly covered by the roman population.

    Jobs in Almaty

    Jobs in Almaty | Job Opportunities in Almaty

    Almaty is the former capital and still chief city in Kazakhstan having more than 1,648,500 inhabitant as per national population census conducted during 20010. Almaty has developing economy and many financial institutes are functioning in the area with the collaboration of RFCA and Air Astana Center in Almaty. Telecommunication modes of the city are very developed and latest in its technology. Its hilly background caries several telecommunication towers in Kazakhstan i.e. The city television tower, Alma-Ata Tower and tamale tower beside beautiful amusement parks & restaurants. Education level of the Almaty city is consisted upon International IT University, Kazakh-British Technical University, University of International Business, Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Telecommunications, Kazakh-American University, Kazakh National Technical University and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

    Jobs in Astana

    Jobs in Astana | Job opportunities in Astana

    Astana, is the capital and second biggest city of Kazakhstan, with a population of around 750,700. It is located in the north-central part of Kazakhstan. By 2007, Astana’s populace has more than doubled since the move, to over 600,000. Immigrant workers have been fascinated from across Kazakhstan and neighboring states such as Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and Astana is a magnet for young professionals seeking to build a career. This has altered the city’s demographics, bringing more ethnic Kazakhs to a city that formerly had a Slave majority. In 1999, Astana had a populace of 281,000. The ethnic mix was about 30% Kazakh and 70% Russian, Ukrainian and German. As of city population count preliminary results Astana has 700,000 residents.

    Jobs in Kazakhstan

    Jobs in Kazakhstan | Job opportunities in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan, officially called the Republic of Kazakhstan, is an Asian country which is ranked as the ninth biggest country in the world. It is also the world’s biggest surrounded by land country. Its territory of 2,727,300 km² is greater than Western Europe. It is neighbored by Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and also boundaries on an important part of the Caspian Sea. Kazakhstan declared itself a free country on December 16, 1991, the last Soviet republic to do so. It is now well thought-out to be the leading state in Central Asia. The country is a member of lots of international organizations, including the United Nations, NATO’s Partnership for Peace, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Kazakhstan allows liberty in religion, and many different beliefs are represented in the country. Islam is the chief religion. The Kazakh language is the state language, while Russian is also officially used.