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  • Jobs in Guyana

    Jobs in Guyana | Job Opportunities in Guyana

    Guyana is a self-governing state on northern shore of South America and a famous cultural division of Anglophone Caribbean. Guyana remained a previous colony of the British, Dutch, and French rulers. It has many affiliations with the international agencies and departments including Commonwealth, Caribbean Community and IMF. Georgetown is the capital city of Guyana. It attained it independence from United Kingdom in 1966 and turned into a Republic state in 1970. It is an expensive city and cost much while residing or traveling in Guyana. Majority of the daily FMCG is imported from the European markets and thus become costly due to traveling, transportation and numerous over heads. Rice and Demerara sugar are major agricultural products of the city whereas bauxite mining, gold mining, timber, shrimp fishing and minerals are other earning sectors of Guyana.

    Jobs in Georgetown

    Jobs in Georgetown | Job Opportunities in Georgetown

    Georgetown is a second biggest city of Guyana having an estimated population of 259,257 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2005. It the capital city and leading town of Guyana situated in Demerara Mahaica districts of the country. Demerara River flows beside the city and provides excellent sightseeing as well as sailing and tourism facilities. Georgetown is a first and foremost retail and administrative center providing financial services to the residents of Guyana. It is prevalent city containing higher portion of major businesses and commercial trade. World famous CARICOM headquarters is situated in the territory of Guyana beside Georgetown. Transportation modes and road network is excellent and provides an easy access to the neighboring cities of Guyana. Ogle Airport is an important air terminal for domestic, regional and international flights.

    Jobs in Linden

    Jobs in Linden | Job Opportunities in Linden

    Linden is the second leading town in Guyana following Georgetown and capital town of Upper Demerara-Berbice region. It attained the status of town in 1970, lying beside the Demerara River with an estimated population of more than 69,000 citizens as per national population census conducted during 2004. It is a home to many bauxite mines ranging from 61–92 meters yawning. English is an official language of Linden commonly spoken and written in the area. Apart from English there are many other native languages which are also in practice but English is mostly encouraged. 59% of the total population is Christian, 27% Hindu, 9% Muslim and 2% perform other beliefs. Majority of the Guyanese Christian is Protestants or Roman Catholics. One major reason of the downfall of Guyana economy was that it had insufficient health care facilities in its hospitals and dispensaries.