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  • Jobs in Czech Republic

    Jobs in Czech Republic | Job Opportunities in Czech Republic

    Surrounded by high elevated mountains like Bohemian Plateau but with two big rivers like Elbe and Vltava, Czech Republic is located in central Europe. World War 1 in 1918 lead into formation of a common state named as Czech Republic in by merging Czech and Slovak. However Slovaks and Moravians remained together for nearly 70 years but ultimately two independent states came into being in Jan-1993. Government is based on parliamentary Democracy where president retains several key powers like demolishing the parliament under specific circumstances according to the law of land, appointing and nominating Supreme Court judges and endorse sanctions on legislation.

    Jobs in Prague

    Jobs in Prague | Job Opportunities in Prague

    Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and is one of the most exciting cities of Europe. Broadened around 496km of area and bearing nearly 1.2million people. Prague was announced as the capital of Czech Republic in 1993 after Czechoslovak merged into Czech Republic. Prague is located in the heart of central Europe where major European cities are just some hundred kilometers away like Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna and Copenhagen. Prague is counted in one of the 9 cities of Europe because of uncountable visiting and recreation spots like theatres, concerts, museums, house collections etc… Prague was named as the “Golden Prague” by Roman Emperor Charles-IV because Prague castle towers were covered with gold. According to some, Prague was first called golden during the government of Rudlof-II who hired several chemists and scientists to produce gold from other metals and materials.

    Jobs in Brno

    Jobs in Brno | Job Opportunities in Brno

    Located at south eastern part of Czech Republic at the union spot of Svitava and Svratka rivers, Brno is the second biggest city of the country with a moderate climate and weather. Brno is known to be the cultural, and political center of 1.3million population of South Moravian Region of Czech Republic. Brno has a rich history and was developed well during Bohemian rule and is the capital of Moravia state of Czech Republic. Geographically, Brno is located at a vital spot i.e. the traditional route for trade and business which united southeastern and the northern civilization of Europe. Brno is not just a good city but also bears well-developed infrastructure and well connected to Europe and rest of the world.

    Jobs in Ostrava

    Jobs in Ostrava | Job Opportunities in Ostrava

    Ostrava is one of the biggest cities in Czech Republic and is situated in the north eastern corner of the country spanning the border between Silesia and the ancient provinces of Moravia. Geographically, Ostrava is also a neighboring city to Brno. Unlike a natural phenomenon with almost each big city of Czech Republic, Ostrava is situated right at the junction where Ostravice, Odra, Lucina and Opava rivers get together. Population counts about 320,000 with a spread around 214kms. Administratively Ostrava has been divided into 23 districts of municipality. Ostrava is known to be the administrative hub and the capital of Moravian-Silesian State.

    Jobs in Plzen

    Jobs in Plzen | Job Opportunities in Plzen

    Plzen is quiet a historic city. However, like beginning of everything starts from small. So Plzen started as a town in 1295 this town was granted its civic charter by King Wenceslaus II. Geographical expansion and physical growth in Plzen town was observed remarkably high and because of its location, right on the conventional trade route for Regensburg and Kutna Hora, Plzen gained its own significance and was the 3rd largest city in Bohemia in 14th century. Especially Catholics can never ignore this city because Plzen was the major center of defense during the War between Catholics and Hussites and was thrice ruined by Prokop. Plzen has its own industrial history and in 1468, first printing press was inaugurated in the town. Like the whole Czechoslovakia, Nazi’s had to liberate Plzen and western Bohemia and the whole area was then ruled by Red Army.