All the Jobs in Estonia

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  • Jobs in Estonia

    Jobs in Estonia | Job opportunities in Estonia

    Estonia is a state situated at the Baltic Region of Northern Europe bordered by the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea, Latvia, and the Russian Federation. The territory of Estonia have almost 45,327 km square land area with the majority of Finnic people commonly speaking Estonian & Finnish languages in the offices and general public. Estonia is a parliamentary republic practicing best models of democracy and civilized politics. It has biggest population of the region having almost 1.4 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Estonia has the highest GDP and per capita income of the local residents indicates its steady success and economic infrastructure. Estonia is a wealthy country on its region and has very strong international relations with the leading institutes such as World Bank, IMF and NATO. The United Nations lists Estonia as a well developed country of the world with highest Human Development Index.

    Jobs in Tallinn

    Jobs in Tallinn | Job opportunities in Tallinn

    Tallinn is the capital and principal city of Estonia situated in the western regions of the country. It occupies an average land area about 160 km square with an estimated population of about 472,144 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is about 80 km away from Helsinki, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg. UNESCO World Heritage Sites has declared the Tallinn town as its recorded territory. National economy and world ranking has marked as top 10 digital cities of the world that are using maximum electronic products and digital systems of the world. It has excellent stable economy and highest per capita income of the residents leading to huge buying capacity of the Tallinn people. It has excellent traveling facilities consisting upon buss, coaches, taxis, personal vehicles, railway line and busiest air routes of the globe.

    Jobs in Tartu

    Jobs in Tartu | Job opportunities in Tartu

    Tartu is the second major town of Estonia and considered as a modern political state of the country practicing best models of democracy in its setup and administration. Tartu is declared as an intellectual and cultural hub of Estonia dealing in all type of commercial trade and manufacturing of electronic product. The Emajogi River is a very important point of the city that supports in its wood carriage and defense system. There are various biggest lakes in Tartu providing a beautiful scene and facilities of camping during summer season. Tartu has strong economy and excellent international relations with developed nations of the world. Historically it was famous by the name of Tarbatu till 5th century but was changed during 13th century. Major IT concerns of the country earn huge revenue by producing world’s demanding software and computer applications.

    Jobs in Narva

    Jobs in Narva | Job opportunities in Narva

    Narva is the third major town of Estonia situated in the eastern regions beside Russian border and Narva River. It is occupying an average land area about 85 km2 and has an estimated population of more than 100,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It has strong foreign trade policy, international relations and infrastructure causing highest per capita income of the local residents. Land area of Narva is blessed with agricultural crops and industrial factories. Majority of manufacturing concerns produce quality of electronic products, high-tech machinery, software and textile products. Domestic products of the town are high in demand in the neighboring countries causing bulk commercial production orders of shawls, sports knitwear, handicrafts and flat carpets. It is predicted that continuous growth of the city will rank it on top in developed cities of America.