All the Jobs in Guinea

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  • Jobs in Guinea

    Jobs in Guinea | Job opportunities in Guinea

    Guinea is a country of West Africa previously recognized as French Guinea and often called by the name of Guinea-Conakry to differentiate it from its neighboring Guinea-Bissau. Conakry is the well known and capital city of the country attaining the seat of the national government. It is declared the biggest and largest city in its neighboring region. Guinea has vast land area figuring about 247,000 square kilometers with an estimated population of about 10 million inhabitants. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cote DIvoire. Richest water flow of Niger River cultivates the agricultural land area of Guinea and its adjoining villages. There are more than 24 ethnic groups and pressure groups actively functioning in the Guinea districts including Fula, Mandinka and Susu.

    Jobs in Bata

    Jobs in Bata | Job opportunities in Bata

    Bata is rich and biggest city in Guinea having leading seaport and relevant facilities for the shipper and sailors. It has more than 100,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2009 and occupying an average land area about 10,000 KM square. It is quite lesser than the city of Malabo lying near the Atlantic Ocean of Río Muni. Formerly capital of the Equatorial Guinea was Bata regions and considered as a major earning sector, transport hub, port facilitator and commercial zone of the country. It has excellent night life and discounted markets to attend the visitors and local residents. French is official and public language commonly spoken and written in the establishment of Bata city. Apart from French, there are many other languages including Maninka, Susu, Pular, Kissi, Kpelle, and Loma generally practiced in the peripheries of the country.

    Jobs in Malabo

    Jobs in Malabo | Job opportunities in Malabo

    Malabo is the capital and leading city of Guinea situated on northern shoreline of Bioko Island besides sunken volcano. Malabo skin texture is quite steamy wet and bit dry with an average rainfall ranging between 1,800 mm per Annam. Malabo has poor street network that require due maintenance and quick remedial measures to ensure its safe structure. Numerous street names mirror an African nationalist such as “Independence Avenue” or “Patrice Lumumba Road”. Malabo is a town blessed with oil and petroleum products having huge interaction and economy depend on its growth and commercial trade among the western countries. After the discovery of oil products, people of the Malabo city became most rich people of the country and living a lavish life. Well know oil and mining firms of the world are working in Malabo to explore and more and more natural underground reserves.