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  • Jobs in Surabaya

    Jobs in Surabaya | Job Opportunities in Surabaya

     Surabaya is Indonesia’s second biggest city, and the capital of the province of East Java. It is situated on the northern coast of eastern Java at the bank of the Mas River and along the edge of the Madura Strait. In the country the city is known as “the city of heroes”, because of the importance of the Battle of Surabaya in galvanising Indonesian and international support for Indonesian independence during the Indonesian National Revolution. The estimated population of the city was about 3 million in 2007. It is the busiest ports in the country. Its main exports include sugar, tobacco and coffee. It has a large shipyard, and numerous specialized naval schools. The city is home to several offices and business centers. Surabaya’s economy is also influenced by the recent development in foreign industries and the completion of the Suramadu Bridge. The city is currently in the process of building high-rise skyscrapers like apartments, condominiums and hotels as a way of attracting foreign people to the city.

    Jobs in Palembang

    Jobs in Palembang | Job Opportunities in Palembang

    Palembang is the capital city of Southern Sumatra Province of Indonesia. The city was previously known as the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Srivijaya. Situated on the Musi River banks on the eastern shore of southern Sumatra island, the total area of the city is around 400,61 square kilometers and the estimated population of the city was about 1.441.500. Palembang is the second-biggest city in Sumatra after Medan and the seventh biggest city in Indonesia. The main landmarks of the city include Ampera bridge and the Musi River which divides the city into two, Seberang Ilir to the north and Seberang Ulu to the south. The Seberang Ilir is the economic and cultural centre and the Seberang Ulu is the political centre.

    Jobs in Medan

    Jobs in Medan | Job Opportunities in Medan

     Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Situated in the northern portion of the province along the shore, the city is the fourth biggest in Indonesia. It is surrounded by Deli Serdang Regency from the eastern, southern and western sides, and the Strait of Malacca from the northern side. The city contains mixed communities, representing its history. It is well known throughout Indonesia as the home of the Batak people, although, conventionally it is a Melayu Kampung. Recently a lot more of the Batak ethnic minorities have come to the city to make what was once a minority becomes a fairly sized community. But Batak homelands are found all through North Sumatra. In addition, there is a big ethnic Javanese community, mainly made up of the descendants of people transported from Java in the last century as part of the government’s transmigration policy, an effort to ease the chronic overcrowding of Java.

    Jobs in Jayapura

    Jobs in Jayapura | Job Opportunities in Jayapura

    Jayapura City is the capital of Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea. It is located on Yos Sudarso Bay previously called Humboldt Bay. The estimated population of the city was about 200,000 in 2002. From 1910 to 1962, the city was called Hollandia and was the capital of a district of the same name in the northeast of West New Guinea. It was shortly known as Kota Baru and Sukarnopura before assuming its present name in 1968. The literal meaning of Jayapura, as of Jaipur in Rajasthan, is ‘City of Victory’.

    Jobs in Bandung

    Jobs in Bandung | Job Opportunities in Bandung

     Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, and the country’s third biggest city, and 2nd biggest metropolitan area. The estimated population of the entire metropolitan area was around 7.4 million in 2007. Situated 768 m (2,520 ft) above sea level, the city has relatively year-around cooler temperature than most other Indonesian cities. The city is located on a river basin and bounded by volcanic mountains. This geography of the city is a good natural defense system, which was the main reason of Dutch East Indies government’s plan to move the colony capital from Batavia to this city.

    Jobs in Jakarta

    Jobs in Jakarta | Job opportunities in Jakarta

    Jakarta is the capital and biggest city of Indonesia. It was formerly known as Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, Batavia, and Djakarta. Positioned on the northwestern shore of Java, it has a region of 661.52 square kilometers and a populace of 8,489,910. Jakarta is the country’s financial, educational and political hub. Jakarta is the 12th biggest city in the world; the metropolitan region, called Jabodetabek, is now the second biggest in the world.

    Jobs in Indonesia

    Jobs in Indonesia | Job opportunities in Indonesia

    The Republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia contains 17,508 islands. With a populace of approximately 237 million people, it is the world’s fourth most densely inhabited country, with the world’s major inhabitants of Muslims.

    Indonesia is a republic, with an elected parliament and president. The nation’s capital is Jakarta. The country boundaries with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries include Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.