All the Jobs in El Salvador

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  • Jobs in El Salvador

    Jobs in El Salvador | Job opportunities in El Salvador

    El Salvador is the negligible and most thickly populated country of Central America presently undergoing swift industrialization bordering by Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Honduras, Gulf of Fonseca and Nicaragua. El Salvador has a total population of 5.7 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. San Salvador is the leading capital city of the country. It is geographically situated in Central America and covering almost 8,124 KM square land area. Various small and large Rivers add in the beauty and tourism industry flowing through El Salvador, Pacific Ocean, Goascorán, Jiboa, Torola, Paz and the Río Grande de San Miguel. Lempa River is the only major River of the country that runs beside Guatemala and Honduras. Volcanic craters surround lakes Ilopango , Lake Coatepeque, Lake Guija and lake flora that are major tourist spots and cultural inheritance of the country.

    Jobs in San Salvador

    Jobs in San Salvador | Job opportunities in San Salvador

    San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador and declared as a leading town of the country. It is surrounded by volcanos and lying faced down to earthquakes due to which the same is called “El Valle de las Hamacas”. It is the third principal and thick populated city of Central America and is the fastest growing city of Central America, home to El Salvador’s wealth, commercial trade, transportation hub and energy generating plants. It has excellent economy and highest per capita income flanked by 11,000 USD. San Salvador has very old history dating back to the Spanish invasion of the Pipil civilization. It has developed industrial sector mainly dealing in diamonds, gold, minerals, metals and many more alike. Mining industry of the town is comparatively rich industry due to large excavations and discovery of Gold mines in San Salvador.

    Jobs in Soyapango

    Jobs in Soyapango | Job opportunities in Soyapango

    Soyapango is a metropolis of San Salvador department of El Salvador and considered s a busiest commercial center and shopping malls in its land area offering variety in selling items and export products. Soyapango has almost 300,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Rich infrastructure and highest per capita income of the local resident encourages purchasing fast & furious vehicles from 4-8 cylinders. Road Transport Authority has provided a factious data that there are more than 75,000 registered vehicles in the city providing easy access to the nearby cities and districts of the country. Soya is the nick name of Soyapango city making it clear in the neighboring cities of the state.

    Jobs in Santa Ana

    Jobs in Santa Ana | Job opportunities in Santa Ana

    Santa Ana is the second biggest city of El Salvador situated about 63 kilometers away from San Salvador. Santa Ana has almost 300,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009 and occupying an average land area about 1,569 KM square containing more than 35 colonies and 319 small villages. Coffee is a main export product of the Santa Ana enabling its industrial reformation in excellent manners. Industrial growth and reformation is in process in Santa Ana with huge investments by the local government to make its industrial zone as busiest commercial centers of the country. Santa Ana is an admired tourist destination containing major shopping malls, art theaters and casinos to attract the adults by offering girly services and banned topics in cost effective terms.

    Jobs in San Miquel

    Jobs in San Miquel | Job opportunities in San Miquel

    San Miguel is the fourth biggest city of El Salvador after Santa Ana and Soyapango and considered as most important city after San Salvador situated just 139 km away from San Salvador. It is the capital city of San Miguel having major depend on its agriculture, textile and chemical industries. During last few decades San Miquel faced rapid increase in its national income & GDP due to rapid changes in the entire infrastructure of services sector, especially health care and commerce. San Miquel administration is continuously striving to upgrade its government department, private sector and service industry to make it prominent among other service industries of the city. Keeping in view the government involvement in the development of industrial sector, many foreign investors has showed immense concern to settle their offices in the region.

    Jobs in Mejicanos

    Jobs in Mejicanos | Job opportunities in Mejicanos

    Mejicanos is a city of San Salvador department of El Salvador having an estimated population about 190,751 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It has a great community market offering variety of buy groceries, vegetables, dairy products, meat, papooses etc against nominal service charges. Mejicanos is a strategic point and a main commercial route flanked by several European countries and adjoining cities of the country. It has pathetic road network that normally face traffic jams due to extra transportation as compare to its capacity. Mejicanos is about 600 meters high above the sea level and contains typically warm climate during summer while presents soothing climate during winters and spring seasons. National economy of Mejicanos is on growth stage and government is in the process to reform its service industries including healthcare, maintenance and travelling.