All the Jobs in Djibouti

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  • Jobs in Djibouti

    Jobs in Djibouti | Job opportunities in Djibouti

    Djibouti is a country in the Horn of African districts bordered by Eritrea in north, Ethiopia in the west, and Somalia in the east and the famous spot for tourists named Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It has an estimated population of about 900,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Islam is major religion of the country having almost 94% of Muslim community in its districts and regions. There are only few Christians ranging from 6% practicing Christianity. Till 19th century, Djibouti remained under confederation and direct administration of French rulers that ventured many treaty agreements with the neighboring countries for peace and commercial trade. Djibouti has been practicing best models of financial institutes and banking. Djibouti connected with the United Nations in September, 1977 and has many military and economic agreements with France.

    Jobs in Ali Sabieh

    Jobs in Ali Sabieh | Job opportunities in Ali Sabieh

    Ali Sabieh is a district of Djibouti whose capital city is Ali Sabieh. Apart from the minorities there are many other localities including Holhol and Ali Adde, Arta Region, Somalia to the east, Ethiopia to the south, and the Dikhil in the west. There are almost 100,000 inhabitants in the city of Ali Sabieh as per national population census conducted during 2009. Two third populations of the city live in the capital city. Major agricultural products of Ali Sabieh are fruit and vegetables mainly exported in the neighboring markets. United Nations World Food Program cautions that 30,000 people will suffer food shortage in near future if preventive measures are not adopted. It has reasonable economic growth and highest per capita income of the local residents in Ali Sabieh.

    Jobs in Tadjoura

    Jobs in Tadjoura | Job opportunities in Tadjoura

    Tadjoura is the oldest city of Djibouti and is the capital city of Tadjourah Region beside the Gulf of Tadjoura having almost 30,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Tadjoura is home to many airstrips, ferries and like services. Beautiful beaches and whitewashed buildings present a beautiful scenic view. Charles Johnston was the first man who appeared on the land area of Tadjoura and established a small village. It has fairly good economy and per capita income. It has many common traditions and customs inspired by France rulers from industry to academic. There are many private and public schools, colleges and universities offering quality of education to the enrolled students. Almost 80 public primary schools, 25 registered private primary schools and 13 secondary schools are functioning in the area.