All the Jobs in Iceland

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  • Jobs in Iceland

    Jobs in Iceland | Job Opportunities in Iceland

    Iceland is a European state in North Atlantic Ocean. It has an estimated population about 330,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008 occupying an average land area of 103,000 km square. Its capital and prevalent city is Reykjavík that is famous for having variety of domestic handicrafts and sports knitwear manufacturing. Major population of Iceland is Christian and follower of National Church of Iceland. Iceland’s bureaucrat written and verbal language is Icelandic. It is very attractive city for merchants and traders due to having free market, low taxes and rebate systems. It is well developed nation and holds a strong economic infrastructure providing highest per capita income to the local residents. United Nations and Human Development Index have contributed a lot in its development as the same city was in very pathetic condition during 19th century.

    Jobs in Reykjavik

    Jobs in Reykjavik | Job Opportunities in Reykjavik

    Reykjavík is the capital and major city of Iceland situated on southern shoreline of Faxafloi Bay. It has an estimated population of more than 125,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is a major economic and commercial center of Iceland. It is known as the first settlement in Iceland dating back to 870. There are various companies, financial institutes and banks offering facilities to the local residents and businessmen to settle their industry. It has good earning options and high per capita income of the residents. Main earning sector of Reykjavik is Islandsbanki Bank, Siminn elecoms, Baugur Group, Eimskip Transport, FRISK Software International and HB Grandi brands leading to a high and lavish life style. Alcohol & usage of beer was banned in the area till 19th century but presently there are many relaxed policies for the same.

    Jobs in Hafnarfjordur

    Jobs in Hafnarfjordur | Job Opportunities in Hafnarfjordur

    Hafnarfjordur is a harbor town situated on southwest beach of Iceland just 11 km away from Reykjavik. It is third major populated city of Iceland with a total population of about 26,803 inhabitants as per national population census 2008. A smelter Alcan is a big industrial name in Hafnarfjordur for providing steel manufacturing & processing plants in the region and biggest employer of the town. Hafnarfjordur is rich in producing its own internal energy plants and exporting in the neighboring markets. It has well organized road transportation network mainly connected by major highways and well maintained motorways passing by the beautiful valleys and hills stations of the city. Taxis and government provided buses provide an easy access to the adjoining cities and town of Iceland.

    Jobs in Kopavogur

    Jobs in Kopavogur | Job Opportunities in Kopavogur

    Kopavogur is the city of Iceland and considered as second biggest metropolis having an estimated population of more than 31,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It is situated in the southwest of Reykjavik and is a sub region of Greater Reykjavík region. The town of Kopavogur is esteemed by numerous churches and architectural structures offering beautiful Ariel view. It has main depend on its agricultural growth and production of wheat, gram, cotton and soybean. People of Kopavogur enjoys a reasonable life and relaxed working environment in its official & industrial environment. Quite a few small scaled domestic industries produce hand made products, handicrafts and flat carpets that are exported in the neighboring markets with high profits. It has good and friendly relation with the neighboring countries that support in its export market.