All the Jobs in Iraq

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  • Jobs in Mosul

    Jobs in Mosul | Job Opportunities in Mosul

    Mosul is a city of northern Iraq and the capital state of Ninawa Governorate almost 400 kilo meters away from Baghdad. Major part of the city is situated on Tigris River opposite to the historic city of Nineveh. Presently both the areas have come across at a meeting point and have constructed 05 major bridges on the banks for commercial trade and traveling in Mosul. Majority of its population is Arab with mixture of Kurdish, Assyrians, Turcoman and Armenian minorities declaring it the second major city of Iraq after Baghdad. University of Mosul is the biggest university of the country engaging thousands of students annually that was established in 1967 after the merger of seminary of medication. It has good economic position among its neighboring cities of Iraq and provides a reasonable life standard to its residents.

    Jobs in Al Mawsil al Jadidah

    Jobs in Al Mawsil al Jadidah | Job Opportunities in Al Mawsil al Jadidah

    Al Mawsil al Jadidah is a city of Iraq having very old history dating back to biblical age and still considered as a central place for many religions i.e. Christians, Muslims and Jews. It has an estimated population of almost 02 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is mainly a mining town and has several industries of petroleum and natural gas providing services in the entire Iraq. Majority of the local residents is Muslim and second major population of the country is Christian and Jews. Arabic is national language commonly spoken in the offices and public places. Al Mawsil al Jadidah has stable and strong economy of Iraq have highest per capita income of the population.

    Jobs in Al Basrah

    Jobs in Al Basrah | Job Opportunities in Al Basrah

    Basra is the capital of Al Basra Province in Iraq having an estimated population of 3.8 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is the main harbor of Iraq having access to the shallow waters beside the port of Umm Qasr. The city has many historic links and myths as it is a home of Garden of Eden where Adam & Eve were landed by God. Presently it is a major town of Islamic gatherings and majority of Muslim inhabitants after Baghdad. Al Basrah is situated beside the Shatt-Al-Arab waterway at Persian Gulf. There are many complex networks of canals and watercourses for its irrigation system. These canals are also used for the carriage of goods and wooden stuff from one place to another.

    Jobs in Baghdad

    Jobs in Baghdad | Job opportunities in Baghdad

    Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and of Baghdad Governorate, with which it is coterminous. Having a municipal populace estimated at 6.5 million, it is the biggest city in Iraq and the second biggest in the Arab World. It is situated on the River Tigris, the city dates back to the 8th century and was once the center of the Muslim world. The city is located on a plain bisected by the River Tigris. The Tigris divides Baghdad in half, with the eastern half being called ‘Risafa’ and the Western half known as ‘Karkh’. The ground on which the city is built is plane and low-lying, being of alluvial origin due to the periodic large floods which have occurred on the river.

    Jobs in Iraq

    Jobs in Iraq | Job opportunities in Iraq

    Iraq officially the Republic of Iraq, also known as Mesopotamia, is a country in West of Asia straddling most of the northwestern ending of the Zagros mountain range, the eastern part of the Syrian Desert and the northern part of the Arabian Desert. Iraq has boundaries with Jordan to the western side, Syria to the northwestern side, Turkey to the northern side, Iran to the eastern side, and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the southern side. Iraq has a narrow section of shoreline measuring 58 km on the northern Persian Gulf. The capital city, Baghdad, is in the center-west of the country.