All the Jobs in Dominican Republic

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  • Jobs in Dominican Republic

    Jobs in Dominican Republic | Job opportunities in Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic is a nation on the Hispaniola Island and occupying a greater part of Antilles archipelago on the shoreline of Caribbean Sea. Most of the area is occupied by the Haiti making Hispaniola as a major Caribbean island. Majority of its population is Christian belonging to Roman Catholic denomination in entire Dominican Republic. It is declared by the statistical board of Dominican Republic that it has 95 % Roman Catholic community in its districts and regions. Sooner after influx of other communities and religion groups in Dominican Republic, Catholic Church started losing popularity in tardy 19th century due to lack of financial resources for the administration of dioceses and priests. There is no such confliction between the beliefs of Catholics and Protestants and both are living in the Dominican Republic in a peaceful way and with due respect of each other.

    Jobs in Juan Dolio

    Jobs in Juan Dolio | Job opportunities in Juan Dolio

    Juan Dolio is a small town having very less population about 30,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Mostly people are affiliated with agriculture and producing wheat, corn, cotton, sugarcane and gram on large scale to feed their local residents as well as earn huge amount of foreign capital from its export. It is situated on the beach line of the Caribbean Sea. Juan Dolio has very old history dating back to thousands years ago. During excavation of its ancient places, many mummies and ancient coins, metals and utensils are found. Government of Dominican Republic is spending huge amount of national budget for the reformation of its industrial zone and enable international trade of wheat. Many artifacts are found in the beach area of Juan Dolio mirroring an old fish farming village. People of Juan Dolio enjoys a lavish life and living standard in the city and love to spend some time for recreation and fun time during their free time.

    Jobs in Santo Domingo

    Jobs in Santo Domingo | Job opportunities in Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo is a third major city of Dominican Republic beside the Caribbean shore line. It is a historic city of the country having long history and several hardship stories faced by the forefathers of present citizen. Agricultural growth and farming is a basic business and earning sector of the city but service providing agencies & companies have overtaken the same and attained a leading position of employment offering sector to the local residents in Santo Domingo. Agriculture remains the foremost significant sector in terms of domestic utilization as well as export earnings. Major share of its nation income is contributed from Free Trade Zone earnings, tourism, Real estate, and foreign Remittances from Dominicans breathing abroad. Most common language of the town is Spanish that is admired in schools, colleges and in general public.

    Jobs in Santiago de los Caballeros

    Jobs in Santiago de los Caballeros | Job opportunities in Santiago de los Caballeros

    Santiago de los Caballeros is a leading town and metropolitan of Dominican Republic situated nearby Caribbean Sea. Its history is linked with fishermen and fishing village that came into existence after western fishermen in the area. Spanish residents established this colony on Dominican Republic and awarded Santiago de los Caballeros with the title of metropolis of the country. Internally it is an admired place for tourism. There are many international Hotel chains in the city including Barcelo, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC and many more alike. Food industry and restaurants of Santiago de los Caballeros are earning good amount in terms of annual profits. National income and economic infrastructure of the town is pretty good and industrial growth and major production houses are prime employment center of the country employing almost half of the total population in direct employment. There are many resorts and natural spots causing huge rush during weekends and on holidays.

    Jobs in San Pedro de Macoris

    Jobs in San Pedro de Macoris | Job opportunities in San Pedro de Macoris

    San Pedro de Macoris is a fifth major town and metropolitan area of Dominican Republic beside the Caribbean Sea. It has long costal highway beside the Sea line that is very important in its national trade and commercial exports. San Pedro de Macoris has very friendly relation and relaxed foreign trade policy to attract majority of foreign investors in its land area. There are numerous foreign companies, financial institutes and banks that are functioning in the districts of Dominican Republic and in San Pedro de Macoris for last many decades and have introduced several new banking systems and techniques. Most of the people prefer to reserve their savings in the foreign banks working in San Pedro de Macoris due to higher interest rate and secure money. It is considered a wealthiest city of Dominican Republic due to vast underground natural reserves of oil & gases as well as uranium and petroleum products.

    Jobs in La Romana

    Jobs in La Romana | Job opportunities in La Romana

    La Romana is a sixed leading city of Dominican Republic having main trade via Caribbean Sea and one of its leading seaport. It has strong national infrastructure and economy due to much oil producing companies and mining industrial growth. Various oil trading companies and big giants are main source of employment in the districts of La Romana. Dominican Republic shares major income with the town of La Romana with advancement in its industrial sector and oil refineries. It is a major town of the country that is producing huge amount of petroleum products causing low petrol price and higher national income. Variety of shopping malls and restaurants offers quality of products and multiple savors in affordable cost. Majority of local residents love to visit junk food spots in La Romana.

    Jobs in Benemerita de San Cristobal

    Jobs in Benemerita de San Cristobal | Job opportunities in Benemerita de San Cristobal

    Benemerita de San Cristobal is an educational city of Dominican Republic having high literacy ratio than any other cities of the country. Shipping and fishing are other earning departments of the Benemerita de San Cristobal adding noticeably high in the national income of the country. Ship building and sailing are favorite fields of local resident. Villages of the township produce agricultural crops to feed the nation and nourish different animal farms. Gardening and fruit farming is encouraged on national level to support the export of fruits in European markets. Benemerita de San Cristobal grows quality of fruits including mango, Lemon, black Berry, Guava and Banana that is sent in neighboring markets of the country to earn foreign capital. National economy of the town is pretty good and reflects a luxurious life style of the residents.

    Jobs in San Francisco de Macoris

    Jobs in San Francisco de Macoris | Job opportunities in San Francisco de Macoris

    San Francisco de Macoris is a city of the Dominican Republic and is the capital of the Duarte Province. It is most politically and commercially active city of the country. San Francisco de Macoris is situated in the northeast piece of island beside the Cibao region. Author Hilma Contreras was born in this region and famous by renowned playboy Porfirio Rubirosa. The name San Francisco de Macoris was derived from Saint Francis, patron saint and Macorix. It has a total estimated birth rate about 22.92 per 1000, and death rate of 5.33 per 1000 with only 1.6 percent HIV positive population. Abortion is considered illegal and banned in the area failing which strict punishments are waiting. Criminally it has involvement with cocaine smuggling and narcotic abuse being transferred in United States via its borders.