All the Jobs in Haiti

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  • Jobs in Haiti

    Jobs in Haiti | Job Opportunities in Haiti

    Haiti is a Caribbean country occupying western portion of the Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It has total land area of almost 27,760 square kilometers with an estimated population of more than 356,985 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It has reasonably attractive per capita income of around $1,339 and using the currency of Gourde. Overall condition of the country is very pathetic and poor in the Americas. French is most common language spoken in the offices and in general public. Government is expanding its industrial sector to engage majority of unemployed population and create new earning chances. Present economy of Haiti is on growth stage and seems that it will take many more years to stabilize. Road network of the Haiti is mostly unpaved and people tend to travel by hard practice during rainy seasons.

    Jobs in Port-au-Prince

    Jobs in Port-au-Prince | Job Opportunities in Port-au-Prince

    Port-au-Prince is the capital and prevalent city of Caribbean nation of Haiti. It has an estimated population of more than 700,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2004. The city is situated beside the Gulf of Gonave. It has large metro line network in the city and enables comfortable traveling among the cities of Haiti. Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Hispaniola was mainly occupied by the Taino residents dating back 2600 BC. Majority of the Taino residents belong to the old tribes of Venezuela. Port-au-Prince is one of the leading economic centers of Haiti. Major export products of the city include coffee and sugar, baseballs, soap, textile and cement. Cheap labor is available in the area; therefore, manufacturing concerns of the town can get manpower easily.

    Jobs in Carrefour

    Jobs in Carrefour | Job Opportunities in Carrefour

    Carrefour is a mostly housing colony and poor group home in Port-au-Prince municipal area. The district of Carrefour has an estimated population of 468,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2004. Workers of central Port-au-Prince are known by the name of Bed room community in the neighboring states. Its total land area is about 165 km2 mainly used for agricultural crops and quite a few industrial sectors in the entire Carrefour. Majority of local resident lives below the poverty line and several national & international organizations are supporting them accordingly. IMF and world bank has been participating actively in the development of Haiti and especially the unattended areas of Carrefour. Government of Haiti is spending huge annual budget on the reformation of its departments and institutes.

    Jobs in Delmas 73

    Jobs in Delmas 73 | Job Opportunities in Delmas 73

    Delmas 73 is a city in Ouest regions of Haiti having an estimated population of more than 450,986 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006 and occupying an average land area of 568 KM square. Its land area is mainly used for agricultural crops of wheat, cotton, gram, sugarcane and cocoa. People of the town are very poor and national economy of Delmas 73 is not appreciable. Poor farmers of Haiti grow wheat and care for cattle farms to produce milk & meat for local use. Government of Haiti is developing new plans for the upgrading of Delmas 73’s infrastructure from government departments to private sector, industry to manufacturing and retail services. People of Delmas 73 have low per capita income. World Bank has declared it as the poorest city of the world.

    Jobs in Cap-Haitien

    Jobs in Cap-Haitien | Job Opportunities in Cap-Haitien

    Cap-Haitien is a city of Haiti having a total population of almost 200,000 citizens. It is a famous historical city having old traditions and culture. Cap-Haitien’s distance from Port-au-Prince is about 32 KM. On February, 2004, militants took over the charge of the region and opposed the rule of Haitian government. It is surrounded by hilly mountains and flowing rivers beside the city providing a beautiful sight. It is considered as the biggest pillar of its economic growth, Historic monuments and Tourism industry. It has many beaches that are major source of tourists visit in the area. There are many schools and colleges in the city that are owned by the local churches and missionaries teach the educational syllabus in Cap-Haitien. Private and public schools of the town are composed by good infrastructure of the Academic Excellence.

    Jobs in Petionville

    Jobs in Petionville | Job Opportunities in Petionville

    Petionville is a commune and a suburb of Port-au-Prince in Haiti in the hilly regions of Massif de la Selle. It is a major industrial and tourist sector of Haiti including several factories and manufacturing concerns of plastic, steal, leather and crafts in Petionville with the addition of various tourists’ attraction and visiting spots. Relatively it has strong economic infrastructure as compare to other cities of the Haiti. Petionville is a rich industrial state of Haiti that has huge plants of processing and recycling leading towards a wealthiest part of the Haiti. Majority of the elite class in Petionville love to study, work, business or reside in the region to get advantage of several benefits. It is a major job placement center of the city and considered as a leading town providing shelter and better living options to the middle and lower class of Haiti.