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  • Jobs in Kumamoto

    Jobs in Kumamoto | Job Opportunities in Kumamoto

    Kumamoto is the capital city of Kumamoto state in Kyushu island of Japan. It has a total population of 1,560,000, inhabitants as of 2000 Census. Although it is an adjoining city of Fukuoka Kitakyushu, but does not reporting to the Fukuoka districts of Japan. Shimotori and Kamitori are main industrial and commercial areas of Kumamoto, famous for shopping exhibition area & city blocks. Various small brokers and retailers are observed in these areas to merchandise their products. Kumamoto is home of organizing various festivals and social gatherings to congregate a crowd annually. There are several airlines and local transport coaches in downtown areas of Kumamoto following furious Trams. Kotsu Centre is a busiest bus terminal of the state providing several local routes and intercity traveling with nominal service charges. Railway network of Japan is excellent in its trend and serves the city with its busy operation.

    Jobs in Nerima

    Jobs in Nerima | Job Opportunities in Nerima

    Nerima is one of the 24th extraordinary wards of Tokyo having an estimated population of 783,805 inhabitants as of 2009 population census. It has small land area of almost 49 km². Nerima has good business relations with Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, Haidian District, Beijing and Far East countries containing various agricultural forms, occupying an average land area of 04 KM square. Nerima is a big producer of both cabbage (Flower & covered) in Tokyo and having over 40% direct exports in neighboring countries of Japan. Nerima daikon radish is grown for pickling. It has strong economy and high per capital income of the residents working in more than 573 different factories. Major exports and manufacturing products of Nerima include machinery, parts for radio, TV, Computers and communication equipment with the addition of high-tech machinery.

    Jobs in Shizuoka

    Jobs in Shizuoka | Job Opportunities in Shizuoka

    Shizuoka is a territory of Japan located in Shizuoka regions beside Rumba River. It has an estimated population of almost 455,986 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008 on 14,578 KM square land area. Shizuoka is a thick populated region of Japan that has reasonable economy and strong interaction with high-tech industries and electronic manufacturing factories. Major earning sector of Shizuoka is Nippon air services that have been operating its scheduled flights between adjoining cities and neighboring international countries of the world. Excellent transportation and fully loaded advanced & automatic trains, buses and ferries play a vital role in the development of its tourism industry. Nearby villages of Shizuoka are main producer of milk, meat and leather to fulfill the local requirements whereas left over products are shipped in the European markets.

    Jobs in Sakai

    Jobs in Sakai | Job Opportunities in Sakai

    Sakai is a city of Japan situated in the northern region of Sakai districts beside Kawasaki. It has an estimated population of around 217,986 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Its total land area is about 12,986 KM square blessed with fertile agricultural land, industrial growth and mature tourism industry. Sakai has relatively mediocre economy that is on growth stage and it is predicted that by the end of 2014, it will be declared as developed city of Japan. Road transportation modes of Sakai town are much better and provides smooth journey to the voyagers around the country. There are four major railway stations in Sakai region providing in time travel services to the passengers. Industrial reformation is a big source of reduced unemployment ration in Japan.

    Jobs in Chiba

    Jobs in Chiba | Job Opportunities in Chiba

    Chiba is a city of Japan situated in the Greater Tokyo region having an estimated population of more than 213,547 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. It has an average land area of 2,179 KM square blessed by agricultural crops, industrial sector, advancement of information technology and tourism. Jungles around the city of Chiba are esteemed with carnivorous animals and unique species. Chiba is the principal industrial vicinity of Japan beside long shoreline on Tokyo Bay. In 1949, Chiba was preferred for a foremost Kawasaki Steel factory to start its bulk commercial production to meet the requirements of third world countries. During that period, Chiba was the only city that had cheap labor, easy availability of raw material and relaxed trade policies. Apart from motorcycle manufacturing there are other commercial sectors of Chiba town including Chemical production, petrochemical refining and machine production.

    Jobs in Kitakyushu

    Jobs in Kitakyushu | Job Opportunities in Kitakyushu

    Kitakyushu is a city situated in Fukuoka realm of Japan and comes on the midway between Tokyo and Shanghai. It has an estimated population of more than 365,596 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. As per census 2008, it is also declared that there are more men than women in the city and occupying almost 2,321 KM square land area. Kitakyushu has strong economy and reasonable per capita income indicating a relaxed and luxurious life standard of the residents. Nippon Steel Corporation is a big name in manufacturing and processing of steel products that is serving the Kitakyushu district for last many decades and provides employment to half of the local population. Tobata plants and Zenrin Company are making software and digital products to serve its clients from all over the globe.

    Jobs in Sendai

    Jobs in Sendai | Job Opportunities in Sendai

    Sendai is the capital of Miyagi zone in Japan and declared as prevalent city of Tohoku Region. The city of Sendai has a total population of around one million as per national population census conducted during 2008. It came into existence during 1600 by the daimyo Date Masamune, a famous historic leader of Japan. Sendai is surrounded by dense forests and green trees therefore its name was derived as the City of Trees. There are various types and species of herbs and trees available in Sendai including zelkova trees used for medication. Sendai Tanabata Festival is a major function of the area to attract tourists to earn foreign capital. It is a common tradition in Japan to decorate its tree with colorful lights and wallpapers throughout December before this festival. It has strong foreign trade policy contributing in the development and growth of its national income.

    Jobs in Yono

    Jobs in Yono | Job Opportunities in Yono

    Yono is a city in Saitama region of Japan that came in its confederation during 1958. It is survived between Urawa and Omiya. Yono has an estimated population of more than 352,698 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008 and lying on an average land area about 12,896 KM square with majority of Catholic inhabitants. Presently Japan is attaining the status of leading national economy of the world after United States and China according to GDP and international purchasing power. Yono has very strong economy and high per capita income of the residents just because of plentiful resources of national / international manufacturing concerns operating in the area since so long. There are various manufacturing plants of auto parts & mobiles of excellent quality that are high in demand in rest of the third world countries.

    Jobs in Hiroshima

    Jobs in Hiroshima | Job Opportunities in Hiroshima

    Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima territory and the extensive city of Chugoku district of Japan. It has very bad memory and history because it is the first ever city smashed by atomic explosion on August 1945 before the ending of World War II. Hiroshima attained municipality status in 1889 and got status of elected city in 1891. Hiroshima is major economic center of heavy industries & Hiroshima port and an International Airport commonly used for goods carriage. It is a major producer of world famous 04-08 cylinder vehicles including Mazda cars, car parts and industrial equipment. Mazda car is very important for its national growth that contributes almost 32 % annually in its nation income. Foremost vehicle export models of Hiroshima are Mazda Demio, Mazda CX-9 and Mazda RX-8, Mazda CX-7, and Flat Rock Michigan.

    Jobs in Kawasaki

    Jobs in Kawasaki | Job Opportunities in Kawasaki

    Kawasaki is a city in Kanagawa, Japan flanked by Tokyo and Yokohama. It is 9th major town according to population in Japan and leading city of Greater Tokyo. Kawasaki is spread almost 32 km beside the bank of Tama River and divides the Tokyo. Its fertile land is blessed by major manufacturing industries of auto parts, automobiles and motorbikes of Tokyo Bay. Kawasaki holds the status of pioneer in producing a world racing bike named “Kawasaki” in its land area and export in rest of the world. The name of Kawasaki is derived from two names of Kawa & Saki meaning meeting points of Kawa River. It has strong national economy and highest per capita income of Japan leading towards a civilized society. Many other international machinery brands and producers have shifted their business towards Kawasaki to get benefits of its international share.