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  • Jobs in Guam

    Jobs in Guam | Job Opportunities in Guam

    Guam is a territory situated in the western Pacific Ocean and an independent state of the United States. Guam is the major Mariana Islands of United States having very old history dating back to 4,100 years ago. Spain is the only country that had been ruling the country for many years and left many landmarks as a sign of its ruler ship. During World War II, Guam was detained by Japanese forces after huge bombing on Pearl Harbor. Guam’s national economy is mainly reliant of its industrial growth, tourism, and mining. Guam receives no foreign aid therefore it is exempted from general revenues of the U.S. and income or excise taxes. It has excellent road network that connects several cities and districts of United States together.

    Jobs in Dededo

    Jobs in Dededo | Job Opportunities in Dededo

    Dededo is the most occupied village of Guam having more than 50,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006. Dededo is situated on the plateau of Northern Guam. Till World War II, Dededo was placed at the Macheche Hill that expanded rapidly after the end of World War II. It is an agricultural town where farmers grow agricultural crops and care for cattle farms to get meat & milk. Apart from agricultural growth, Dededo has main depend on its industrial revival and tourism industry. Government of Guam is holding a reasonably stable economic infrastructure that is getting progress gradually. Expansion in industrial sector has created several job options for the local residents. Computer technology and internet are the biggest source of providing all the information on door step against a single mouse click therefore, people are well aware about all around happening in Dededo.

    Jobs in Tamuning

    Jobs in Tamuning | Job Opportunities in Tamuning

    Tamuning is a metropolis area of the island of Guam and considered as an important center of Tumon, Harmon Industrial Park, and commercial districts. It has an estimated population of more than 451,125 inhabitations as per national population census conducted during 2006. It is spread over 1,245 KM square land area. Major production of Tamuning is its agricultural crops, industrial export products and handicrafts made in domestic industries. Economically it is on growth stage and achieving required benchmarks in pre scheduled time. Wheat, sugarcane and cotton are mainly produced in the agricultural lands for local use whereas left over products are shipped in the European markets. Nearby settlements of Tamuning are very supportive and providing numerous trade facilities to the city.