All the Jobs in Costa Rica

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  • Jobs in Costa Rica

    Jobs in Costa Rica | Job opportunities in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country of Central America bordered by Nicaragua in the north, Panama in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and Caribbean Sea in the east. Costa Rica is a meaning of “Rich Coast” that got a rapid boom after its downfall during 1949. It has excellent relations with the developed nations of the world including Latin American, UNDP and WHO. The country of Costa Rica is ranked on third stage in terms of the Environmental Performance Directory. It has various green belts beside the streets and the cities providing a beautiful scenic view. It is geographically subdivided among Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limón, Puntarenas and San José. It has enticing stable economy and strong infrastructure holding firmly its targets. Spanish is a common ad beloved language of the town frequently spoken and written in offices, school, and colleges in political sectors.

    Jobs in San Jose

    Jobs in San Jose | Job opportunities in San Jose

    San Joe is the capital state of the Costa Rica situated in the Central gorge of national government. It is a main functional and focal point for political and economic activities as well as with tremendous shipping facilities of the region. Presently San Jose practices modern technology and devices in the areas of daily life. Tourism industry is a significant gift of nature, noted key stopover for foreign visitors. It has total population about 395,799 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. San José The city of San Jose carries a mean elevation of 1,160 m high above the sea level with stable climate throughout the year ranging an average temperature of 24oC and plenty of rainfalls during May to November. San Jose has stable economic infrastructure with lot of employment and earning opportunities for local residents.

    Jobs in Puerto Limon

    Jobs in Puerto Limon | Job opportunities in Puerto Limon

    Puerto Limon is the capital city and main center of Limón province in Costa Rica containing an estimated population of about 60, inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is home to flourishing Afro Caribbean society, Jamaican manual worker and associated San José to Puerto Limon. It is being bordered by Nicaraguan, Panamanian and Colombian. Majority of the local population in Afro-Caribbean speaks Spanish and Mekatelyu with a minor ratio of English as well. There are mainly two port terminals containing Limón and Moín dealing in trade and shipment of banana. Public is served with major tool and means of transportation including buses and taxis having access to all the major and minor routes among Costa Rica. During peak hours public transportation cause delay due to traffic jams.