All the Jobs in Greece

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  • Jobs in Greece

    Jobs in Greece | Job opportunities in Greece

    Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, located on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is bounded by Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the northern side, and Turkey to the eastern side. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the western side. Athens is the capital; Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Larissa, Volos, Ioannina, Kavalla, Rhodes and Serres are some of the country’s other main cities. Greece contains a mountainous, peninsular mainland jutting out into the sea at the southern end of the Balkans, the Peloponnesus peninsula, and many islands, including Crete, Euboea, Lesbos, Chios, the Dodecanese and the Cycladic groups of the Aegean Sea as well as the Ionian Sea islands. Greece has the tenth longest coastline in the world with 14,880 km; its ground border is 1,160 km.

    Jobs in Heraklion

    Jobs in Heraklion | Job Opportunities in Heraklion

    Heraklion is the principal town of Greece having an estimated population of more than 177,711 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Heraklion Port is an imperative shipping port and ferry dock facilitating huge ships and boats with vast shipyard and storage rooms. Several daily ferries are operated between the ports of Piraeus and Athens on mainland Greece. Heraklion International Airport is a major facilitator for travelers to provide smooth and timely flights. Heraklion has reasonably stable and increasing economy having main rely in agricultural crops, industrial reformation, tourism and shipping. It has hot and humid climate ranging hot & dry during summer seasons whereas observed cool in winters. Spring and autumn seasons are very soothing and romantic in Greece.

    Jobs in Athens

    Jobs in Athens | Job opportunities in Athens

    Athens is the capital and major city of Greece, occupies the Attica periphery, which is one of the oldest cities of the world, its recorded history spans approximately 3,400 years. The Greek capital has a populace of 745,514. The town area has a population of 3,130,841 and a land region of 412 km2. Athens is central to financial, economic, industrial, political and cultural life in Greece. It is swiftly becoming a most important business center in the European Union. In 2008, Athens was ranked the world’s 32nd richest city by purchasing power and the 25th most expensive in a UBS study. Athens spread across the central plain of Attica that is often called Attica Basin. The basin is surrounded by four huge mountains; Mount Aegaleo to the western side, Mount Parnitha to the northern side, Mount Penteli to the northeastern side and Mount Hymettus to the eastern side of the Athens Metropolitan Area. The Saronic Gulf lies in the southwestern side. Mount Parnitha is the tallest of the four mountains and it has been acknowledged a national park.

    Jobs in Peristerion

    Jobs in Peristerion | Job Opportunities in Peristerion

    Peristerion is fourth major town of Greece occupying an average land area about 2,587 KM square. There are more than 254,658 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It is a home to major industrial concerns and small scaled domestic businesses. It has prominence with ancient Greek culture having excellent road network connecting to the all major routes of Greece. Cephissos River is a prominent place in Peristerion that is famous for sailing and boating facilities along with beachside natural resorts. There are plentiful carpet factories and plastic molding firms that engage unskilled labor causing low unemployment ratio in the Peristerion regions. National economy of Peristerion is fairly good and provides an easy life to the residents. Working hours are scheduled according to sunlight and mostly campaigned to switch off energy systems after evenings.

    Jobs in Patras

    Jobs in Patras | Job Opportunities in Patras

    Patras is a third major city of Greece and the provincial capital of Western Greece just 216 KM away from Athens. Patras is constructed on the foothills of Mount Panachaikon and providing a real Ariel beauty. It has an estimated population of almost 322,460 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. In history it was treated as a cosmopolitan centre and according to Catholic believers it is a place of Saint Andrew’s martyrdom. Greek Orthodox archbishopric holds the seat of the city and rules the area according to rules and code of conduct of the territory. Roman Catholics and historical Anglican denominations are in majority and serving the educational infrastructure. Patras has well stable economy of the world and mainly dependent of the annual growth of Banking, Construction and real estate, Tertiary education, Retailing and Tourism.

    Jobs in Piraeus

    Jobs in Piraeus | Job Opportunities in Piraeus

    Piraeus is a city of peripheral land area of Attica. It has an estimated population of more than 575,697 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2005. As per statistics and national annual budget of 2008, it is obvious that Piraeus is a well stable city and developed town of Greece. After Athens, Piraeus is a most beloved spot of visitor in its land area. It occupies an average land are about 5,987 KM square. Industrial growth and comfortable life style has contributed in huge increase of population. Piraeus has an extensive history dating back to 1247AD and still holds the ancient culture of Greece in its daily doings and markets. It has huge mines and shipping centre of Greece. It is considered as a commercial heart of Greek shipping industry. There are many concerns of steal, silver, iron and zinc processing that engage majority of the local citizens in hand some jobs.

    Jobs in Thessaloniki

    Jobs in Thessaloniki | Job Opportunities in Thessaloniki

    Thessaloniki is a territory situated in the western Pacific Ocean and an independent state of the United States. Thessaloniki is the major Mariana Islands of United States having very old history dating back to 4,100 years ago. Spain is the only country that had been ruling the country for many years and left many landmarks as a sign of its ruler ship. During World War II, Thessaloniki was detained by Japanese forces after huge bombing on Pearl Harbor. Thessaloniki’s national economy is mainly reliant of its industrial growth, tourism, and mining. Thessaloniki receives no foreign aid therefore it is exempted from general revenues of the U.S. and income or excise taxes. It has excellent road network that connects several cities and districts of United States together.